Best Books Like From Blood And Ash Update 05/2022

Fantasy romance is one of my favorite “best of both worlds” scenarios in books, and I have to admit that it is one of my favorites. You’ll experience all the thrills and chills of a fantastical world while also feeling the swoons of an intense love story. My favorite Sarah J. Maas book was A Court of Mist and Fury, which I read several years ago and enjoyed for a long time. With Jennifer L. Armentrout’s From Blood and Ash (FBAA), I see this resurfacing quite a bit today. In order to get over your bookish hangover, you’ll need some books that are read-alikes to this one. So today, I’ll be discussing books like From Blood and Ash!

From Blood and Ash is definitely a fantasy romance, in my opinion. To begin, I’m going to take a look at the genre, but with a sliver of twist. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. Adult romance novels that are worth reading already have a post dedicated to them. There are those, however, who prefer a more subdued approach to romance. Since explicit sex scenes aren’t my thing, I’m only interested in young adult novels that have all the tension of a good forbidden romance (or even lovers-turned-enemies).



Let’s get this party started with a little witchcraft! Emilia and her twin Vittoria are the focus of Kingdom of the Wicked. As witches, they live among us as normal people until Emilia discovers the desecrated body of her twin. She sets out to avenge Vittoria’s death by tracking down the person who killed her. Wrath, a Wicked-prince of Hell, has arrived. You can’t trust the Wicked even if he claims to be on her side. While the romance in this book isn’t quite as steamy as that of From Blood and Ash, as is typical of many YA novels, it’s just as seductive.


Blood and Ash’s allure stems in part from the story’s depiction of a forbidden romance. Basically, it’s about the desire. Because of this, it’s a great YA book. Curse of Roses, which transforms all food eaten by Princess Yzabel into flowers, is following her. People in Portugal are starving to death. Fatyan is the only one who can help, and she will if Yzabel kisses her to release her from her magical bonds. But Yzabel still kisses Fatyan, despite the fact that it’s treasonous to do so. Despite this, she finds herself unable to stop thinking about her, no matter how much it costs her.


The book has been described as a cross between Project Runway and Mulan, and isn’t that a great comparison? The plot revolves around Maia Tamarin, a young woman pretending to be a boy in order to compete in a tailoring contest for the Emperor’s future wife. Even with the competition, it’s difficult for her to remain unnoticed, and things only get more difficult when she attracts Edan’s attention. They ignite a forbidden romance as they embark on a quest to collect the materials needed to complete Maia’s final challenge. Now that they’re alone and not being watched by a judge, anything is possible between them.


This time, it’s the turn of the vampires! Allison is the protagonist of The Immortal Rules. During the day, she and her crew scavenge for food, and at night, they battle for their lives. Allison, like the majority of people, despises vampires. It’s ironic, because she’ll die and become one of them. When Allison joins a caravan searching for a cure that could benefit both humans and vampires, she must pretend to be human. It’s also worth noting that Allison and Zeke’s angsty romance is well-known.


Like Armentrout’s novel, this one also features a female protagonist with a predetermined destiny and a potential love interest who just might change everything. There’s magic in Thorn, but it’s not as overt as in the original “Goose Girl” fairy tale. In order to switch bodies with her former handmaiden, Alyrra is ambushed by her. Alyrra meets her fiance, Prince Kestrin, as a goose girl. Alyrra is forced to make a decision as she grows closer to him and learns of the kingdom’s impending doom. Return to the light and reclaim her rightful place alongside Kestrin, or perish in the darkness.


For those who enjoy a good paranormal love story, this book is a must-read. What’s the matter with you, then? In order to save the magic of her family and herself as a witch, our main character Voya must kill her first love. But she’s never been in love before. So she joins a matchmaking service that pairs her with Luc, whom she finds to be a complete bore. They’re not enemies per se, but they have a strong dislike for one another. They gradually begin to feel emotions. The result is that Voya is caught in the middle of a moral dilemma. There are some sci-fi and contemporary elements in this book, but the engrossing love story made it a must-read for this list.


This book has the feel of a classic YA fantasy romance novel to me. Like FBAA, it features an iconic enemies-to-lovers romance. Jude, a human who was orphaned as a child, is the protagonist of The Cruel Prince. Since then, she’s been residing in the High Court of Faerie, despite the fact that most Fae despise humans. Prince Cardan, in particular, is a standout. If nothing else, it’s nice to know that the animosity is mutual. To fit in, Jude takes on a dangerous game of espionage that pits her against Cardan and his entire Court.


Look, I’m not a huge fan of the genre. That said, if the relationship develops slowly and slowly turns from enemies to lovers, you know I’ll be there. Zafira, a.k.a. the Hunter, is the one we’re hunting down. She braves the Arz forest disguised as a man in order to feed her people. As for Nasir, the Sultan’s son, his compassion could prove to be his undoing. Artifacts have been missing for a long time, and they’ve both been sent out to find them. As a result of his father’s command, Nasir is also tasked with killing the Hunter. They are forced to work together when they meet. Despite their mutual abhorrence…for the time being.

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