9 Best Books Like 50 Shades Update 05/2022

Those who enjoy the “50 Shades of Grey” series may find it difficult to find other erotic series that compare. An uninvited assessment? Some of that may have been sent to you, too.

So, here are some sexy book recommendations for you to fall in love with, without being judged..
Some of the best “50 Shades of Grey” substitutes are here for those of you who have been missing the eroticism of your favorite erotic series.

1. “After” by Anna Todd

This is the beginning of college, and things are going well for the young woman. That all changes when a dark and brooding British bad boy enters her life and takes over. He’s gorgeous, but he’s also rude and enigmatic.

Although he complicates her otherwise perfect life, she is drawn to him and the passion she has never felt before despite his presence.
Before being edited and published, “After” was a well-known fanfiction piece, similar to how “50 Shades of Grey” got its start.

In addition, recent films have been made based on the book, so, like with “50 Shades of Grey,” you can see all the sultry goodness for yourself after reading it!
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2. “Stark International Trilogy (The Steele Stories)” by J. Kenner

As a businessman and a womanizer, Jackson Steele strives to be at the top of his game in all aspects of his life. Because Damien Stark, who stands in the way of his ambitions, and Sylvia Brooks, who fled five years ago, the strongest connection Jackson had ever felt with a woman, drove him to seek vengeance, he now seeks to exact a terrible price.

  1. Kenner and her fans refer to the Stark International Trilogy as “The Steele Stories,” and readers of both series can’t help but compare Christian Grey to the strong, dominant lead in the Stark International Trilogy. It is possible that Jackson Steele is one of the few male protagonists who can compete with Christian Grey.

3. “Beautiful Bastard (The Beautiful Series)” by Christina Lauren

Bennett Ryan, her new boss, is a young ambitious intern who thought she could handle anything. Bennett Ryan, on the other hand, had no idea he’d be attracted to a coworker until Chloe walked in. They must decide how much the other is truly worth to them as their attraction grows.

The combination of a hot young businessman and an uncontrollable attraction makes for a perfect erotica novel for fans of “50 Shades of Grey.”

4. “Slow Surrender (Struck by Lightning Series)” by Cecilia Tan

Karina is instantly smitten with James when they first meet in a New York bar. He’s a powerful and confident man, but she didn’t know that he was also a wealthy businessman. As they engage in a never-ending game of pleasure, Karina comes to believe it’s love.

There is enough steamy sex to keep you engrossed in the story for days. In addition, the two characters’ boldness might allow us to skip straight to the fun parts.

5. “Overruled (The Legal Briefs Series)” by Emma Chase

In the courtroom and in his personal life, Stanton Shaw is a master manipulator who knows exactly how to get what he wants. No one, that is, with the exception of his high school sweetheart. To make matters worse, he turns to his friend Sofia Santos for assistance.

What a pair of real-life lawyers would be like with all the steamy, acerbic banter that comes with the sexually charged business and legal aspects of “50 Shades of Grey” (like that wild contract)!

6. “The Siren (The Original Sinners Series)” by Tiffany Reisz

Her latest book, Nora Sutherlin’s third in the erotic fiction genre, is her most personal yet. It’s important to note that Zachary Easton, her editor, has a specific plan for this new book, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it’s perfect.

Even the thought of it makes me nervous as a writer. Aside from being completely out of context, this is a great feature, right?

7. “Training Tessa (Hot Texas Bosses Series)” by Lyla Sinclair

The bills for her mother’s care are piling up, and Tessa Greer needs a job to help pay them. But the job she finds is so much more than she expected.

Her handsome bosses not only punish her on a regular basis for minor infractions, but the severity of the punishments also increases as the brothers compete to outdo one another. Tessa is surprised to find herself sexually aroused, especially with one of them, despite the increasing stakes.

This one has some extra steamy BDSM and is free if you have an Audible subscription (are there any on this list?). Audiobooks, in my opinion, are ideal for this type of activity because they can be listened to while doing something mundane that would otherwise be boring.

Visit Amazon to learn more about “Training Tessa(Hot Texas Bosses Series)” and to see prices and reviews there.

8. “Remission (Heartland Metro Hospital Series)” by Ofelia Martinez

As a promising young doctor, Carolina Martinez discovers that her hero, Dr. Hector Medina, whom she had long admired and drawn inspiration from, is her new boss.

However, they discover an intellectual and physical connection that she can’t shake despite all the reasons to stay away.

With all due respect to “50 Shades of Grey,” there is something about a steamy hospital romance that still makes you blush, even though it sounds distinct enough to stand on its own.

9. “A Million Dirty Secrets (Million Dollar Duet)” by C.L. Parker

Desperate for money, Delaine Talbot decides to sacrifice herself and sell her body to the highest bidder, which ends up being Noah Crawford, a very sexy and wealthy man.

He introduces her to a world of pleasure and sexual fantasies, and they develop a passionate and intense relationship that, despite the odds, could lead to true love.

Those who aren’t interested in the shady morals depicted in the description might want to steer clear of this one. Even so, the “50 Shades of Grey” series is constantly compared to this one, and their similar origins only add to it: Both of these books have their roots in “Twilight” fanfic. There’s something about “Twilight” that makes people want to write steamy fiction.

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