11 Best Books Like John Grisham Update 05/2022

Books Like John Grisham

A master of the legal thriller, John Grisham is one of the most widely read authors of all time. He is an attorney turned author. However, Grisham was a lawyer and member of the Mississippi House of Representatives before turning to writing. His first book, which he wrote while in office, was inspired by a 12-year-old girl’s story he overheard in a courtroom in 1984. She gave Grisham the inspiration for his first novel, A Time to Kill, with her harrowing testimony.

After The Firm, which spent 47 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and was the best-selling novel of 1991, Grisham began to receive widespread critical acclaim. That’s how history unfolded. This is the place for you if you’ve read everything from The Pelican Brief to Gray Mountain and are looking for similar books. Take a seat and prepare for some of the best heart-stopping moments in legal thrillers.

The Hanging Judge By Michael Ponsor

The Hanging Judge By Michael Ponsor

To pursue capital punishment, the US attorney for the District of Columbia moves two homicides out of Massachusetts and into federal court after a drive-by shooting left two people dead. David S. Norcross, a newly appointed judge, is now in charge of the state’s first death penalty case in decades. A prosecutor and defense attorney who are at odds, as well as members of rival gangs, will be among the challenges he faces in this nail-biting thriller.

Primary Justice By William Bernhardt

It is one of the first things Ben Kincaid does in his new position as an associate at one of the company’s largest clients when he starts his new job as an associate. It is Jonathan and Bertha Adams’ lifelong dream to have a child of their own, and when they come across Emily, a young girl who is affected by an extremely rare disorder that prevents her from forming memories, they believe they have found their chance. As he investigates the murder of Jonathan, Ben is taken down a terrifying path that he is not prepared for.

Suspicion of Innocence By Barbara Parker

Gail Connor is on the verge of being promoted to partner in her Miami law firm when the body of her murdered sister is discovered on the premises. It’s up to Gail to prove her innocence in this gripping novel, all the while getting a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors in a courtroom. A series of eight books based on Gail Connor, Suspicion of Innocence is the first in the series.

No Lesser Plea By Robert Tanenbaum

Assistant District Attorney Butch Karper and Marlene Ciampi work together to convict a vicious sociopath who tries to avoid a murder charge by claiming incompetent to stand trial in the first book of their legal thriller series. And if the justice system is as important to them as they believe it is, this pair will accept no less than a guilty verdict.

The Disappearance By J. Freedman

The Disappearance By J. Freedman

It takes a year for the police to make an arrest after a young girl goes missing and is later found dead during a sleepover, Defense attorney Luke Garrison is unsure whether or not the man accused of raping the girl is actually guilty. District Attorney Garrison, who was once a ruthless prosecutor, now works as a defense attorney after he sent an innocent man to death. Even though it was his first time, he will never make the same mistake again.

The Outside Man By Richard Patterson

Attorney Adam Shaw, an outsider in the South, represents some very influential people.. His friend Henry Cantwell mysteriously vanished after the murder of his wife, and Adam goes into unfamiliar territory to ensure that his friend isn’t prosecuted and that the true killer is brought to justice.

Presumed Innocent By Scott Turow

Rusty Sabich’s life is turned upside down when the body of his ex-lover, who was murdered, is discovered. Even worse, Rusty’s boss is running for re-election as the district attorney, and he assigns him to the case. Because of the victim’s connection to Rusty, he becomes the primary suspect in this suspenseful legal drama. Fans of Harrison Ford’s 1990 film adaptation will want to check out the book on which the film was based.

Blood Defense By Marcia Clark

In the O.J. Simpson trial, or even in American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, you’re likely to have heard the name Marcia Clark, the prosecutor who handled the case. Samantha Brinkman is now written by the prosecutor who handled the O.J. Simpson case. An established Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer named Jane Doe appears in the first book of the series, where she takes on the case of an experienced LAPD detective accused of two murders, one of which is the death of a well-known TV star.

The sense of an ending  by Julian Barnes

The sense of an ending  by Julian Barnes

With the help of two of his childhood friends — one who has returned from the afterlife and the other who has appeared in the present day — Tony Webster must confront a past that he had long since forgotten. For years, Tony thought he’d put his family’s problems behind him by building a successful career and a good relationship with his ex-wife and their daughter, who is now married with a child of her own.

Double jeopardy: a novel of suspense by William Bernhardt

In order to uncover the truth, a lawyer will put his life at risk. a young woman is kidnapped and beaten by six men before being raped and left for dead. When it comes to her attackers, she only has one name to go by: tough guy Al Moroconi. Travis Byrne, an ex-cop turned attorney, is appointed by the court to defend Moroconi after his first lawyer is brutally murdered. This is the worst piece of bad luck I’ve ever had in my life…

Naked justice by William Bernhardt

Ben Kincaid is the only person who can save the mayor when he is accused of murder. Wally Barrett was elected as Tulsa’s first black mayor with ease, thanks to his winning smile, acting experience, and illustrious career as one of the best quarterbacks in Oklahoma University history. The perfect politician, however, is not without flaws. Fifteen people watch him almost punch his wife during an argument about their children at an ice cream parlor.

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