10 Best Authors Like Nicholas Sparks Update 05/2022

Best Authors Like Nicholas Sparks

When I was 14, I first read Nicholas Sparks, and that was when I fell in love with love stories. I devoured all of the books he’d written with my heart eyes wide open, eager to see if the hero and heroine would ever find their happily ever after. In my youth, these books had a profound impact on my understanding of love and how I viewed it in epic, sweeping terms. Even though that may be the reason for my long-term single status.) The best of Sparks is what I’m looking for when I’m reading contemporary romance, but with a little more diversity, youth, and spiciness. If you’re looking for authors like Nicholas Sparks but want to try something new, this list has you covered with ten authors who all have a similar appeal. In this article, I discuss the similarities and differences between contemporary romance and women’s fiction writers like Sparks, as well as recommend a book to start with from each author’s catalog.

Authors like Nicholas Sparks will have you in tears of lust.

1. Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley

As soon as I finished reading Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale, I began searching for contemporary authors who could deliver the same gut-wrenching experience. Kristen Ashley, a prolific romance author who frequently uses picturesque mountain settings and rugged rural settings, is one of the best connections I’ve ever made. Ashley’s books feature characters who are in need of rescuing and the healing power of love, if they can create their own worlds. Is that the sound of Sparks?

A good place to start is The Gamble (Colorado Mountain #1). Inside this cabin, things are sweltering despite the cold weather. a wonderful book to curl up with in the dead of winter.

2. Jenny Colgan

I adore the work of Jenny Colgan, a British author who writes contemporary romance. If there is a love story at all, it is one that takes place off the pages of the book, and Colgan’s heroines are usually looking for a new beginning or some time away from the pressures of everyday life, as Sparks’ do. The small towns and coastal communities in which Colgan’s stories take place are populated by quirky characters, just like Sparks’s. In Colgan’s lighthearted romances, you won’t be able to put them down.

As an example, take a look at the film Little Beach Street Bakery, which follows the story of an unlucky woman who takes a chance on love in a seaside town.

3. Inglath Cooper

If you’re looking for a top-notch author like Nicholas Sparks, look no further. Inglath Cooper will have you swooning. Cooper’s fan base is growing by the day, thanks to accolades like the Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award for Best Long Contemporary Romance Novel and other accolades. His stories are praised by readers for being unputdownable, filled with angst, redemption, and romance, and without sex scenes. Similar to Sparks, Inglath Cooper’s romance novels take place in picturesque locations and feature accidental encounters and emotional reunions.

This month in Tuscany, two opposites come together on a plane to another country.

4. Sonali Dev

Sonali Dev

Get your hands on a Sonali Dev novel and get ready to read it to the end. In Dev’s novels, the rhythms of Bollywood and Indian culture are intertwined with passionate love stories. Dev’s characters always seem so fully realized to me; she creates heroes and heroines who are fighting against their own personal demons in order to find true love. The protagonists and heroines in Dev’s work through their emotional scars together, just like the characters in Sparks’s work through theirs.

Embrace the sensual, sexy romance in A Bollywood Affair: The blossoming love of two strangers bound to an arranged marriage.

5. Jasmine Guillory

Interested in reading more works by Nicholas Sparks? Writer Jasmine Guillory, a contemporary romance author, should be at the top of your list. For her contemporary, diverse, and relatable millennial romance novels, Guillory has gained worldwide acclaim. Guillory seems to get it: incorporating modern dating complexities into traditional courtship. If you’ve ever wanted a best friend, or even yourself, to be a character in one of her books, you’d be hard-pressed to find one. The novels of Jasmine Guillory will enthrall fans of Nicholas Sparks’ depiction of young love and the palpable chemistry between its two leads.

Begin with Guillory’s debut romantic comedy The Wedding Date, which is a novel of manners akin to Jane Austen’s.

6. Helen Hoang

You can see why Helen Hoang has become one of the most popular contemporary romance authors thanks to The Kiss Quotient, her debut novel. Modern love, in all its confusing, awkward, and exhilarating glory, is perfectly captured in Hoang’s quirky, neurodiverse novel. As a writer with Asperger’s syndrome, I appreciate how she describes things I’ve experienced firsthand, like how difficult it can be to date when you can’t read body language. The Bride Test, Hoang’s second novel, is a huge hit. Nicholas Sparks fans looking for new recommendations should check out Hoang’s novels, which have a similar feel to Sparks’ stories.

“The Kiss Quotient” is an excellent place to begin.

7. Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover

A word of advice: before diving into a Colleen Hoover novel, make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand. Colleen Hoover’s romances are a roller coaster of emotions, from swoon-inducing highs to cathartic, ugly-cry lows. If you enjoyed Sparks’s books about young lovers (Dear John, The Lucky One, etc.), you’ll love Hoover’s new adult romances. Most of the time, the couples in these tales are dealing with the effects of their own personal history of trauma and strife. It’s also admirable to me how Hoover works in some form of creativity, and that includes sexy tortured artists.

Begin with: It’s All About Us: This novel has a love triangle that grips you from beginning to end, with a 10/10 drama factor.

8. Jojo Moyes

The debut novel of Jojo Moyes, Me Before You, made her an overnight sensation in the world of contemporary women’s fiction. The characters in Jojo Moyes’ novels are real, flawed people who you can’t help but root for because of her witty, swoon-worthy romances. Jojo Moyes, like Nicholas Sparks, keeps the heat level low while a slow-burning romance blossoms, and she also frequently writes about characters who are a little older than your typical romance, so if your favorite Sparks novels are those with single parents and protagonists with a lot of baggage, pick up a book by Jojo Moyes .’s

Me Before You is a must-read for anyone looking for a tearjerker of a love story.

9. Jill Santopolo

Jill Santopolo

Before you begin reading one of Jill Santopolo’s books, clear your schedule. With her heart-stopping love stories, this up-and-coming contemporary romance and women’s fiction author is making a name for herself in the industry. When I finished The Light We Lost, I was enthralled by the author’s writing style. The Light We Lost by Santopolo, perhaps drawing from Sparks’ work, explores the aftermath of 9/11 and the American involvement in the Middle East wars while placing the love triangle between its two central characters at the mercy of cosmic forces. Her second novel, More Than Words, is just as good as the first, a powerful, raw, and urgent love story that will leave you breathless.

Take a look at The Light We Lost to get your heart racing and your tears flowing.

10. Nicola Yoon

Nicola Yoon’s star-crossed lovers in Everything, Everything were the talk of the town after her debut YA contemporary novel (not to mention the twist). Fans love her for the variety of characters she portrays as well as the raw emotion she conveys through her singing. Similar to Nicholas Sparks’ work, Nicola Yoon has a keen sense of what makes a good love story—a tense conflict that threatens to tear the couple apart—and she knows exactly how to use it to heighten the tension and drama.

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