6 Best Books Like After Update 05/2022

Novels that are like After

With over a billion hits on Wattpad’s reading platform, the After series has become the new publishing phenomenon and promises to be the next big thing.

Twilight Stephenie Meyer

If the protagonist’s love interest weren’t a vampire, Twilight would be just another love story. It’s an exhilarating read because of the combination of the passion and the supernatural danger tempered with suspense. The rapture, the attraction, the anxiety that precedes every word, every gesture, and every fear are all depicted in this novel.

Upon arrival in Forks, Isabella Swan is met by a gloomy and rainy town that she has no desire to call home. He tries to adapt to the small town life where everyone seems to know each other, deal with his embarrassing lack of motor coordination, and adjust to living with a father he never had the opportunity to know. Edward Cullen awaits you at your final destination.

Bella’s initial apprehension is heightened by the fact that he appears to be hostile toward her. She is taken in by a man. He warns her: “I’m a risk for you,” in the best “forbidden love” style. She’s a one-of-a-kind individual. He is a Vampire. When he touches her, she needs to learn how to control her body. He was unable to control his hunger for her blood. In the midst of new discoveries and surprises, Edward is truly dangerous: a danger any woman would choose to flee from.

Stephenie Meyer’s characters, whether human or not, are so relatable in their struggles and actions that even the fantastical appears real in this world. Meyer’s portrayal of a 17-year-old girl’s crush on a handsome vampire is both believable and irresistible.

Having sold film rights to over 40 countries, The Devil Wears Prada producers brought Twilight to the big screen in 2008 with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the lead roles under the direction of Catherine Hardwicke.

Adorable Cretino, Camila Ferreira

This novel has been read by more than 2.5 million people online! Jason Hoffman is a well-known Las Vegas hotel owner and entrepreneur. His life is divided between work meetings and luxurious parties in search of beautiful women who can provide him with intoxicating nights of pleasure.

Despite having an enticing and seductive demeanor, he adheres to one of the most important rules of dating: never stay with the same woman for an extended period of time. Even though he’s a jerk, Jason will have to rethink his rules if a single woman refuses to bend to his will.

Hellen Jayne is an intelligent, self-assured woman who understands the value of her work in the tourism industry and her relationships with men. As a result, she isn’t swayed by men like Jason Hoffman’s seduction tactics. Having met at a party, where the flirting ended at the bottom of the pool, the two will have to deal with an irony of fate when they meet up again in the corporate setting.

Originally from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Camila Ferreira moved to the United States in 2011. An Unhappy Coincidence and Discovering You were born in New York while he was living there for the first time.

At the age of fifteen or sixteen, his reading habit inspired him to begin writing. Being a compulsive and passionate reader, the ideas flowed and what seemed to be a distraction turned into something much bigger.

On the Surface, Dani Mart

A night out with friends and a few shots of tequila can cost what?

The beginning of a brand new chapter for Jessica Lopes, complete with its own set of challenges. Fausto Braga, a man who appears to be too good to be true, is all he recalls from the wild night.

Jess has to deal with a whirlwind of emotions and questionable decisions as a result of this unconventional beginning. When Arthur shows up, a seductive and insistent blonde, it complicates things even further.

Is it a coincidence? Is it possible that great feelings are affected by distance?

Be introduced to everyday scenes and characters who have a strong desire to live in this novel.

Paper Cities, John Green

Quentin Jacobsen has a platonic crush on Margo Roth Spiegelman, a classmate and neighbor who is also a talented artist. It was just another day for him until she burst into his life through her bedroom window dressed as a ninja and asked him to join her in an ingenious plan of revenge on May XNXXthe. It’s a no-brainer that he accepts.

Upon returning to school the next morning, Q discovers that Margo’s whereabouts have been mysteriously shifted. In the meantime, he begins to look for clues and follow them. The closer Q gets to Margo, the more he loses touch with the image of the girl he thought he remembered.

The Perks of Being Invisible, Stephen Chbosky

Astonishing and hilarious, the book brings together the letters of Charlie, an unnamed teen who lives between apathy and enthusiasm, groping unexplored territories and being cornered between the desire to live one’s life and, at the same time, the desire to run away from it.

The protagonist’s thoughts are constantly filled with joy and sorrow as he navigates the challenges of school, first romantic encounters, family drama, hallucinatory parties, and the desire to always feel “infinite” with friends. maturing. Using letters from Charlie to an unnamed friend, Stephen Chbosky creates a compelling narrative that is woven together by the ebb and flow of the senses and emotions.

This collection of letters shows a young man confronted with his own present and future history, sometimes lurking behind the curtains, and sometimes assuming his role on the stage of life. A young man who has no idea who he is or where he comes from. However, it could be anyone in the world.

Love & Gelato, Jenna Evans Welch

Italia in the summer, a long-lost love, and a family secret.

Lina is left to fulfill one final wish after the death of her mother: to visit her father in Italy. She wakes up in the Tuscan countryside, where she is staying in a house on the grounds of a World War II American soldiers memorial cemetery, with a man she had never heard of. Lina, despite the city’s architectural wonders, its rich history, and its delectable cuisine, craves a quick exit.

However, when she receives a long-lost diary from her mother, things begin to change. Here, a teen girl embarks on a strange love story that could shed light on her own enigmatic upbringing. However, Lina still meets two beautiful boys in this whirlwind of emotions, who will move her even more.

That will lead Lina to discover love, herself and how to deal with the loss of her loved ones. Amor & Gelato is a scrumptious journey through Italy’s most romantic tourist destinations, which includes everything from passion to heartbreak.


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