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Books Like Edenbrooke

Lakeshire Park by Megan Walker

Lakeshire Park by Megan Walker

in Brighton, the United Kingdom in the year of 1820

Clara Moore’s future happiness is all that matters to Amelia Moore. Having lost their stepfather, the two sisters will soon be on their own, with no one to turn to for help. Amelia jumps at the opportunity to attend a house party at Lakeshire Park when an invitation comes her way. At the very least, she’ll be able to take care of her sister if she can help set up a meeting between Clara and their host, Sir Ronald.

But she has no idea that another guest, the arrogant and overconfident Mr. Peter Wood, is also out to get his own sister, whom he calls “his little sister.” When Amelia and Peter get into a competition, Amelia has to win. But Amelia is vulnerable to losing the only thing she has left to claim: her heart, when she competes against Peter—and eventually plays by his rules.

Seeking Persephone (The Lancaster Family, #1) by Sarah M. Eden

As soon as she receives a marriage proposal from the Duke of Kielder, she initially rejects it—and then rethinks it. Persephone’s family would be saved from financial ruin if she accepted his outrageous offer. To marry a man she has never met before, she travels to the farthest reaches of Northumberland.

Forbidding and cold like the Duke himself, the Duke’s castle is located deep in the dense forest and infested with wild dogs. Even though he is fiercely determined to keep his heart safe, the Duke’s growing affection for his lovely and gentle bride puts his resolve to the test.

Persephone makes a valiant effort to pierce the Duke’s plate armor in order to reach the man beneath it. But he can’t stand being exposed like this, and the rejections he gets get to him.

It’s only when he realizes he’s in real danger that he decides to reveal his true feelings or risk losing the woman he can’t live without

An engrossing historical romance set in the Regency era

The Kiss of a Stranger (The Jonquil Brothers, #0) by Sarah M. Eden

A country inn’s garden is a safe place for Crispin Cavratt, Lord Cavratt, to thoroughly and scandalously kiss a serving woman. Not only does the maid not belong to him, but she is also the niece of a very large and extremely angry gentleman who claims Crispin has compromised his niece beyond redemption. He couldn’t be more wrong. When the young lord is forced to marry Catherine Thorndale, he is left with no choice but to do so because she lacks both money and refinement and assumes all men are as vicious as her guardian uncle.

Stuck between an unwelcome union and a hasty annulment that would ruin his reputation and Catherine’s, Crispin sets out to help his wife go from being a socially awkward country girl to a lady of the society she so desperately wants. Both of them are surprised by the positive surprises that their relationship is bringing them, and privately they wonder if theirs could be a real marriage of the heart. Their hopes are dashed, however, when forces work together to sever what fate has granted them as a unit. What will happen to Crispin and Catherine if the battle of wits escalates into something more serious?

Friends and Foes (The Jonquil Brothers, #1) by Sarah M. Eden

Friends and Foes (The Jonquil Brothers, #1) by Sarah M. Eden

Philip Jonquil, Earl of Lampton, has spent the last five years pursuing and capturing spies on English soil. Sorrel Kendrick, a young lady who is strikingly beautiful, shockingly outspoken, and completely unimpressed with him, greets him at a traveler’s inn. Sorrel is stunned by the rudeness and insult to her feminine dignity displayed by this gentleman, who accuses her of theft. When Philip and Sorrel accidentally end up at the same party, they privately declare war on one another. After flirting with Sorrel and ignoring her, Philip soon finds himself drawn to her and finding her endearing, to the dismay of Sorrel herself. To complicate matters even further, Philip learns about the French spy he has been tracking, and Sorrel discovers a crucial clue that makes her indispensable to the mission. But when it counts on cooperation the most, can two egotistical hearts reach an agreement on a ceasefire?

A Proper Charade by Esther Hatch

As the London Season approaches, Lady Patience Kendrick, born into a life of privilege, finds herself confronted with a new level of social pressure to conform. A free-spirited young woman, on the other hand, lacks proper etiquette. A former soldier, Patience’s older brother, laments her antics, but the accusation of “incurable frivolity” that he leveled against her is just too much for her to bear. Pathetic experiment: Patience, determined to show her brother he’s wrong, dresses as a maid and proves she can work just as hard as anyone else.

