8 Best Books Like Every Last Word Update 05/2022

Books Like Every Last Word

Reaper’s Property (Reapers MC #1)

Reaper's Property (Reapers MC #1)

by Joanna Wylde

Horse is too much trouble for Marie. An enormous tattooed badass biker who shows up at her brother’s house one afternoon isn’t on board with that idea, however. Both on the bike and in bed, Marie is on his mind. Now.

Marie, on the other hand, recently divorced an abusive jerk of a husband and isn’t looking for a replacement. Her brother’s “business” is not website design, and she’s 99% sure that Horse is a criminal, and that the “business” he talks about with her brother isn’t website design. As long as he doesn’t keep giving her mind-blowing orgasms, she can get him out of her life with ease.

His name is Horse and he’s an active member of the Reapers Motorcycle Club. What he really wants is Marie, but she doesn’t want to be his “property.”.

That’s when her brother comes in and steals from the club too. The only way to save him is for Marie to give Horse what he craves—at home, in public, on his bike… If she’s a really good girl, he’ll let her brother live and give her more of those orgasms he can only give her.


Archer’s Voice

by Mia Sheridan

On her way to Pelion, Maine’s sleepy lakeside town of Pelion, Bree Prescott prays against hope that this will be her last stop before finding the tranquility she so desperately seeks. When she arrives, she meets Archer Hale, a reclusive man with a dark secret of his own. Nobody else notices him.

One night stands out in Archer’s Voice as one of the most horrifying of her life, and it’s the only thing that can free her from it. He lives in silence with an excruciating wound, but a woman helps him find the courage to speak out. It’s a tale of pain, karma, and the regenerative potential of unconditional love.

Jaded (Jaded #1)

by Tijan

There isn’t anyone else in Sheldon’s life he cares about. It appears that someone else wants to join them in their dominance of their school, or that someone else just wants Sheldon. Exactly how many bodies does it take to demonstrate their undying devotion to her? In this book, you’ll find explicit sexual content, excessive drinking, profane language, a dead body, and a family with messed-up priorities.

Cash’s Fight (The Last Riders #5)

Cash's Fight (The Last Riders #5)

by Jamie Begley

Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Those were Cash’s words of wisdom, and he had a perfect life. As a lieutenant in The Last Riders, he was surrounded by beautiful women. Rachel Porter, who was on his short no-fuck list, was the furthest thing from his mind when it came to settling down. Her tits were too small, and her mean mouth could shrivel a man’s dick. Hell, she wasn’t even his type. Was he to believe she was worth putting up with those weed-producing hillbillies because he was in love with her? So, was it her?

Rachel had watched helplessly as Cash broke the hearts of one woman after another. The bad boy biker with enough sex appeal to tempt any woman to spend the night in his bed was everything she shouldn’t want. Even she isn’t immune. Not even her kind of guy—he couldn’t control his temper and lived in a gay bar. Because of the biker wars and biker sluts, how was she supposed to know that he was special and worth the trouble? Was he, or wasn’t he?


by Erica Spindler

In the face of adversity, they rose to stardom. Becky Lynn Lee had no one in her corner when she entered the picture. Her family, the Opal’s Cut ‘n Curl ladies who ignored her, the boys who hurt and used her, they all said it was true. Becky Lynn, however, had visions. Becky escaped Bend, Mississippi, when it was time to live out her dreams or die a slow death.

Aspiring to be the world’s best fashion photographer was all Jack Gallagher ever wanted. He aspired to be greater than the father who had rejected him and the half-brother who had taken all of their father’s affection. He was making progress, too.

Still Jaded (Jaded #2)

by Tijan

As long as Sheldon, Bryce, and Corrigan were in charge of their high school, a killer would not let them be. Bryce returned from Europe three years ago as a local celebrity jock. In the meantime, Corrigan is running his fraternity and Sheldon is about to be dragged back into the social world of drama. The assassin is dead. Now who is out to get Sheldon? Or perhaps it’s someone who’s even closer than she thinks?

Mean Streak

Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

by Sandra Brown

Pediatrician and marathon runner Dr. Emory Charbonneau vanishes on a North Carolina mountain road. After a recent argument with her husband, Jeff, he goes to the police and reports her missing. Literally. The mountains are shrouded in fog and ice, making it impossible to search for her.

After a mysterious head injury, Emory regains consciousness to find herself held captive by a man who won’t even tell her his name, while the police investigate Jeff’s “instant divorce.” She’s willing to take whatever risks are necessary to get away from him.

The two, on the other hand, have an unexpected run-in with people who follow a different set of rules when it comes to justice. Regardless of the consequences, Emory can’t turn her back on a desperate young woman who is at the heart of the dispute.

Emory wonders if the man with no name is, in fact, her rescuer as her husband’s deception is exposed and the FBI closes in on her captor.

Insidious (Tales from the Dark Side #1)

by Aleatha Romig

Desires for the dark side… Unknown dangers… Insidious ruses… In Aleatha Romig’s new erotic thriller, INSIDIOUS, nothing is quite what it appears to be in the book.

It’s only his wife who can beat a powerful man when he’s willing to risk everything for his own pleasure. Or at least that’s what she tells herself…

Starting with you calling me Stewart, let’s get this conversation started. I don’t see the point in these formalities.”

Stewart Harrington is one of Miami’s wealthiest men and one of the city’s most feared criminals. He’s never disappointed. For the right price, he has access to anything he desires.

Yes, even I.

Being a mogul’s wife has its perks, but Mrs. Stewart Harrington has a few requirements that are unique. In order to please my husband, I’ve learned to hide a part of myself. As a result, the more he asks of me, the more beguiling he becomes. Because he doesn’t realize that he’s playing my game, I continue to fulfill his fantasies and adhere to his rules. And winning is the most important thing, isn’t it?

There are no sequels planned for this standalone novel, which is also the first Tales from the Dark Side release. This book is only suitable for mature readers due to its dark and explicit content.

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