9 Best Books Like Indiana Jones Update 05/2022

Books Like Indiana Jones

In the mood for a good adventure like Indiana Jones? These are impossible to put down.

If you’re a fan of Indiana Jones, you may be looking for a new book or series to read in the Indiana Jones style that you’ve come to love.

I’ve compiled a list of more books like Indiana Jones if you’re a fan of adventure, heroes, treasure, and legend-hunting.

I adore the wild adventures of Indiana Jones, but I’ve also discovered some incredible loves in other novels, which I know you’ll appreciate.

Here are some books like Indian Jones, action-packed and full of thrilling adventures, to help you find your next reading adventure!

Some of these might even make you forget about Indiana Jones (but we can’t promise that will happen!).

Books Like Indiana Jones

The Seal Of Solomon – K. T. Tomb

The Seal Of Solomon – K. T. Tomb

The discovery of a signet ring that belonged to King Solomon, a powerful artifact, is near. Thalia Phoenix is sent to France to find the signet ring, but terrorists steal the clues during an attack.

Thalia and her team are racing against the clock to find the powerful ring before it falls into the wrong hands.

This is the sixth book in K. T. Tomb’s bestselling series about a treasure hunter, and it is sure to keep you interested in the rest of the series.

The Sword Is Drawn – Andre Norton

When the Nazis threaten to occupy the Netherlands during World War II, The Sword Is Drawn is a wonderful blend of historical fiction and adventure.

This poses a threat to a family business that has dealt in gems for more than three centuries. Lorens van Norreys is summoned to Old Jonkheer’s deathbed the night before the Nazis arrive, the family patriarch. Lorens is entrusted with preserving the priceless necklace, the Flower of Orange, and protecting it from Nazis.

More work goes into keeping the jewels safe than first thought, and Lorens’ journey to do so takes him all over the world and back again! If you enjoy the story, you’re in luck because there are two more books in the series.

Tides Of Fortune Series– Steven Becker

Haitian Gold, the third book in the series, was one of my favorites. If you don’t want to read the first two books in the series, that’s fine; this series is fantastic regardless.

Having a depleted budget and a dead king, Haiti is on the verge of tyranny. A long-lost treasure can be found by following a trail of clues left behind by an unlikely hero, which will take the Panther team all over Haiti in search of the fabled loot.

Everyone on board has a different reason for being there, making it difficult to follow the clues as they lead them through the wilderness. Is it possible to save Haiti?

Atlantis Stolen – Christopher Cartwright

Atlantis Stolen – Christopher Cartwright

There are only a small number of people who know the truth about the destruction of Atlantis, which has been kept under wraps for a long time by a small group of people.

That which once destroyed this great metropolis is now making a comeback, and it is possible that the end of the once-proud civilization will be the end of modern civilization as well. In order to prevent future disasters, marine biologist Sam Reilly is the only one who can possibly uncover the truth.

Babel-17 – Samuel R. Delaney

A brutal interstellar war is the centerpiece of Babel-17, a Nebula space opera.

Rydra Wong, a poet with an incredible command of language, is caught in the midst of it all and captures the sorrows of war through her poetry. The military calls her up out of the blue to assist them with a very specific problem.

The issue is that strange noises are broadcast over the radio just before warships are targeted. Rydra needs to decipher these noises and find out where they come from and what they might mean. These noises were previously thought to be an unknown language.

The Bone Labyrinth – James Rollins

A rural chapel deep in the mountains of Croatia has been discovered with Neanderthal bones, raising many questions but few answers.

In addition to the Neanderthal skeletons, scientists have discovered vivid cave paintings depicting man’s battles with monsters, and these are reflected in recent attacks that appear to point to answers to the questions raised.

What links Neanderthal skeletons, paintings of man vs. monster, and current attacks is a mystery that has yet to be solved.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth – Jules Verne

Journey To The Center Of The Earth – Jules Verne

First published in 1864, Journey to the Center of the Earth is a classic adventure story.

As a work of fantasy now rather than science fiction, the book’s suspense and excitement are as potent today as they were a century ago.

Professor Otto Lidenbrock, his nephew Axel, and their guide Hans descend into an Icelandic volcano because they believe that volcanic tubes exist underground and are safe to travel through.

Inside the volcano, strange things begin to happen, including strange phenomena like prehistoric animals and even the appearance of an early human!

The Tomb Of Odin – Preston W. Child

When a bolt of lightning strikes a tall cross monument purchased from a Finnish relic dealer, something hidden inside turns out to be worth far more than the art itself.

Dave Purdue, owner of the art, hired investigative journalist Same Cleave to try and make sense of it all.

Finding Dr. Nina Gould to help him solve the mystery doesn’t go as planned, and a roller coaster ride of suspense and shredding action ensues as the hunt for a legend continues!!

There are 42 books in this series, but you don’t have to read all of them to enjoy this one. Naturally, if you’ve read the first eight books, you’ll get more out of this, but that’s not a requirement.

Finders Keepers – J.J DiBenedetto

Archaeology student Jane Barnaby is assigned to deliver items from her professor’s excavation site in Finders Keepers.

Her plans for the night are thrown into disarray when thieves try to steal valuables from her home.

As Jane tries to figure out who she can trust in a dangerous game against thieves, the story takes her across several countries and introduces her to some interesting characters.

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