10 Best Books Like Coraline Update 05/2022

Books Like Coraline

In addition to Coraline, Neil Gaiman has written a slew of other beloved tales. These other series and movies are worth a look if you’re a fan.

Neil Gaiman is one of the very few “immortals” in the world of fantasy and science fiction. When it comes to his writing, he is so versatile that it is impossible to find something to admire about his talent.

Neil Gaiman is a storyteller’s storyteller, and his newNeil Gaiman Readercollection, just released, shows that he still has plenty of stories to tell. Some of his more popular and easily accessible works can still be appreciated.



Both the book and the movie, like many others on this list, are highly recommended. Why? Because Neil Gaiman pushes the limits of what is acceptable for children to read. There is enough disturbing imagery in the book to give even the most hardened of horror fans nightmares, and Henry Selick’s film more than lived up to its PG-13 rating.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the haunted house or the button-eyedOther Family, some doors should be locked.

Princess Mononoke (English Dub)

When Neil Gaiman revealed his greatest secret on Twitter, it turned out to be the truth behind an anime fandom urban legend.

While Hayao Miyazaki created the world and story, Gaiman translated it for American audiences. Studio Ghibli may be a household name in the United States today, but if it weren’t for the author’s contribution, it would not have achieved cult status.


Robert Zemeckis’ motion-capture animation may be an acquired taste for some, but Neil Gaiman’s script for Beowulf can be thoroughly enjoyed by all. If you’re not a fan of the English language or a fan of the Viking sagas, you may not know the name of the great Geat.

A modern audience can breathe new life into the oldest story in the English language thanks to Gaiman’s storytelling prowess.



If you count the book, the TV series, or even the BBC radio drama Gaiman has been involved with Neverwhere for quite some time now. Rather than having the protagonist stumble upon the door to a magical world, Gaiman flips the fairytale adventure genre on its head in this urban fantasy.

Scattered throughout London are the strange and often dangerous remnants of an alternate reality. Using the author’s preferred text is strongly advised.


It’s hard to get Neil Gaiman to write his best work when he’s not allowed to delve into the fantasy genre.

The author’s personal touch is evident throughout both the book and the film, and the love and care that went into them are clear.

From Robert De Niro’s swashbuckling airship captain to the falling star personification, Stardust is one of many films on this list that is unmistakably Gaiman.


Despite the fact that Lucifer is currently one of the most popular fantasy television series, many of its fans fail to realize that the character of Lucifer Morningstar was created by the great and powerful Gaiman. One of the most lovable antiheroes in comics, the handsome devil is based on the Vertigo/DC comics character of the same name.

It’s almost possible to forget that he’s the personification of sin incarnate thanks to his charismatic demeanor, presence, and personality.

The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book

Who doesn’t love the idea of a child being raised by the spirits of the dead in an old necropolis? Despite the fact that it’s marketed as a children’s book, don’t be deceived. Graveyard Book is one of the best Gothic horror stories of the modern era.

“The Shining” and “9 More Horror Novels for Halloween” are related.

It’s the same story as in Disney’s The Jungle Book, but instead of bears, tigers, and monkeys, there are ghosts, ghouls, and vampires.

American Gods

Even if the plots aren’t exactly the same, the overall story of ancient gods coexisting with their former human worshippers on Earth is nothing short of amazing, both in the book and on screen.

Fans can’t stop reading and watching Neil Gaiman’s cast of otherworldly immortals, despite the fact that they’re confined to human bodies. For those unfamiliar with the author, the book may be a slower read than the show because of its length, but it is much more readable.

Good Omens

Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchet collaborated on Good Omens, which shows what happens when he has more control over the project.

Creating an apocalypse-themed buddy comedy is no easy task, but Gaiman makes it look easy.

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In both the book and the TV series, the characters are hysterically witty and manage to unite the forces of good and evil in the face of a much greater enemy. How can you go wrong with David Tennant as a demon?

The Sandman Series

Is Dream/Morpheus one magical entity that gives new meaning to the words “Man of Our Dreams” in DC Comics? He, along with Death, Delirium, and all of the other Endless have been bringing stories from across time and space to life through the panels of the author’s 10 volume series.

If Neil Gaiman is to be recognized as a great storyteller, The Sandman would be the one to do it.

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