Patience’s brother’s former general hires her as a house servant, and Patience soon discovers that willingness and ability are two different things. In theory, her plan worked out well, but in practice, she is completely out of her depth. At first, Patience doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into. Having both her pride and her heart at stake, she has no intention of letting her brother’s accusations go unanswered.

Courting Miss Lancaster (The Lancaster Family #2) by Sarah M. Eden

Harry Windower is smitten with Athena Lancaster, a young noblewoman with blonde hair and green eyes, but he is unable to propose to her because he is poor. To make matters worse, the Duke of Kielder, Athena’s guardian and brother-in-law, has requested that Harry assist Athena in finding the man of her dreams. To make matters worse, Harry’s a wily con man. He keeps introducing Athena to suitors who are horrendously boring, overly dependent on their mothers, rude, obnoxiously egocentric and completely ridiculous as the weeks go by.

Despite her best efforts, Athena is unable to find a suitor who is both eligible and acceptable. Her circle of admirers is anything but admirable, and Harry is the kind of loyal, gentle friend she’s been looking for all along. But how long will Harry be able to keep his plan a secret before someone figures it out? When Athena discovers Harry’s deception, what will she do?

In this delightfully romantic comedy of manners, you’ll be entertained from beginning to end.

Promised by Leah Garriott

Promised by Leah Garriott

Margaret Brinton is a woman of her word, and the promise she makes to protect her heart is one she will keep above all others.

England, circa 1812: Warwickshire

Margaret has been duped by love before, and she vows never to be duped again. As a result of her vow, she attends a well-known matchmaking event with the goal of finding a marriage of convenience with someone who will never break her heart. When she meets Mr. Northam, she discovers an obliging and handsome rake who surpasses all her expectations.

But there’s a snag: Lord Williams, his interfering cousin, will not leave Margaret alone. Lord Williams’ demeanor is sarcastic and condescending, and he chastises and insults her. Margaret’s chances of finding a good match with his cousin or anyone else are ruined when she refuses to listen to his advice. Margaret returns home from the party to find out her father has promised her hand in marriage to Lord Williams, and she has no reason to stay.

Margaret will never agree to marry a man as vile as the one he is. In the course of interjecting himself into Margaret’s daily routine, interrupting her family games and accompanying her on morning walks, earning the respect of her siblings, and demonstrating his intelligence and even kindness, Lord Williams forces Margaret to realize that he is exactly the type of man she had hoped to marry before she learned how much love hurt. In the end, Margaret must decide whether to keep the promises she has made to Lord Williams or break free of them for a second chance at love. She fears that her heart will be broken in one way or another.

Where the Stars Meet the Sea by Heidi Kimball

A man who has lost his way. Young and enraged. Both of their hearts will be damaged.

Juliet Graham is counting down the days until her twenty-first birthday, when she will finally be able to claim her inheritance and become the guardian of her younger brother, whom she has always coveted. It won’t be long before her aunt Agnes’s controlling will has her imprisoned. As forced to attend the family’s Shaldorn Castle house party, Juliet’s only goal is to remain alone. When she has a chance encounter with a rude stranger, she finds herself caught up in an emotional tornado. Angered, Juliet does the unthinkable: she loses her cool and insults the man—who happens to be her unwilling host, the Duke of Halstead. Juliet is taken aback when the cold-hearted duke shows interest in her instead of dismissing her.

Juliet finds herself increasingly drawn to the duke in unguarded moments, and over the next few weeks, their unlikely friendship deepens into a connection neither anticipated.

Even as Juliet begins to understand the depth of her feelings, her cunning aunt issues an ultimatum that puts her hopes for the future in jeopardy. Breaking the promise she made to herself years ago, or losing the man who has captured her heart and soul, is Juliet’s only choice now.

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