10 Best Books Like Brandon Sanderson Update 05/2022

Books Like Brandon Sanderson

Welcome to the Get Lit family, Nick Martell! The Kingdom of Liars, his epic fantasy, depicts a magical world in which the power of memory can be harnessed. As a traitor and petty criminal, Michael’s past holds secrets that could help him achieve greatness and restore his family’s reputation. From The Wire to Mistborn, this book’s smart crime-drama plot and intriguing premise are drawing comparisons to some of our favorite shows and books. So, of course, we’re eager to see what he has to say about Brandon Sanderson fans’ favorite epic fantasy books. Nick, welcome to the party!

When I was sixteen and traveling alone in a foreign country, I came across a Brandon Sanderson book. While in Cambridge, England, I stumbled upon a random bookstore and began perusing the fantasy section in search of something new to read after finishing the books I had brought with me. I bought The Way of Kings because of the captivating cover image of a knight holding an extended sword, only to find out after I finished reading that it was only the first half of the novel. For the second half, I scoured every bookshop in Cambridge for a month, but I came up empty handed. Re-reading Brandon’s works after returning home, I purchased The Way of Kings and all other books he had written at the time. Since then, I’ve been a huge fan.

This is a list of seven other epic fantasy series that will keep you entertained while you wait for the next book in your favorite series—for me, it’s the Stormlight Archive.

The Last Smile in Sunder City

The Last Smile in Sunder City


In this book, there are werewolves, vampires, dwarves, dragons and gnomes—except for one minor change. What once gave these creatures and races their unique powers is gone. Dragons can no longer fly, and sirens can no longer captivate their listeners with their song. As a former soldier turned private investigator (PI), Fetch Phillips is looking into some of the remaining traces of magic in the world.

The Fifth Season

Even though this book has no need for introduction, I still feel compelled to tell the world about it until everyone has read this utterly brilliant, heartbreaking and poignant novel in its entirety. Love, science-magic, apocalypse, and mother-child bond are all themes in this harrowing tale. To anyone who hasn’t read it yet, do so immediately, along with the other two books in the Broken Earth series. You won’t be sorry you made the choice you did.

City of Lies

This book has one of the best opening lines I’ve ever read: “I was seven years old when my uncle poisoned me for the first time.” A brother and sister who have been trained from a young age to identify poisons in food are also featured in the film. What follows the poisoning of the Chancellor is a classic whodunit, complete with all the fun details. Further adventures await, especially when the rebellion begins and ancient spirits make a triumphant return….

Kings of the Wyld

Kings of the Wyld

In a fantasy world full of monsters, take mercenaries. Make them rock stars. Combining this with a story about reuniting the band after one of the main band member’s daughters goes missing prompts the aging group to embark on one final quest in order to rescue her. From beginning to end, Kings of the Wyld is amazing because of this very reason. Dramatic and comical all in one. Even better is the sequel, Bloody Rose.

A Natural History of Dragons

After you’ve been sucked in by the stunning cover, you’ll never want to put this book down. Dragons aren’t explained by magic in this story; instead, Lady Trent tells her story in memoir form as she grows up fascinated with dragons and eventually becomes one of the world’s leading experts. Adding to the fantasy’s appeal are the book’s exquisitely rendered illustrations.

The Shadow of What Was Lost

The Licanius Trilogy combines the scope of The Wheel of Time series with the complexity of Mistborn. Because of the danger of giving away plot details, it’s difficult for me to explain why I liked the first book in the series so much. After finishing it, I immediately wanted to reread it to see things in a different light. That’s the only thing I can say about it. That’s the highest compliment I can pay to a story, in my opinion. It’s the best of complex fantasy.

We Ride the Storm

As the empire around them falls, We Ride the Storm follows three different protagonists in an Asian-inspired setting. I’m sure everyone will have a favorite among the three, because they’re all fascinating in their own ways. Are you a fan of assassins who go on a stab-happy rampage? If this sounds like you, then Cassandra is the right fit for your personality and needs. Are you a fan of heroic warriors and fast-paced action? Rah is the place for you. Those who defy expectations and forge their own paths as princesses should be celebrated, too. If that’s the case, you’ll want Miko. The ending of this book is jaw-dropping, and that’s not even taking into account the book’s overall quality. In addition, a sequel will be released in January of next year.

The Kingdom of Liars

The Kingdom of Liars

The Get Lit team also has some additional recommendations for you! We couldn’t help ourselves…

The Hollows, a land where magic costs memory to use, are being torn apart by a tale of secrets, rebellion, and murder, told in the first person by the son of the kingdom’s most hated traitor.

When his father David Kingman killed the king’s nine-year-old son, Michael is branded a traitor. He now lives a hardscrabble life with his sister Gwen and commits minor crimes with his friends to try to retaliate against the world for rejecting him and his family ten years earlier.

Because memory is the currency of magic in this world, Michael has an intuitive sense that there is something lurking in the hot, white void of his mind. As a result, desperate to reconnect with his past, Michael seizes the opportunity to do so through the most politically dangerous member of the kingdom’s royal council. Gun-toting insurrectionists clash with magically-trained militia in a kingdom where the royal family is on the verge of becoming a despotic dictatorship.

If Michael and his friends and family can survive long enough to see what the truth holds, the Hollows will be forever changed.

The Grace of Kings

Epic fantasy author Ken Liu’s first novel features two men who join forces to fight tyranny—and then become adversaries—in a first-of-its-kind series.

Bandit Kuni Garu and deposed duke’s son Mata Zyndu, both charming and cunning, are polar opposites. After a series of adventures fighting against conscripted armies, silk-draped airships, and shapeshifting gods, the two quickly become the best of friends in the uprising against the emperor. Despite the fact that the emperor has been overthrown, they each find themselves in charge of their own factions, each of which has a very different vision of justice.

The Dandelion Dynasty will appeal to those who enjoy a good mystery, a good love story, and lots of action.

The Gospel of Loki

The rise and fall of the Norse gods is brilliantly retold from Loki’s perspective in this first-person narrative. One-eyed Odin, Loki’s one-eyed master, recruited him from the underworld of Chaos, and his many heroic deeds on his one-eyed master’s behalf culminated in his betrayal and Asgard’s demise. Author Joanne M. Harris has used her lifelong interest in Norse mythology to create a vibrant and powerful fantasy novel.

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