4 Best Books Like The Deal Update 05/2022

Books Like The Deal

Punk 57

Punk 57

by Penelope Douglas

“We had a great chemistry. That is, until I met you.”


The words in her letter make me smile. She’s thinking about me.

A pen pal from another school was assigned to me when I was in the fifth grade. The other teacher, thinking I was a girl because of my name, Misha, paired me with her student, Ryen. Because she assumed Ryen was a boy like me, my teacher also agreed.

In no time at all, we were able to identify the error. We were arguing about everything in a matter of minutes. The best pizza for takeout. Android vs. iPhone: a head to head comparison. It’s debatable whether Eminem is the best rapper of all time or not.

That was the beginning. After that, it was just the two of us for another seven years or so.

Black paper with silver writing is always the medium of choice for her correspondence. I need them, even if it’s one a week or three in a day. Because of her, I’m able to stay on track, talk myself down, and accept myself completely.

Three rules were all we had. Social media, phone numbers and photos are not permitted. We were having a great time together at the time. What’s the point in ruining it?

Until I come across a picture of a girl on the internet. Ryen’s name is Ryen, and she’s a huge Gallo’s Pizza fan and an iPhone devotee. Are there any good chances?

Stupidity. I want to get to know her.

I just don’t think I’ll be so disappointed by what I find.


He hasn’t written for three months now. There’s something seriously wrong here. Is he dead? What’s the worst that can happen? Knowing Misha, neither is a stretch.

I’m going berserk without him by my side. Somebody needs to hear me. I’m the one to blame, and I know it. My apologies for not securing his contact information in advance.

He might be lost to time.

Or it could be right in front of me and I wouldn’t notice

The Spanish Love Deception

by Elena Armas

A nuptial ceremony. We’re off to Spain! One of the most annoying things. In the meantime, I spent three days pretending to be sick. In other words, a plan that is doomed from the beginning.

Finally, Catalina Martn is not a bachelorette. Family members are overjoyed to learn that she will be bringing an American man to her sister’s wedding. Everyone is welcome to attend and take part in the year’s most magical event.

For sure, that’s what my hometown’s local newspaper headline would read tomorrow. Alternatively, my obituary might read: “In the space of a phone call, my life took an unexpected turn.”

To find someone willing to travel from NYC to Spain for a wedding in four weeks was a challenge. Let alone, someone who is willing to participate in my ruse. Even so, I wasn’t desperate enough to confront the 6’4″ blue-eyed a**hole in my ass who stood before me.

The name of Aaron Blackford is mentioned. To my horror, the man whose sole purpose in life seemed to be to raise my blood pressure had just offered to be my date. On top of all that, after calling me delusional and saying he was my only choice. See? Outrageous. Aggravating. The temperature is rising, and my heart is pounding. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was also correct. That left me with an even more difficult decision to make. Is it worth it to bring my coworker and constant nemesis to my sister’s wedding as my fake boyfriend? Or would it have been better for me to tell the truth and deal with the fallout of my panicked deception?

Que Dios nos pille confisados, as my grandmother would say.

The Spanish Love Deception is a romantic comedy about two people who are sworn enemies but end up falling in love anyway. Those looking for a steamy slow-burn romance with the sweetest Happily Ever After will love this book.

Ugly Love

ugly love colleen hoover

by Colleen Hoover

After meeting Miles Archer, Tate Collins knows it isn’t love at first sight. As far as friendship goes, they’re not even close. One thing that unites Tate and Miles is their undeniable attraction to one another. In the light of day, they realize that everything is in place for them to succeed. Neither one of them is interested in love, so there’s only sex to go around. As long as Tate adheres to Miles’ only two rules, their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless.

You should never bring up the past.

There’s no reason to hope for a better future.

They believe they can handle it, but quickly come to terms with the fact that they are completely incapable of doing so.

Invasion of the heart occurs.

Promises fall through.

The rules are shattered in this situation.

Love is a dirty word.

The Love Hypothesis

by Ali Hazelwood

In her third year as a PhD candidate, Olive Smith does not believe in long-term relationships, but her best friend does, and that’s how she ended up in this situation. It was always going to take more than Jedi mind tricks to convince Anh that Olive is in a relationship and on her way to finding true love: Scientists demand proof. Olive panics and kisses the first man she sees because she’s a self-respecting biologist.

One of the most well-known assholes in the academic world is Adam Carlson. When Stanford’s reigning lab tyrant agrees to keep Olive’s charade a secret and pretend to be her boyfriend, Olive is floored. Adam’s unwavering support and his even more unwavering… six-pack abs are put to the test when a major science conference goes horribly wrong, putting Olive’s career on the line.

Suddenly, their experiment feels as if it is on the verge of exploding. Putting Olive’s own heart through the wringer is the only thing that makes a hypothesis on love any more difficult.

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