11 Best Books Like Black Dagger Brotherhood Update 05/2022

Books Like Black Dagger Brotherhood

‘Dark Prince’ (Christine Feehan, 1999)

‘Dark Prince’ (Christine Feehan, 1999)

The Carpathians are a vampire-like people group that has very few female members and is rapidly going extinct. It is only honor and self-discipline that prevents the males from becoming true vampires at the 200-year mark, when they lose the ability to feel emotions, see colors, etc.

As a result, our heroes fall into the category of tortured and abused. They have a human army that hunts them, led by a powerful individual.

Males require their life partners in order to prevent them from spiraling out of control and regaining their sense of humor, color, and vibrancy. As a result, they become overly possessive and protective.

‘Angels’ Blood’ (Nalini Singh, 2009)

Vampires are a big part of this series, especially the delectable Dmitri, but the real draw is the cast of angels and archangels, which features some seriously alpha males.

Our heroes and heroines are once again forced to live in a dangerous and perilous world, where violence is accepted as a normal part of daily life. Warrior men and women who have experienced trauma in their pasts have an impact on how they view themselves, the world around them, and their own feelings of self-worth.

As the sun burns brightly, so does their love, which they must protect from the dark forces that threaten to destroy it.

‘Pleasure Unbound (Larissa Ione, 2008)

In place of the sexy and dangerous vampires, we have demons.

When necessary or provoked, they are every bit as troubled and tortured as the Brotherhood’s warriors are, and every bit as strong and ruthless.

The Aegis hunts them because they believe they are evil incarnate, and many of their own kind are aggressive and vicious, so it’s no wonder their world is violent.

When our heroes fall in love, they become possessive, protective, and dangerous to everyone except their lady love. They often fight this fear with all their might.

‘The Darkest Night’ (Gena Showalter, 2008)

‘The Darkest Night’ (Gena Showalter, 2008)

A Pandora’s Box may come to mind. In Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series, that myth is alive and well. We have a group of elite warriors for the gods who have let their pride get the better of them and are now paying the price. They’ve been carrying the demons from the box for centuries.

They hide in a fortress, tormented by their curse, and avoid contact with humans at all costs, until Ashlyn comes across Maddox, the man who is harboring Violence. A lot of things stand in their way before they can find peace from their “curses,” including Hunters who want to exterminate them, Maddox’s guilt, and a death-curse that causes him to die every night and spend hours torturing himself in Hell…

‘A Hunger Like No Other’ (Kresley Cole, 2006)

Unlike in BDB, we don’t have a brotherhood in this series, but our heroes are no less fearsome because their world — the Lore — is no less violent. As soon as they admit they are in love, they become extremely possessive and protective.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood’s world is smaller than Demonica’s, but it has a greater variety of species. As you progress through the series, the ‘brotherhood’ becomes more apparent, as you soon realize they are creating a web of connections that is growing exponentially. No matter how hard they try, our heroes and heroines will always put others before themselves for the sake of those they care about most.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a hot read, with plenty of sexy alpha-male characters to enjoy, making it a good example of other books like this one.

Dark Surrender, Rachel Van Dyken

Male sirens are trained to feed on the emotions of their audience. You can’t find anyone or anything that doesn’t want you. They beg for my caress because I am addicted to their desire for it. Then again, I’ve been told that I’ll have to mate with a human and remain faithful to her for many centuries. I’ve been the world’s most enticing creature for many eons. I’ve found my soulmate.

Defy the Dawn, Lara Adrian

Defy the Dawn, Lara Adrian

When it comes to her job as a daywalker, Brynne Kirkland has the right attitude. Even a handsome immortal from a world on the verge of war with her own could not open her heart. Zael is an Atlantean warrior who fought for the Queen’s legion in battles that took place a long time ago. He never expected to return to combat or to be tempted by anything more than simple desire. Prior to meeting Brynne, that is.

Immortal Nights, Lynsay Sands

To free the naked man in the cargo hold of an airplane, Abigail Forsythe follows her instinct. She now has no choice but to rely on this stranger for her survival. Abigail is Tomasso Notte’s life mate from the moment he sees her. Even so, she has no idea about his prowess or how intensely pleasurable their particular bond can be for her. He must demonstrate his love for her with a wild and steamy night of the dead.

Lucifer, D. B. Reynolds

Vampire Lucifer Scuderi is a powerful hunter as well as a dashing good-looking vampire. In Montreal, he has arrived for the most significant hunting expedition of his life. He must find the person responsible for the kidnapping of the vampire lord of Canada’s mate. Eleanor Morel, Lucifer’s long-lost lover and trusted bodyguard, is the only person who can help him.

Dark Carousel, Christine Feehan

Dark Carousel, Christine Feehan

Having given up on finding a life partner, Tariq Asenguard is ready to do whatever it takes when Charlotte Vintage walks into his club. To get the killers who killed her brother and mentor to come after her, she’s using herself and her best friend as bait. With Tariq’s love of vintage carousel horses as a foundation, Charlotte is able to open up and let go of the desire she no longer has control over.

The Darkest Torment, Gena Showalter

After being driven to his death by the demon of Distrust, Baden spent centuries in purgatory. Since his return, he has been bound to the Underworld King and is vulnerable to the touch of anyone else. He kidnaps Katarina Joelie, a renowned dog trainer, and even though they are supposed to be adversaries, they can’t help but fall in love.

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