12 Best Books Like Geronimo Stilton Update 05/2022

Books Like Geronimo Stilton

For children, Geronimo Stilton, the lovable mouse who always finds himself in extraordinary situations, is one of the best-known book series ever. Have you shared it with your kid yet?

Geronimo Stilton’s books have sold more than 100 million copies around the world, making him one of the most popular children’s authors in the world. However, who is this little mouse, who always seems to be chomping down on more than just cheese?! In order to learn more about this mouse, read on.

“Geronimo Stilton is a favorite of my daughter’s. I’ve given her more than a dozen books on various occasions, so she has quite a collection. Her library and friends have loaned her a large number of books, but she’s read nearly all of them. She is infatuated with the tiny mouse “As a mother of ten, Shilpa Prashanth explains.

Who is Geronimo Stilton?

Popular children’s book series Geronimo Stilton stars a nerdy mouse named Geronimo Stilton. He is a resident of Mouse Island’s New Mouse City. The Rodents Gazette, Mouse Island’s most popular newspaper, is edited by him. In spite of his desire for peace and quiet, his travels always take him to faraway exotic locales where he has a grand time. Thea, Benjamin, and Trap, members of his family, lend a hand in his exploits.

even if the titles lead you to believe that it’s a mouse writing them It is a pseudonym for Elisabetti Dami, an Italian author who was inspired to write about a mouse’s adventures after spending time with sick children. She had no idea how popular her invention would be among children all over the world, not just in Italy. Since the original series began, there have been 22 books and a number of special editions.

Geronimo Stilton is a “scared and timid mouse,” according to Vyana Mehta, a 10-year-old fan of the series. “But he always finds the courage,” Mehta says.

“Every time I visit a bookstore, I make a point of purchasing a new book. My best friend Ananya, who also enjoys these books, and I often swap books “adds Vyana to the list

Who should read this book series?

The recommended reading age for these books is 7-10 years old. For kids, many of the books are excellent geography lessons, as they take place in various locations. The voice is friendly and casual. The illustrations are a perfect fit for the stories. ‘ All of the stories are quite exciting, and kids will enjoy reading to the end to see how Geronimo, along with the help of friends and family, solves the problem in each one.

In addition, the books’ larger words make it an excellent tool for expanding one’s vocabulary. With the help of illustrations and graphics, this transition from picture books to novels is seamless.

Let’s get to the bottom of what the best titles are for your kid.

Ashitha Prashanth, a ten-year-old fan of the CaveMice, SpaceMice, The Kingdom of Fantasy, and The Offshoot Thea Stilton series, recommends starting with the regular series before reading the special editions.

“I enjoy both the regular Geronimo Stilton books and the special editions. Learn and enjoy an adventure at the same time with this book “brings in our friend Geronimo Stilton’s support.

Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye (2000)

Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye (2000)


The following is a brief synopsis of the book:

You can read any of the books in any order, but it’s nice to start at the beginning, don’t you think? This blurb appears at the beginning of Scholastic’s first book, released in 2000. There I am! For me, writing adventure stories is what drives me to succeed as a journalist. All of my books are best sellers on Mouse Island! What’s that all about? Whoa, you haven’t read one yet! My books, on the other hand, are a hoot. It’s a guarantee that they’ll leave you licking your lips! A mysterious map was discovered by my younger sister, Thea. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience..

Why this book is a must-read for your child: To begin your journey, read the first book in the series.

The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid (2001)

The following is a brief synopsis of the book: Geronimo’s lifelong ambition has been to visit Egypt, and now he can. In addition, he has to contend with camels that aren’t happy.

Why this book is a must-read for your child:

This book is an excellent introduction to ancient Egypt’s rich culture. A roller-coaster ride, of course.

The Phantom of the Subway(2000)

The following is a brief synopsis of the book:

When Geronimo’s sister Thea tells him that a ghost haunts the New Mouse City Subway, he freaks out. This has to be the scariest day ever, right? The little mouse is determined to find out what’s going on, but he’s up against some formidable opposition and must act quickly.

Because everyone enjoys a spooktacular adventure, your child should read this book.

The Treasure of Easter Island(2015)

The Treasure of Easter Island(2015)

The following is a brief synopsis of the book: Thea Stilton, the sister of Geronimo Stilton, has been missing since she left for an unknown adventure on Easter Island. Angry, Geronimo and his comrades embark on a new journey.

Why this book is a must-read for your child: This book’s artwork and treasure maps are a treat. This one is sure to be a hit with children.

Kingdom of Fantasy (2003)

The following is a brief synopsis of the book:

The attic has a set of golden stairs leading to an entirely different world! Geronimo Stilton was thrilled to discover this. A fairy queen and other fantastical characters abound in this tale.

If you want to help your child develop his or her imagination, you should read this book to him or her.

Bollywood Burglary (2015)

Geronimo Stilton is unable to resist the allure of Bollywood in this book. To help a Bollywood star guard a priceless ruby, Geronimo and his trusty sidekick Hercule Poirot travel to India.

Why this book is a must-read for your child:

Well, who can resist a good Bollywood story?

Race Across America (2009)

Race Across America (2009)

Geronimo Stilton is invited by his friend Bruce Hyena to race across the United States on a bicycle, despite his dislike of competition.

Why this book is a must-read for your child: A fun and active journey that culminates in an exhilarating showdown!

Phoenix of Destiny: Special Edition from the Kingdom of Fantasy Series

Geronimo Stilton returns to the land of fantasy in this new book. In a mysterious and magical quest, Blossom takes him to a mystical land. It’s a thrilling and dangerous journey for Geronimo and his companions.

Why this book is a must-read for your child: There are numerous puzzles and tricks for your youngster to solve as they read.

Stilton Spacemice -Alien Escape (2013)

Stilton Spacemice -Alien Escape (2013)

About the book: The Geronimo Stilton book series has another special offshoot in the form of the Spacemice series. Stiltonix introduces us to a new parallel universe to our own. in the spaceship Mouse Star 1, the mouse is flying around the galaxy. The heart-stopping adventure begins when he needs new batteries.

Why this book is a must-read for your child: An intergalactic space adventure, vibrant art, and a simple presentation. Is there anything else to be said?

The Journey Through Time (2002)

This is a unique series set in the Paleolithic period. Professor Van Volt extends an invitation to our mouse, who accepts and travels back in time. The Jurassic Age is where he’s headed. Prepare to embark on a massive journey involving dinosaurs.

Why this book is a must-read for your child: It’s a great way to teach history in the form of a narrative. As always, the artwork and story are excellent. If your child is a dinosaur fan, this is a must-read. Engaging and educational.

Make-believe stories are a child’s favorite. A child’s imagination can be sparked by reading fantasy books. It’s easy to see why the books have been so well received. 100 million copies have been sold worldwide in 150 countries and 40 different languages since the first story was published in 2000. You can’t help but fall in love with that little mouse. The philosophy of Geronimo Stilton can be found on their website if you happen to stumble across it. You feel sorry for him, you laugh with him, and you cheer him on at the end because all of his defeats turn out to be victories for Geronimo Stilton.

On the other hand, Geronimo is a fan of fantasy and magic; friendship; courage; family; peace; happiness; and humor. All of us could benefit from a little Geronimo Stilton.

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