13 Best Books For Book Clubs 2020 Update 05/2022

Books For Book Clubs 2020

Every month, one of the best parts of my social life is going to the book club in my neighborhood. I love taking a night off and meeting with my bookish friends to talk about literature.

Sometimes the night is filled with gossip and important life advice that you don’t want to miss. When we start talking about our book club books, I’m always excited to see how different people see things. Everyone reads different things from the same book.

Most of the time, our evenings come to an end, and then the dreadful moment comes. Who is going to host next month? We’re also reading.

If you don’t want to be awkward when the time comes, I’ve got you covered. Having discussion-worthy content, interesting nonfiction, and great book club books from the last few years will make it easy for you to decide what new book club books you should read next.

Here are my favorite books for book clubs in 2020.

Discussion Worthy Book Club Books for 2020

Where the Crawdads Sings

Delia Owens

Where the Crawdads Sings

The North Carolina coast has been home to Kya Clark for years. She has lived alone in the marshes for that time. She has been called “The Marsh Girl” by the people who live there. She was left by her family and raised by nature. Now that she’s getting older, she wants something more than just being alone. She might even want to connect with the people who live there. As soon as it came out in 2018, Where the Crawdads Sing quickly became one of the best-selling books of the year. In 2020, you should read this book with your book club.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Gail Honeyman

As a book club member in 2020, Eleanor Oliphant is the perfect choice. She’s socially awkward, but she’s also very funny. In her free time, she likes to call her mother and talk about what she thinks. They become friends after they help an elderly man who had a fall. Eleanor learns that opening up isn’t always a bad thing.

We Were the Lucky Ones

Georgia Hunter

We Were the Lucky Ones is one of the best World War II novels that has come out in the last few years. It is based on the true story of the Kurc family. Their goal is to not only survive the atrocities, but also reunite and be a family again. They were separated during the war, but they want to do both. To make the story even more interesting, it’s about the author’s family history. In case your book club likes WWII historical fiction that is based on true stories, this is a great choice for you. Read more about

Behold the Dreamers

Imbolo Mbue

American Dream Many people hope for it, but how many find it? Imbolo Mbue’s first book is about three Cameroonian immigrants living in New York City: Jende Jonga, who is trying to get legal status under a false asylum claim; his wife, Neni, who is trying to finish school so she can become a pharmacist; and their son, Liomi, who is trying to be both American and Cameroonian. During the days before the Great Recession, Jende is lucky enough to get a job as Clark Edwards’s driver. This book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a great look at what it is like to be an immigrant in the United States. Mbue brilliantly paints a fascinating picture of what it is like to be an immigrant. What makes you happy? Does the American dream live up to its name?

The Mother-In-Law

Sally Hepowrth

The Mother-In-Law

Lucy doesn’t like Diana when she first meets her future mother-in-law. She thinks she’s cold and aloof. It’s not at all what Lucy was looking for in a best friend and a new mother. Diana has been dead for ten years now, and everyone looks at Lucy. People can see the same thing in different ways and have different memories of the same event in The Mother-in-Law, which is a lot more about people than a murder mystery. As a group, you should read these books. They’re all about how families work together.

Ask Again, Yes

Mary Beth Keane

Listen to this: There are two NYPD officers in the suburbs who live next door to each other. In time, the children of Kate and Peter become best friends with each other. Brian’s wife, on the other hand, has a troubled mind and Francis and his wife have learned to avoid her. When there is a tragedy between the two families, Brian’s family runs away in shame because they don’t want to be seen as bad people. It’s only when Kate and Peter fall in love that the two families must learn how to deal with the tragedy that ties them together. In Ask Again, Yes, there is a lot of drama in the family, but it also shows a lot about the people in the book. This makes it a good choice for a book club in 2020.

Great Book Club Reads

The Giver of Stars

Jojo Moyes

None of the book club books have to be very good literature. It comes from the author of Me Before You. Her new book is sure to make you fall in love with it. Set during the Great Depression, Englishwoman Alice Wright gets married to a handsome American and moves to rural Kentucky with him. Alice agrees to become a traveling librarian so that she can get away from her husband and overbearing father-in-law. She will ride around the countryside, bringing books to people who live there. In her new job, she meets other strong women and makes long-term friends. It’s the perfect light historical fiction for any book club that wants a Hallmark Channel-style book to read. It has a lot of drama, love stories, corrupt businessmen, and even murder in it.

The Starless Sea

Erin Morgenstern

Morgenstern’s first book, The Night Circus, has been a favorite of book clubs since it came out. Getting ready for the new book: a love story set in a secret world of magic. Zachary Rawlins, a graduate student, finds a mysterious book that is full of fantastical stories. When he reads the book, he finds himself in the story. From there, he finds clues that lead him to a hidden library that has been kept safe by people who want to keep it that way. In the next part, he’s taken away by the magic and mystery of a magical world. He’ll be there, too.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Heather Morris

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

During the month of April in 1942, Lale Sokolov, a Jew from Slovakia, is in Auschwitz. Instead of working with his hands, he has to tattoo the numbers on the bodies of his fellow prisoners. Heather Morris interviewed Lale Sokolov for the book. This story is based on a true story. If you like reading about World War II, you should check out this book. This book has a sequel called Cilka’s Journey, which is just as good and even better (and works as a standalone).

The Grace Year

Kim Liggett

Young adult fiction is a good book club choice for groups that like stories with a lot of plot. The Grace Year, a young adult book that has already been made into a movie, is the hottest new book for young adults in 2019. Story: The Handmaid’s Tale meets Lord of the Flies, and it takes place in Garner County, which is run by men and is very strict. During their “grace year,” all 16-year-old girls stay away from the rest of the world so that their magic doesn’t run out. Before they leave, bachelors look for brides from the girls in their grace year class. TIERNEY JAMES: I don’t want to be a chosen wife, and I don’t want to be a chosen wife. I want to change this dystopian society one day. Even though Tierney is in her grace year, she starts to wonder: Do women even have magic? With a lot of action that moves the story quickly, I read this book in one night and can’t wait for the movie!

The Night Tiger

Yangsze Choo

11-year-old Ren is given one last task when his master dies: find his master’s finger and return it, or his master’s soul will wander the earth. There, his story will mix with that of dance hall girl Ji Lin, who found the finger while a tiger is on the loose. Choo blends Chinese folklore and superstition with historical fiction to make this story come to life. It’s a well-written and imaginative story. In 2020, I’m sure this will be a great book club choice.

Daisy Jones & The Six

Taylor Jenkins Reid

It’s my favorite book of 2019. Daisy Jones and the Six is the best book of 2019. A miniseries called Daisy Jones and the Six is making a lot of noise this year. Reese Witherspoon’s company has already bought the rights to make it into a show for Amazon. Taylor Jenkins Reid, the author of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, is back with a new book about a fictional 1970s band that rises and falls. This book is a lot of fun to read. It will make you feel like you’re watching a well-written VH1 biopic, but one with a lot of sex and drugs.

The Great Alone

Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah’s next book is set in the wilds of Alaska, after The Nightingale, her best-selling WWII book. Ernt Allbright, who was a POW in Vietnam, wants to move his family to the Alaskan frontier. In the beginning, it looks like Alaska is the answer to their prayers and just what Ernt needs. But when the Alaskan winter comes and Ernt’s mental health starts to go downhill, his wife and daughter have to fight to stay alive. There will be a lot of book club books for 2020 that people will want to read. This book is a favorite.

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