12 Best Books Like Redwall Update 05/2022

Thanos – Death Sentence

Thanos - Death Sentence

Stuart Moore

The Mad Titan has a new lease on life! Thanos has always been defined by his quest for the Infinity Gems. Though he is defeated once more by the Marvel superheroes, Thanos is given one final chance by his beloved Mistress Death. He sets out on a cosmic journey to reassert his authority over himself and the Multiverse after being stripped of his powers and old skin. The Marvel Universe’s most powerful being is the focus of this all-new, original story. The Mad Titan may become something else entirely if he is haunted by family – or the semblances of it. Is this a new beginning for a long-lost god, or will he maintain his grandiose delusions?

Baking Day at Grandma’s

Anika A. Denise

Family-friendly tale of a young girl’s journey to find her place in the world. There are three bouncing bear siblings, all dressed warmly for Baking Day at Grandma’s house, eager to plow through the snow. When it comes to making the perfect “winter treat,” the bears and their grandma pour, mix, and stir with breaks for hot cocoa and dancing. —BCCB

The Candy Shop War

Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull is an American author best known for his children’s fantasy novel The Candy Shop War. It was released on September 11th, 2007 by Shadow Mountain Publishing. Nate and his friends are the focus of this tale, which follows a group of magicians on the hunt for a priceless artifact. The book is based in part on Mull’s childhood experience of moving to and living in a small town in Northern California.

The Black Cauldron

Lloyd Alexander

Lloyd Alexander’s The Black Cauldron is the second book in his epic fantasy series The Chronicles of Prydain. An honor book for the year 1966, it came in second place for “most distinguished contribution to American children’s literature.”

Me with You

Me with You

Kristy Dempsey

This is a unique pairing. This granddaughter knows her grandpa loves her no matter what the occasion may be, whether it’s tea time or a game night, singing or swinging, or even the grumpy ones. Indeed, they’re a formidable duo. Me with You celebrates the unconditional love between a grandfather and a grandchild who dare to be who they are and know that, together, they are even more special. New gift paperback format allows you to personalize the book and send it to someone who means a lot to you.. The gatefold cover includes a place for you to leave a personal message and sign the book. Finally, write in the recipient’s address, add postage, and mail it.

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Patricia C. Wrede

These hilarious tales of Cimorene, the princess who refuses to be proper, have been compiled together for the first time by Patricia Wrede. As a gift, the paperback edition of Dealing with Dragons includes all four of Cimorene’s adventures: searching for dragons, calling dragons, and talking to them.

Front Row Center

Cynthia B. Ainsworthe

They were instantly smitten. Their relationship is on fire. That love they share is devastating to those who witness it. Taylor Allen, a happily married woman, was smitten with Larry Davis, a singing legend and eligible bachelor.

The Redwall Cookbook

Brian Jacques

Recipes from the Redwall series are featured in the Redwall Cookbook. Everything from Deeper-n-Ever Pie and Summer Strawberry Fizz to Abbey Trifle and Great Hall Gooseberry Fool can be found in this collection.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

Kathryn Lasky

With Wolves of the Beyond, bestselling author Kathryn Lasky’s stunning new spinoff from Ga’hoole’s legendary Guardians, you can read it right now on your favorite paperback reader!

But the warm bundle snuffling next to the distraught mother wolf brings nothing but anguish. In spite of his otherwise good health, the pup’s twisted paw is a red flag to the pack’s strict code of conduct. It will be taken from her and left on a barren hillside without food or water for days. There can be no weakness in the pack because the wolf mother knows that her pup will die. Faolan, the pup, survives his ordeal despite being left alone in the wilderness. He’s a survivor, a hero of courage, and a man of true love. As the story of Faolan, the wolf pup who rose to change foreverland forever, we are here to tell you his own story.

Martin the Warrior

A Tale from Redwall

Redwall Series

Badrang, a stoat, holds dozens of innocent creatures as slaves on the Eastern Sea shore in a cold stone fortress as part of his plan to build an empire where he will rule as an unquestionable tyrant. There is a brave mouse named Martin among the slaves who has a burning desire to free himself and all of Badrang’s other victims as well. The stoat’s evil reign will be ended and his father’s sword, Luke the Warrior, will be reclaimed if he takes any risk or fights in any battle to get it back!

If you’re a fan of T. A. Barron’s Merlin series, or John Flanagan, or J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series, this book is for you.


Redwall Series

Brian Jacques 

A Netflix original movie adaptation of the Redwall series is in the works.

Taggerung continues the Redwall saga, which has been a best-seller.

Vermin from Sawney Rath kidnapped Redwall’s “Taggerung,” an ancient warrior hero of Redwall legend, years before. Despite this, Tagg continues to defy the odds as he matures into an adult. Sawney’s henchman pursues the deserter, intent on destroying him as the young otter searches for his birthplace. Tagg defeats the vengeful vermin with the help of the tough mouse Nimbalo, but can he return home to the Redwall family he was separated from so long ago? All the thrills and spills a Redwall fan could hope for are here!

If you’re a fan of T. A. Barron’s Merlin series, or John Flanagan, or J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series, this book is for you.

Angel’s Command

Brian Jacques

A “swashbuckling take on pirates on the high seas” from New York Times best-selling author Brian Jacques, the creator of the Redwall series (Detroit Free Press).

The Flying Dutchman castaways, Ben and his black labrador, vowed never to set foot on a ship again. While on a French pirate ship, they encounter two scheming sea captains—and a ghost.

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