8 Best Books Like Steelheart Update 05/2022

The Slow Regard Of Silent Things

Book by Patrick Rothfuss

The Slow Regard of Silent Things is a fantasy novella by American author Patrick Rothfuss and one of the companion tales to The Kingkiller Chronicles. On October 28, 2014, it was published in the United States by DAW Books and features illustrations by Nate Taylor.

Auri, a character from The Kingkiller Chronicles, is the focus of this novella, which takes place in the Underthing, a subterranean labyrinth of ancient rooms and tunnels. Auri spends seven days in The Wise Man’s Fear exploring the Underthing in preparation for Kvothe’s arrival, which is detailed in the book’s chapters seven through eleven.

When describing Auri’s daily routine, the author’s writing takes a poetic turn. According to Patrick Rothfuss, the book does not do what a “proper book should do,” and thus does not have a very appropriate plot. There is no clear beginning, middle, or end to the story, so it lacks a satisfying climax. In contrast to the Kingkiller Chronicle books, which follow a single character’s day-to-day activities and reveal her unique perspective on the world and her own inner workings, this novella focuses on a single character.

First Lord’s Fury

Book by Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher’s high fantasy novel First Lord’s Fury, published in 2009, is one of his best works to date. As the series’ sixth and final installment, Codex Alera concludes here.

Since he was a young boy, he has been subjected to a man whose skill and power could not be contained. He became the rightful First Lord of Alera after defeating ancient foes, forging new alliances, and dealing with the corruption that had crept into his own country.

When Octavian’s legions arrive in the Calderon Valley, they will face the savage Vord, who are on the march, and he must lead his troops to defend their world from eternal darkness.

Vord, an insect-like race led by one sentient Queen that devours everything they come across has ravaged the Aleran Empire after Gaius Octavian, Kitai, Varg and their troops returned from the ruined continent of Canea. Riva, a city in the far easternmost part of the continent, is home to the majority of the Aleran resistance. It’s up to Octavian and his troops to figure out a way to reach the other Aleran nobles in Riva now that they’ve arrived on the northern edge. Aquitainus Attis, who has been named First Lord in Octavian’s absence, has given the order to salt the earth between Riva and the Vord, thereby delaying the insect’s arrival.

Prince Of Thorns

Book by Mark Lawrence

Mark Lawrence is an American-British author best known for his epic fantasy series The Broken Empire Trilogy. Prince of Thorns, the first book in the series, was released on August 2nd, 2011. Published on August 7th 2012, King of Thorns follows. Emperor of Thorns, the final book in the trilogy, was released on August 6th, 2013.

Following the life of Jorg Ancrath, the trilogy depicts his rise to power in post-apocalyptic Europe using any means necessary. All three books in the series are direct sequels to the previous ones. Present-day chapters alternate with flashbacks to events that occurred four to five years earlier in each of these three books.

James Clamp narrated an unabridged audiobook version of Recorded Books’ Prince of Thorns and King of Thorns in 2012.


Book by Brandon Sanderson

Author Brandon Sanderson’s The Reckoners series is aimed at adolescent and young adult readers. Steelheart (2013), Firefight (2015), and Calamity (2016) are all part of the series (2016). The series depicts a post-apocalyptic world in which a cosmic phenomenon known as Calamity has given random people superhuman powers in apparent defiance of known physical laws, turning them into “Epics”. As a result of the Epics’ exploitation and enslavement of the rest of humanity, established states have fallen into disrepair. An orphaned child of a High Epic joins a group of Epic killers.

Small group of humans gained near invincibility and superhuman abilities after a mysterious object known as Calamity appeared near Earth and exploded in the sky twelve years ago. They all have a wide range of abilities and flaws that don’t seem to match up. They were dubbed Epics, and they turned to crime. The Epics, the most powerful of which replaced government authority and enslaved the rest of humanity, proved impossible to control for the existing government.

Words Of Radiance

Book by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy novel Words of Radiance is the second book in the Stormlight Archive series and follows the events of the first. Tor Books released the novel on March 4th, 2014. One prologue, 89 chapters, an epilogue, and 14 interludes are included in Words of Radiance. Oathbringer follows immediately after The Way of Kings. The David Gemmell Legend Award for best novel was given to it in 2015. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading narrate the unabridged audiobook.

Due to Sanderson’s commitment to finishing The Wheel of Time, the book’s release was postponed. As originally planned, this volume’s title would have been The Book of Endless Pages, a reference to the tome Shallan receives at the end of the first volume. “Uh, are you sure you want to name a very long, very thick fantasy book The Book of Endless Pages?” was the editor’s remark. Because it has 1088 pages, this book is the publisher’s largest book ever printed.

The Rithmatist

Book by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is an American author best known for his young adult fantasy series The Rithmatists. The Rithmatist (2013) and The Aztlanian, the second book in the series, are both scheduled for release in 2013.

The setting of The Rithmatist is reminiscent of our own recent history. Inception, a religious ceremony that takes place at the age of eight, determines a child’s fate: less than one in a thousand are chosen to become Rithmatists. Warriors are rithmatists. For physical effects, they use lines of chalk (geometric patterns). An animate creature known as a Chalkling can be summoned to carry out the Rithmatist’s orders.

The Desert Spear

Book by Peter V. Brett

Peter V. Brett’s fantasy novel The Desert Spear is set in the Arabian Desert.
At No. 35 on the New York Times Hardcover Fiction Best Sellers List in April 2010, the novel was a surprise success. Since its release in April, it has consistently appeared among the top 15 bestsellers on The Times Hardback Fiction List.

It was released on February 12th, 2013, under the title The Daylight War. Immediately following the events of The Desert Spear, the protagonists of the new novel face a demon army. The Daylight War, according to Brett, is the first of a five-part series that will include two more novels and novellas.

The director Paul W. S. Anderson and longtime producer Jeremy Bolt, the team behind the Resident Evil film series, have been confirmed to have optioned the Demon Cycle for film production.

The Alloy Of Law

Book by Brandon Sanderson

High fantasy novel Mistborn: The Alloy of Law is written by American author Brandon Sanderson and published in 2012. Printed by Tor Books on November 8th, 2011, it is the fourth Mistborn novel as well as the first Wax and Wayne novel. Mistborn: The Hero of Ages was released in 2008, and Shadows of Self was released two years later.

Twinborns, Metalborns who are able to use Allomancy and Feruchemy together, as well as abilities from new metals not present in the original trilogy, are featured in the story.

On Scadrial, about 300 years after the end of the original trilogy, The Alloy of Law is set. For the first time, it introduces the concept of Twinborn, natural-born beings with both allomantic and feruchemical abilities.

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