9 Best Books For Beach Vacation Update 05/2022

Books For Beach Vacation

Beach reads are books that you can’t put down and are great for summer.

In no matter what kind of book you pick up on the beach, these books are a great way to get away from your everyday life.

This is a list of our favorite books to read on the beach. They include YA books about romance, thrillers, and non-fiction books.

These days, beach reads aren’t just paperbacks with men in bikinis on the cover. They’re also more thought-provoking than they used to be. But now, even if your toes aren’t in the sand, reading on the beach is an escape. They take us on a vacation to a new place where we don’t have to deal with the stress of everyday life.

I look for a beach read that has a great story. You can read a lot of these books in one day, and they’re all great to read on a day off. List: No matter what kind of book is on this list, it can take you away and make any day feel like an exotic vacation in the sun.

Rom-com beach reads

An aptly titled beach read

“Beach Read” by Emily Henry, available at Amazon and Bookshop

Beach Read by Emily Henry, available at Amazon and Bookshop

So I had to add this one. It’s about two writers who live next to each other on a beach. One is a romance writer, and the other is trying to write the next Great American Novel. Faced with writer’s block, they decide to switch topics and spend the summer teaching each other how to write in their own genres, all the while competing to publish their own book before the other one does. You can read this one in the sun because it has lots of romance, scenes that might make you cry, and a good look at how to write a book.

The enemies-to-friends-to-lovers storyline is what makes this book so good for a beach read.

A beach read that feels like a reality show

“One to Watch” by Kate Stayman-London, available at Amazon and Bookshop

There you go. My favorite show is “The Bachelorette.” I watch it each and every week. If you like the show’s smart, strong leads who know what they want and don’t settle for less, then this book is for you. It’s like the “Bachelorette,” but Bea is a plus-size fashion blogger who gets asked to be on a show. To grow her business and show that plus-size women deserve attention, she sees this as a good chance. This book is more interesting than a reality show because of all the drama on the internet and the conniving producers.

The can’t-look-away drama is what makes this book so good for a beach read.

A charming, sexy rom-com

“Take A Hint, Dani Brown” by Talia Hibbert, available at Amazon and Bookshop

Every book written by Talia Hibbert should be on this list, so that’s the first thing. Her romances are known for their sensitivity and steam, but they’re also so fun to read that any one of them would be great for a day at the beach. Danika doesn’t want to be in a relationship, but she asks the universe for the best friend-with-benefits. In the video, Danika is carried out of the building by security guard Zafir, who is very attractive. They decide to make up a relationship so that Zafir’s charity can be promoted (and help Danika secretly seduce him behind the scenes). I loved Dani’s smarts and the story about Zafir and toxic masculinity. Have you ever cried because a book was so welcoming that it felt like a breath of fresh air? Then you might.

The steamy romance makes this a great book to read on the beach.

An emotional yet adorable romance

“The Happy Ever After Playlist” by Abbi Jimenez, available at Amazon and Bookshop

The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abbi Jimenez, available at Amazon and Bookshop

There’s something about this one that makes me want to read more. It starts out a little cheesy. One day, Sloan comes across a lost dog named Tucker, whose owner, Jason, is on tour in Australia and can’t find him. She takes the dog home and takes it to the vet. Their friendship grows as their meeting nears. Then again, Jason might not have time for love, and Sloan might be broken again. This book is full of drama and scandal, giving it all the summer romance vibes you need to get through the rest of the summer.

It’s a great book to read on the beach. One of the cutest dogs, and a dog owner who isn’t bad looking, too.

The tale of an unexpected Hawaiian vacation

“The Unhoneymooners” by Christina Lauren, available at Amazon and Bookshop

Christina and Lauren have written a lot of fun rom-coms, but this one is my favorite because it’s so funny. Because everyone else at Olive’s sister’s wedding got food poisoning except them, Olive and Ethan put their differences aside and went on a free Hawaiian honeymoon. When they run into her boss, the whole trip is about pretending to be happy newlyweds. It’s cute and fast-paced because of all the funny and annoying things that happen all the time.

The witty banter makes this a great book to read on the beach.

Thriller beach reads

A brilliant and fast-moving thriller

“Verity” by Colleen Hoover, available at Amazon and Bookshop

The first time I opened this book, I did nothing but read. To finish Verity’s book series, Lowen came to the Crawford home. She was in a waking coma when she was in the car accident, and Lowen had to finish it. Lowen was doing research in Verity’s library when she found an autobiographical manuscript with haunting admissions. She decided to keep them a secret because they were so bad that she didn’t want to tell anyone. This is a roller coaster of lies that will keep you guessing until the last page. You won’t know what the truth is until the very end.

A unbelievably creepy novel

“Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn, available at Amazon and Bookshop

Sharp Obajects by Gillian Flynn, available at Amazon and Bookshop

It’s safe to say that “Gone Girl” is the most well-known of Flynn’s books, but “Sharp Objects” is the one I’d recommend for a beach read. You have to finish it in a day, because it’s so complicated that you have to read it in one sitting. Camille is an investigative reporter who is going back to her small town to report on the murder of a young girl who was killed. When she stays at home with her hypochondriac mother, she has to figure out some psychological twists in order to figure out the story. This is a very suspenseful thriller, and you’ll need the sun to help you deal with all the dark secrets that are in it.

A summer story that turns deadly

“I Killed Zoe Spanos” by Kit Frick, available at Amazon and Bookshop

For the summer, Anna is taking care of kids in the Hamptons. The community is on edge after Zoe Spanos went missing on New Year’s Eve, and Anna is taking care of the kids. Anna, who is always reminded of how similar she looks to Zoe, starts to dig deeper into the case. Then, two months later, she finds herself charged with killing a girl she had never met. I thought I had this one all worked out, but the last 10 pages of the book completely blew me away!

A shocking family drama

“The Push” by Ashely Audrian, available at Amazon and Bookshop

Blythe wants to be the kind of mother she didn’t have. She thinks there’s something wrong with her daughter, even though her husband says she’s tired and just making things up. After the birth of her second child, the connection between her and her children is strong and beautiful, until their lives are forever changed. This is another book that needs to be read in one sitting because everything you thought you knew about it turns out to be wrong. The book has short chapters that make you want to turn the pages faster and faster as you deal with haunting memories, trauma, and the legacy of being a mother.

As a good beach read, the ending will make you want to throw the book out to sea.

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