6 Best Books Like Jack Reacher Update 05/2022

Books Like Jack Reacher

When Lee Child (real name Jim Grant) first created the character of Jack Reacher, I wonder if he ever imagined how many books he would write. Tom Cruise’s 5’8″ height sparked controversy when he was cast in the roles of One Shot and No Way Back in the film adaptations. Because he was so awesome, I thought he made up for the lack of height. It felt more appropriate to use the character name Jack Reacher rather than randomly select one of the 24 books in the series for this selection of books like this one. If you’re not familiar with his name, continue reading…

Reacher towers over the rest of them at a towering 6’5″. A retired major in the United States Army Military Police Corps, he has no qualms about getting involved in solving crimes when they come knocking on his door.

Reacher, a wandering nomad who picks up odd jobs wherever he finds them, has visited Paris, New York, and the small towns of the American Midwest. Men should be terrified of him, and women should swoon over him.

As a Jack Reacher fan, you’ve probably already read the entire series and are looking for more books by Lee Child that are similar to this one.

Books like Jack Reacher

Remote Control, by Andy McNab

Remote Control, by Andy McNab

Bravo Two Zero is the best-selling novel by Andy McNab. The first book in the Nick Stone series, Remote Control, was written by this author.

In the aftermath of a botched mission as an SAS trooper, Stone is let go by his regiment but is soon approached by British Intelligence. In the middle of a mission, Stone decides to stop by Kevin Brown’s house to see an old college buddy and colleague.

It’s not quite what he expected to find in the suburbs: all but the family’s seven-year-old daughter have been brutally murdered. Stone accompanies the young lady, but the two are being watched closely. This sets off a worldwide manhunt. However, he may have to use the girl to get the information he needs to protect her.

McNab’s books are hailed as so close to the truth that they must be vetted by the Ministry of Defense as an ex-SAS soldier for 17 years. Exhilarating and fast-paced, this thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. In the same vein as Jack Reacher, you might enjoy Remote Control if you’re a thrill seeker.

A Brewing Storm, by Richard Castle

In the television series Castle, Richard Castle, the fictional novelist, follows NYPD detective Kate Beckett around town to gather information for his upcoming novels. Derrick Storm, a former CIA agent, is the protagonist of the first two books in the series.

A Brewing Storm is the first book in the Derrick Storm trilogy, which was so popular that someone came up with the brilliant idea of writing the books. Author Tom Straw has been revealed as the fictitious author.

Storm, who faked his own death so he could retire from the CIA, is brought out of retirement by his old boss and teamed up with FBI agent April Showers (yes, really) to find the kidnappers of a US senator’s stepson.

When our hero is thrust into a world of old loves, political intrigue, and perplexing ransom notes, this book has a James Bond/Jack Reacher feel to it.

Project Strike Force, by Kevin Lee Swain

Project Strike Force, by Kevin Lee Swain

This novel is a cross between Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne. Following an IED attack, John Frisk, a soldier, was forced to resign from the military. He commits an unforgivable act against the United States, and as a result, he is detained at Guantanamo Bay.

Eric Wise, a former Delta Force Operator who now works for the Office of Threat Management and runs Project Strike Force, recruits him while he is in Gitmo. It’s been discovered that Frisk’s genes have been tampered with, and that his memories have been altered. He has been transformed into a super-soldier.

In the process, Wise must deal with his own demons, but the ultimate goal is to ensure that Frisk forgets his past and prevent the next terrorist threat to the United States.

This is a page-turner that will keep you awake until the wee hours of the morning. So, if you’re still looking for books like Jack Reacher, Project Strike Force is a must-have.

A Dangerous Man, by Robert Crais

Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice, two of Robert Crais’s scripts for some of the best shows on television, were both written by him. Bruce Willis starred in the film adaptation of his novel Hostage, which he also wrote.

The 18th book in the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike series is out now. While driving to the bank, Joe Pike notices one of the tellers, Isabel, being pushed into a car. This is the beginning of A Dangerous Man. Pike chases after the girl, rescuing her and arresting the two men who kidnapped her.

If you’re worried that this will be a short and somewhat dull book, keep reading.

The kidnappers are found dead and Isobel is missing once again after they are released. Is she in jeopardy or is she a person of interest?

To find Isobel and the truth about what happened, Pike calls on the assistance of Elvis Cole despite the fact that he is being investigated as a suspect himself.

A Dangerous Man will appeal to fans of Jack Reacher and other action-packed thrillers.

Hard Road, by J B Turner

Hard Road, by J B Turner

The first book in the Jon Reznick series is a razor-sharp thriller that will leave you breathless. Hard Road finds Reznick performing a hit for the US government as a “ghost” operative and making it appear as if the target committed suicide.

A high-level security risk, the ‘hit’ is revealed to be a ruse when Reznick arrives to do his job. As a result, car chases ensue, with Reznick’s daughter being kidnapped and held as a pawn in the deal.

To bring in Reznick and his travel companion, Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein of the FBI is called upon, even though she doesn’t know exactly who the baddies are any more.

Look no further than Hard Road if you’re a fan of Jack Reacher and prefer your thrillers to be hard-boiled.

How a Gunman Says Goodbye, by Malcolm Mackay

The title of this book gives away the fact that the action hero, like Jack Reacher, works as a hired gun. The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter is the first book in the Glasgow Trilogy; this is the second.

Taking place in the criminal underworld of Glasgow, How a Gunman Says Goodbye tells the story of Frank MacLeod, a seasoned gunman who is determined to prove he’s still the best. Something goes wrong on Frank’s final job and he must be saved by the younger, fitter version of himself, which is difficult for Frank to accept.

It’s all about being the best at what you do, no matter your age, in this gritty crime thriller. In Malcolm Mackay’s writing, you’ll find a style similar to that of Jack Reacher’s novels.

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