9 Best Books Like The Hating Game Update 05/2022

There has been a lot of interest in books similar to Sally Thorne’s debut novel, The Hating Game, and we can see why. It’s become a mainstay in the rom-com genre’s enemies-to-lovers subgenre.

There is a movie adaptation of this sexy workplace comedy in the works because of the chemistry between the main characters, executive assistants Joshua Templeman and Lucy Hutton.

If you’re reading this and haven’t already read The Hating Game, I strongly suggest you do so before continuing. This means that Josh and Lucy have to constantly play one-upmanship in order to win a huge promotion and a corner office in their shared office space. The sexual tension grows more intense and the fine line between love and hate becomes more apparent as their interactions heat up. What happens next? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Other great love stories to check out if you enjoyed The Hating Game while you wait for the movie to come out.

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by Emily Henry

After discovering her parents weren’t the perfect match she thought they were, best-selling romance author January Andrews is experiencing a severe case of writer’s block.

As a last-ditch effort to meet her next book deadline as a romance writer, she retreats to her father’s secret Lake Michigan beach house. Instead, she discovers another distraction.

Her rival in the English department at college, who happens to be her next-door neighbor, is also experiencing writer’s block.


by Sariah Wilson

Madison, a wealthy girl who gave up her inheritance to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher, is the focus of this witty romance. Unfortunately, her salary as a teacher doesn’t even come close to covering the rent for her ideal apartment. When she’s exhausted all other options, her realtor/aunt comes up with a novel solution.

Rather than paying rent, Tyler, another client, needs a roommate who will take care of his dog while he is away on business and who will also do some light cleaning. Because his last relationship ended badly, he’s looking for someone who won’t pursue him. To get a place to live, Madison pretends to be in a committed relationship, but it soon becomes clear that she has no idea how to clean.

However, she has a big heart, good intentions, and she wins over the dog in the long run. Will Tyler be able to adhere to his own set of guidelines?


by Elena Armas

It’s four weeks before Catalina’s sister gets married in their Spanish hometown, and she needs an American boyfriend to join her. Rather than face the embarrassment of telling her grandmother the truth, she’d rather fabricate a relationship than disappoint her.

Her coworker Aaron Blackford, who is loud and irritating, offers to be her fake date, but she isn’t eager to accept. As a result, she has no choice but to agree to this crazy plan.

Kindle Unlimited subscribers can currently read this book for free.


by Beth O’Leary

Leon, a night shift worker, decides to get a roommate when he needs extra money to help a family member.

Because he only has a single bed in his one-bedroom apartment, this is a problem. Consequently, he posts an ad for a person to sleep in his bed while he’s at work. It’s a crazy plan, even though they won’t be home at the same time.

Fortunately, it’s exactly what Sophie, who’s recently separated, needs.At one point, they were joking around with each other on post-it notes as they worked through the rules of their strange arrangement.This one has a fantastic audio version!


by Robinne Lee

In the vein of The Hating Game, you won’t be disappointed by the Idea of You!

When a much younger mega-superstar singer starts dating a 39-year-old mom and art gallery owner, things get complicated fast. It’s difficult for them to navigate their love story and life together when the media is involved.


by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Shay, a veteran radio host, is fed up with Dominic, her new coworker, who believes he knows it all after just finishing a master’s program.

So Shay comes up with a new show, The Ex Talk, which features exes discussing relationship advice. Since Dominic and Shay already act like ex-couples, the pitch goes over well, and Shay gets a big yes, but she must co-host the show with Dominic. It’s a far cry from a workplace romance! As the popularity of the show rises due to their witty on-air banter, so does the tension in their personal lives. R-rated bedroom scenes are featured in this film.


by Sarah Hogle

When two people fall in love, they end up falling in love all over again. Three months before their wedding, both Naomi and Nicholas have second thoughts about getting married, and when one of them cancels, the other is held responsible for the wedding’s nonrefundable costs. Is it possible for one of them to persuade the other to cancel? Or will they rekindle their romance by playing pranks and sabotage?


by Abby Jimenez

Since her engagement ended, Sloan has been working hard to get her life back on track for the past two years. Finally, the healing process begins for her when she meets Tucket the dog. Everything seems to be going well for Tucker, until his owner contacts him. When he returns from his tour, he wants Tucker with him. He’s a musician. They’re making phone calls as they compete for Tucker’s affections. In person, what will happen? Sloan appeared in Abby Jimenez’s first novel, The Friend Zone, but this is a stand-alone novel.


by Samantha Young

Think about the stress of flying home to attend the funeral of a childhood friend only to have everything go awry. Then, a guy snatches your first-class seat, preventing you from making it to the funeral on time. That’s not cool at all! This is a rom-com, so it’s only natural that Ava and Caleb’s interactions don’t end at the ticket counter.


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