6 Best Books Like Luckiest Girl Alive Update 05/2022

Books Like Luckiest Girl Alive

During her adolescence, Ani FaNelli was humiliated in front of her peers at the Bradley School, a prestigious preparatory institution. Having a high-paying job, an expensive wardrobe, and a handsome blue blood fiance, she’s just a few steps away from living the life she’s worked so hard for.

But Ani is hiding something.

In her past, there is something else that still haunts her, something private and painful that threatens to burst forth and wreak havoc on all she holds dear.

From the pressures of having it all to the vulnerability of women, Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive explores these issues in an original way, and introduces a heroine with a heart bigger than it first appears who has been hiding a scandalous truth.

The Memory Box by Eva Lesko Natiello

The Memory Box by Eva Lesko Natiello

Googling everyone in town to fuel thorny gossip is a pastime for a group of affluent, suburban moms. Mother-of-two Caroline Thompson, a devout Christian, refuses to associate with these women. With her philanthropy, she feels relieved that her name is only mentioned three times. A nagging feeling of insecurity prompts Caroline to look up her maiden name on the internet, despite the fact that no one else knows it.

As if struck by a tsunami, the blows slam into each other. As she reads, Caroline becomes increasingly alarmed. JD, will you write a memorial for her sister? That’s a nonsense idea. The revelations become more disturbing with each subsequent click. Surely, they’re mistaken. She would know. Desperate to disprove these accusations before anyone discovers that they are true, Caroline is thrown into a state of paranoia.

Underneath the surface of The Memory Box is a story of deception, misinterpretation, and an unwavering desire for control. This page turning suspense, with its twists, tight pacing, and psychological tone, warns: Be careful what you search for!

Mazie Baby by Julie Frayn

For many years, Mazie Reynolds was convinced that there were monsters living under her bed when she was a little girl. She’s a married woman now, and she’s surprised to find a man sleeping in her bed.

Mazie devises a plan to save both herself and her daughter in this multi-award winning novel. Unless she can out-maneuver the monster, her plan will fall apart. The monster is an expert manipulator and control freak. In her favor, she has a single asset that she truly owns. Mazie is a tough cookie. However, will it be sufficient?

The Forgotten Girls (Book 1 in The Suburban Murder Series) by Alexa Steele

Girls are dying in an affluent New York City suburb. That’s not the case in Greenvale, where the lawns are immaculate, the yacht clubs are exclusive, and the mansions are worth millions. The perfect exterior hides a gloomy interior, complete with manicured hedges and flashy cars. To get into the best colleges, girls dependent on Adderall outmaneuver each other while their mothers’ desire to live vicariously only makes it worse.

Bella DeFranco is a top SVU detective in the Bronx. She is as tough as most men her age—and a lot smarter, too—despite her stunning good looks. As a result, she finds herself unable to comprehend the case when she is summoned to Greenvale.

A killer on the loose, with time running out, and an ex-alcoholic new partner, Bella’s chances of survival are slim to none. She is, however, adamant about saving these girls at all costs. As she gets closer, she discovers a level of psychosis that even she finds shocking…

Deadly Stillwater (McRyan Mystery Series) by Roger Stelljes

Deadly Stillwater (McRyan Mystery Series) by Roger Stelljes

In her haste to the car, Shannon searched through her black purse for her keys, wondering aloud, “Where the heck did they go?” Sliding the van door open to let her in, he quickly put his hand over her mouth and pulled her inside… She was attempting to scream despite the duct tape covering her mouth. Shannon’s eyes were filled with a look of terror that Smith could clearly see. For her, it was just the beginning.

As the story of betrayal and revenge unfolds, the St. Paul Police Department’s very existence is put in jeopardy. In the wake of a brazen kidnapping during the day, Mac McRyan, a fourth-generation police officer, finds himself in the middle of a media storm and political scrutiny. In the end, the St. Paul Police Department’s soul will be struck by this case of betrayal and vengeance.

Where the Broken Lie by Derek Rempfer

Recalling the murder of his childhood sweetheart Katie, Tucker returns to Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, to mourn the death of his infant son. Tucker wonders if the real killer is still out there, despite her death being attributed to a mentally challenged drifter known as Slim Jim. Tucker is convinced that Katie’s death is still a mystery after receiving new information in the form of anonymous letters left at the cemetery.

Tucker is searching for answers as he copes with the death of his son. However, the real assassin may be lurking somewhere, ready to carry out another murder to safeguard a sinister secret.

Enjoy these five scintillating independent sensations if you enjoyed the rollicking plot twists and suspense of Luckiest Girl Alive.

When Life Gives You Lululemons

Lauren Weisberger

Three women team up to bring a bad guy to justice in Greenwich, Connecticut in the New York Times bestseller by Lauren Weisberger, “The Devil Wears Prada’s Emily Charlton gets the spin-off she deserves,” says author Weisberger. Greetings from the manicured town of Greenwich, Connecticut where everyone has an opinion on the new neighbor and everyone drinks a lot of Tito’s and sodas with extra strength. Emily Charlton does not belong in the suburbs, no matter how nice they may seem. While working as an image consultant for celebrities after leaving Priestly, Emily has recently lost a few clients. She’s a social media n00b. She’s being stalked by the new guard. She’s in desperate need of a big break right now. It’s merciless when former supermodel Karolina Hartwell gets arrested. Her senator-husband abandons her, her Capitol Hill colleagues disappear, and the tabloids pounce. Emily’s comeback begins in Karolina. Her return to Greenwich will require a team effort, as she quickly discovers. That’s how the betrayed Karolina joins forces with Emily and their lawyer friend turned stay-at-home mom friend Miriam to navigate suburban Greenwich’s social minefield and win back the public’s affections in the United States of America. One Priestly emerges as an unexpected ally along the way. It’s the combination of style and substance that gets the job done, and Lauren Weisberger proves that with her signature wit.” A scrumptious follow-up…

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