10 Best Books For A 5 Year Old Boy Update 05/2022

Books For A 5 Year Old Boy

Five-year-old boys love picture books. Many of them are also learning how to read, but they aren’t all. If your son hasn’t learned to read yet, that’s fine! Don’t be too quick.

There is one thing you should keep in mind. Even if they aren’t learning to read, you should keep reading to them. It’s very important.

You can’t get better than having a story read to you. Boys need to hear words spoken in order to connect the written word to what they are hearing. They are also learning about communication and learning how to have better conversations, too. Helping them do that is easy for them to do with books.

All of these books can be read again and again. They will want to read them again and again. That’s important, because boys learn about words and reading by hearing them over and over again.

For more ideas, see our lists of the best boys books.

Best Books for 5 Year Old Boys

Reading Level

It’s always hard to choose books for a certain age group, but that’s what you told me you wanted, so that’s what I will do.

Boys read at different speeds, so just because a boy is five doesn’t mean he is reading at kindergarten level. Some people think he doesn’t read at all, or that he reads at a high school level.

The best way to help boys with reading is to know where they are in their reading journey and give them books they love.

Here are the best books for five-year-old boys.

The Book List

There are two main sections I’m going to break down these book lists into. Books that are both fiction and non-fiction The best books are in each section, and I’m going to pick the best ones right now. I will also be adding to this post from time to time.

Non-fiction books are often left out of book lists. That’s a big mistake. Boys love non-fiction, and it is a great way to get them to read and keep them reading.

Fiction Books for Boys Age 5

The books below aren’t in any particular order, so don’t worry about that. It is great for boys who are 5 years old.

Henry the Explorer

Henry the Explorer

These books bring me back, and I still enjoy reading them to my son, just as much.

He is a hidden treasure that many people haven’t heard of. Get it now. It’s great.

Henry and his dog, Angus, decide to go on a trip. They pack the right things, like food and a flag, to claim what they find. They might get a little lost, but they aren’t lost at all because they are out and about.

if your son likes this book he can read more about Henry and his dog in three other books.

Read this and encourage your boys to go outside and look around!

Henry and Mudge

One more Henry, and one more dog (a 180 pound dog, to be exact).

Henry and Mudge have been a favorite of boys for a long time, and they will keep being a favorite because they are gentle stories that are fun and funny.

My favorite is In Puddle Trouble. They’re all good.

I think there are more than 27 books still in print. We read them all. There are great for getting kids to become addicted to a book or TV show. (Look at them all. They’re all there.)

Arnie the Doughnut

There is so much to see.

You can see things and read things that are a little weird in this book.

Not if you want to read a short, quick book.

To keep your boy interested, do grab it. You’ll have to read it a lot.

It is clear that Arnie is a doughnut in the movie Arnie, the Doughnut. He is a doughnut that talks. When he gets to go home, he can’t wait. He is a doughnut that has been fried, frosted, and sprinkled. Because Arnie doesn’t understand, though, people do all kinds of fun things with doughnuts!


Good Night, Good Knight

Good Night, Good Knight

In Good Night, Good Knight, a kind Knight and some little dragons who need to go to bed meet.

This book is cute. No harsh words were spoken, no dragons were killed, and this is a nice story that boys who like knights and dragons will enjoy.

The onomatopoeia and repetition are fun. A level 2 reader can also be used to read aloud. There are a lot of different books in the series, including picture books.

Land Shark

Bobby wants to get a dog or cat as a gift for Christmas. This is not just any pet, though. He wants a shark! And, he is going to try to get his parents to buy him one, too.

Funny and cute, Land Shark is about a boy who wants to get what he wants. He doesn’t get a real shark. In what way does he act? I don’t know.

This book will make your child laugh. Bright and vivid colors are used to make the illustrations look great.

Are We There Yet?

Yes, I have. Hasn’t it?

If that question ever made you angry, grab this title! Not only does it answer the question in all of the best ways, but it is also so clever.

In the book, a young boy is going to visit his Grandma. He gets bored, too. Bored.

So, what happens next? Then there are pirates and a lot of dinosaurs. Ben Franklin? It’s a fun story with great illustrations, and you even have to turn the book upside down a few times. << love that!

For road trips and reading on the couch.

The Knight and the Dragon

The Knight and the Dragon

One of my favorite things! because…

the old story of knights who were supposed to fight dragons and dragons who were supposed to fight knights is very cute. The Knight and the Dragon is a book that tells this story.

This book has a twist, though.

A fun twist.

This is how it looks: The knight is a little afraid, and the dragon isn’t very angry. They both went to the library to look up what they should do with/to each other.

Do it if you haven’t already. For generations to come, you can give it to your family and show them how important it is.

Thomas the Tank Engine: The Complete Collection

For a Thomas the Tank Engine fan, get this one now. It’s out of print and there aren’t many copies left, but you can still get it for a great price.

You can read them all here. They’re not tamed.

Thomas fans will love it.

When you buy the complete collection of Thomas the Tank Engine, you get a nice hardcover with original drawings inside it.

They look a little different because they aren’t as cartoon-like.

Books about Thomas and his friends can keep you reading for hours.

How many times have I read this book? I don’t know for sure, but I can tell you for sure that it’s been a lot!

Fly Guy

This series has been a big hit with boys.

Fly Guy is a fly, and he’s also very funny. All of them, except for Fly Guy, are pretty silly. I’m going to show you #18.

Each one is different. When Fly Guy and the Alienzz comes on the screen, it’s about a secret fort built in the sky and being taken by aliens!

Many boys like the comic drawing style.

My favorite thing about these books is the word play and how easy it is to get boys to read them. I don’t like the illustrations. Take a look at the whole series!

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

Winner: “When Dinosaurs Came With Everything” is a good book.

Running errands isn’t fun for a lot of boys.

A lot of people might think that dinosaurs come with everything. Afterwards, would it be more exciting and interesting? You’re right!

Because of that, your boy will love this book.

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