6 Best Books Like The Dark Tower Update 05/2022

Books Like The Dark Tower

Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

by Robert Browning

Browning’s narrative poem, originally published in 1855 as part of the anthology “Men and Women,” served as an inspiration for Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series.

One of Roland’s quests in the poem is to get to the Dark Tower, which he finally arrives at in the final line of the poem. He is the last of his comrades to survive. He perseveres, marching on and on, until he reaches the Tower at last.

The Tides of Reckoning (The Outlands Saga #2)

by Tyler Edwards

In the long run, “people are the worst monsters,” according to the adage.

Defeated. Betrayed. Exiled. Jett Lasting is stranded in the Outlands, a place he dreads more than death. He travels through the desolate wasteland, wracked with guilt and desperate to locate his friends. It doesn’t take Jett long to realize that the Outlands aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. The Outlands are a terrifying place full of monsters, bandits, and marauders.

In order to return to Dios and exact his vengeance, Jett needs to find a way to survive. Jett is surprised to learn that he is not the only one who wants to bring down the Patriarch in the midst of the dangers. Forces gathered to invade Dios by potential allies are gathering speed. Retaliation is gaining momentum. When it comes to life and death decisions, the stakes have never been higher.

The Hyperion Omnibus (Hyperion Cantos, #1-2)

by Dan Simmons

The first two books of the Hyperion Cantos are collected here for the first time.

Humanity’s dominance of the universe is in jeopardy in HYPERION lt. Besides the warlike Ousters, the secessionist TechnoCore AI’s mysterious plans are bringing anarchy closer.

Final voyage to Hyperion’s Time Tombs, home to the Shrike, a lethal creature, part god and part machine, whose powers transcend the boundaries of time and space, is set forth by seven pilgrims. Pilgrims have vowed that they will not rest until they have unearthed the mysteries of the universe.


Shrike, who has risen from the Time Tombs, may have the power to decide the fate of all mankind. We are under attack from the Ousters and our AIs are working against us to build God, the Ultimate Intelligence. The Supreme Being of Mechanical Power. Mankind’s extinction may be linked to the process that produced him.

The Hegemony, the Ousters, the Als, and the entire universe are being dragged to the Shrike by some mysterious force.

Fantastic vision of the future and ancient religions, of scientific discovery and eternal mystery, of transcendental joy and mind-boggling terror. Hugo Award-winning science fiction history is made here.

I Am Number Four Collection: Books 1-6: I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, The Fall of Five, The Revenge of Seven, The Fate of Ten

I Am Number Four Collection

by Pittacus Lore

Collections of all six books in the Lorien Legacies series are available here.

The book that got it all started: I Am Number Four. We’re a group of nine people. There is a resemblance between our appearance and yours. We speak your language. Among you, we are. But we’re not you. Things you’ve only dreamed of are within our grasp. We have the abilities you’ve always wished for. Nothing you’ve ever seen can compare to the power and speed of our team. Our plan was to grow, to train, to become stronger, to unite, and then to confront them head on. But they tracked us down and began to pursue us. I’ll be right after you.

I’ve seen him on the news about The Power of Six. A lot of what happened in Ohio has been making the rounds on the news. We’re down to our final six people. Despite the fact that we’re avoiding each other, our legacies are growing, and soon we’ll be ready to fight. How do I know if this John Number Four is a sign I’ve been looking for? What about the final two? I am the Seventh person on the list. There are only five of us left. There will be a fight.

We must join forces with the Mogadorians in Spain, who have been battling John and Nine, as well as Six and Seven, who have been searching for Number Eight in India, to defeat the Mogadorians and save our world and theirs.

After receiving a sign from Number Five, the Garde, which appears as a crop circle shaped like a Lorien symbol, they know they are on the verge of a reunion. Then again, is it a snare? As the clock ticks down to zero, they realize that the only thing they can do is make it to Five before it’s too late.

Grief-stricken Garde are retaliating against those responsible for their loss. They can no longer trust Number Five. The number eight has been snatched away from us forever. Ella was abducted. The rest of the group has dispersed. Even though the Garde has been shattered and divided once more, they will not be overthrown. The battle for the survival of the Earth is not over as long as one person remains.

Ten: The Fate of Ten is the sixth and final book in the series. The Garde have waged a secret war against the Mogadorians for many years. That’s all gone now. We’re invading now! The Garde is overworked, having to deal with so many fronts in this conflict. Taking out the Mogadorian leader is their only hope, but Ella’s fate is now intertwined with his. It’s impossible to defeat them both if they don’t first eliminate the other. That being said, humanity faces extinction if the Garde doesn’t find a way to stop these monstrous Mogs.

The Monkey’s Paw (Oxford Bookworms)

by Diane Mowat

Laburnam Villa’s small parlor had its blinds drawn and a roaring fire to keep it warm during the frigid night. When the father and son were playing chess, it was the father who had radical ideas about the game and put his king in such sharp and unnecessary perils that even the white-haired old lady was awestruck and commented. While it was too late for Mr. White to prevent his son from seeing the fatal mistake he’d already made, “Hark at the wind,” he said. After grimly scanning the board, he said, “I’m listening,” and he extended his hand. “Check.” The board was poised as his father said, “I should hardly think that he’d come to-night.”

The Gentleman Bastard #1-3 (Gentleman Bastard #1-3)

by Scott Lynch

One of the most compelling protagonists in recent memory was introduced in The Lies of Locke Lamora by George R. R. Martin, who described it as “a fresh, original, and engrossing tale by a bright new voice” in fantasy literature. With Lynch’s trademark blend of swashbuckling adventure, sparkling wit, and seemingly impossible heists, the Gentleman Bastard series continues to shine even years after its initial release. The first three volumes of Lynch’s one-of-a-kind series are included in this raucous eBook bundle.

Red Seas Under Red Skies The Republic of Thieves: The Lies of Locke Lamora

An orphan’s life in Camorr, a mysterious island city, is hard and short. A talented con artist guides young Locke Lamora through the perils of the criminal underworld, teaching him how to evade both death and slavery. Locke, leader of the Gentleman Bastards, quickly becomes a household name, fooling even the most feared ruler of the underworld. However, someone even more dangerous and ambitious lurks in the shadows. An all-out civil war is coming and Locke, a self-proclaimed mercenary on the verge of suicide, vows to beat the enemy at their own brutal game—or die trying.

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