13 Best Books For 7 Year Olds Update 05/2022

Your 7-year-old can’t stop reading. It’s hard to find books that your kids will like. How do you get your 7-year-old to read for fun, even when they’d rather be doing something else?

Buying them books that interest them and challenge them without making them angry will help them fall in love with reading for life. If you’re having trouble finding the right book for you, we’ll go over some tips and tricks. We’ll also give you our top picks for the best books for 7-year-olds.

The Best Books for 7-Year-Olds of 2022

Our favorite 7-year-old books are here.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Poetry should be taught to every child at an early age. Many people love this title and other books by Shel Silverstein. They have been for years. The sketched images will be familiar to most parents and parents.

When Silverstein writes funny rhymes, he makes his audience laugh, and you might even find yourself reading it for fun as an adult, too. A lot of us like this title because of its funny poetry and how it introduces the literary style without being too long.

Katie Fry, Private Eye: The Lost Kitten

For kids who aren’t ready to read chapter books yet, this is a good way to get a series for them to read. What does Katie Fry do? It takes your child on an adventure as she solves all kinds of crimes in her neighborhood. This is a “level 2” phonics reader.

This is the first book in a series, and we chose this one because it’s aimed at a 7-year-reading old’s level. It’s meant to be difficult but not too difficult for the person who reads it.

How Things Work Inside Out!

For the Person Who Is Interested in the World It is important for kids to learn about non-fiction, especially as they get older. You should add this book to your 7-year-library old’s if they’re interested in how things work.

It talks about everything from cell phones to lava lamps and everything in between. It’s simple enough for young kids to understand.

The Never Girls Collection #1

In this case, you should put this series on your child’s book shelf. They should be getting more comfortable with reading. Taking place in Neverland, there is a lot of fantasy, as well as Tinkerbell, who everyone loves.

Our favorite thing about this book series is that it takes the reader on a magical journey and keeps them interested with a well-written story. It comes with four books.

National Geographic Kids Just Joking

It’s a good book for kids who want some light-hearted fun. This one by National Geographic is one to look at. These books are great because they’re small and easy to take on a road trip.

We like this type of joke book because even people who don’t like to read can enjoy it.

Ivy & Bean

In the beginning, Ivy and Bean didn’t like each other very much. When Bean made fun of her sister and needed to hide, Ivy came to her rescue and the two of them soon became friends. This story shows that even two people who don’t get along at first can become friends.

This book is good for teaching kids not to judge a book by its cover and to give everyone a chance at friendship. If your child likes this book, you can get more Ivy and Bean stories if they keep reading.

Dog Man #1

Dog Man is a popular choice for many second-graders, and many of them like it. In this series, the same person who wrote Captain Underpants makes the reader want to read on with his clever humor.

It’s also set up in comic-strip style, so your child will learn how to write in a new way. A lot has changed since the old-style comics that had a reputation for being a little lowbrow, so don’t think it’s not worth it.

Justice League Reading Collection

Maybe your reader likes superheroes. As long as that is the case, they’ll love this Justice League-themed book collection to read! Getting your child to read for fun is a great idea.

This set comes with five “level 2” books that your child will love, with Justice League characters on them. It’s written for kids who can read at a level that most 7-year-olds can understand, and it has characters they’ll recognize and love.

The Best Seat in Second Grade

If you’re looking for a “level 2” book that has fun watercolor illustrations and a good storyline to keep your child interested, this one is for you!

They follow Sam. He is excited because he will be in the best seat in class, right next to the class pet. He decides to take the class pet on the field trip. When the hamster gets into the museum’s hamster habitat, there is a lot of chaos.

The Best Chef in Second Grade

When you read this second-grade story, you’ll be kept on your toes by an action-packed plot and characters who will help your child understand what’s going on. During the story, Ollie is not very good at anything. However, he loves to cook and is very good at it. His favorite chef is coming to town, and he works hard to show him off.

I like this book because it’s simple to read, and the story encourages kids to work hard even if they’re not sure how to do something yet.

The Night Fairy

To help the body get ready for sleep, read. You can help your child get ready for bed by finding books they like. This will help them relax and give them something to look forward to.

They will love this book and its beautiful illustrations when they go to bed at night. It is about Flory, a night fairy who loses her wings. She quickly learns how big and scary the world can be, though. We love this book because it has a great story and a fantasy theme that we love.

The Tale of Despereaux

Make sure your child has this if they are small and afraid. Despereaux is a little mouse who wants to be a knight, but he’s a mouse, not a knight. He goes on an epic journey where he saves the princess and his dream of becoming a knight comes true.

You should read this book with your child when you have a story time with your family. It’s good for 7-year-olds who are more confident and can read on their own.

Lulu Goes to Witch School

For kids who are afraid that other people are “better” than them, this is a great story. It’s the last book on our list for level 2. She has a hard time making friends in the story because another classmate always seems to out-do her.

Your reader will get to see how Lulu learns how to make friends, even though some people aren’t very nice. For people who want to be themselves and not let bullies make them feel bad, Lulu’s story is a great one to read!

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