5 Best Books Like The Land Of Stories Update 05/2022

Books Like The Land Of Stories

The Wishing Spell

The Wishing Spell

The Wishing Spell, the series’ debut novel, was released on that date in 2012. [2]

Alex and Conner Bailey have been without their father for one year and nine months. She is juggling the demands of her job and raising her children after the tragic death of her husband in a car accident. Alex and Conner’s grandmother presents them with an old book from Alex and Conner’s childhood, which they later discover glows and hums inexplicably, and objects mysteriously vanish into it. Alex refuses to throw away the book, despite Conner’s advice to do so. Conner rushes in to stop Alex from going into the book, but Alex loses her balance and falls into the book as a result of her shock. Conner joins Alex in the fight. There is a portal to the fairy-tale world in the book. Froggy, a man who has been transformed into a frog, greets them. Froggy provides them with a journal containing information on the Wishing Spell, a magic spell that can grant a person’s wish if they possess eight specific items. Alex and Conner must complete the Wishing Spell in order to return to their home world. Sadly, the good news doesn’t last long. They run into someone else, and it turns out to be the daughter of the Huntsman. Both Alex and Conner have discovered that the Huntsman’s daughter is also working for the Evil Queen in order to obtain the Wishing Spell. To make matters worse, since the Wishing Spell can only be used twice, and since the author of the journal about the Wishing Spell had already used it once, there are only two contestants.

The Enchantress Returns

The second book in the series, The Enchantress Returns, was released on August 6, 2013. [3]

After school, Alex heads home to find her worried brother Conner, who hasn’t seen their mother yet. He also discovered a love letter from Dr Bob, a surgeon their mother worked with, in which he promised to bring them a puppy. Alex and Conner ask Charlotte if she has a boyfriend when she gets home. They’ve been told by their mother that it’s accurate. Bob visits the twins later and tells them that he plans to propose to their mother, and they are excited. It has two large pink and blue diamonds on it to represent the twins, which he shows them. Conner and Alex decide that Bob and their mother will be pleased if they agree to Bob’s proposal when he asks the twins for their permission.

The next Thursday at six p.m., the three of them decided to throw Charlotte a surprise dinner at the Bailey house. Bob tells his coworkers at the hospital to keep Charlotte busy so she won’t come home early when Alex returns from a community college course. But another nurse claims Charlotte Bailey had already left two hours earlier, so she doesn’t show up on time for the twins’ appointment. There’s a knock on the door, which leads to the entrance of a swarm of fairy tale soldiers from the Charming Kingdom. Bob (who was stunned) was initially sceptical, but he comes around to the idea that the world of fairy tales really does exist later on. Upon entering, the Fairy Godmother, the two twins’ maternal grandmother, informs them that their mother has been abducted. Xanthous, a member of the Fairy Council, and Sir Lampton, an old friend of their father’s, watch over the twins while their grandmother attends to her own business. When Mother Goose is intoxicated, Alex asks her for information, which she unintentionally divulges.

A Grimm Warning

The third book in the series, A Grimm Warning, was released on July 8, 2014.

Alex is being crowned Fairy Godmother at the start of the third book. Conner, on the other hand, is at school in the real world and is being asked about his sister’s whereabouts. On a field trip to Germany, Conner hears stories by the Brothers Grimm that were recently discovered in a time capsule and have never before been heard. Good news for Conner: Bree Campbell, the girl he’s been crushing on, will be there. Unfortunately, four bullies known as the Book Huggers will also be leaving.

Alex, on the other hand, is prone to spell casting mishaps. He is Rook Robins, and she falls in love with him after meeting him on the farm one day. When her grandmother is dying and she feels like she’s killing her, she becomes very torn in the story. Because she has finally found a replacement, the Fairy Godmother can rest assured that the fairy tale world is in good hands as she nears death.

Beyond the Kingdoms

Beyond the Kingdoms

The fourth book in the series, Beyond the Kingdoms, was released on 7th July, 2015. [4]

When the book begins, Alex believes that the Masked Man is their father. In the end, Conner remains unconvinced. Her hair would float above her head and her eyes would sparkle during her mood swings. A lack of self-control leads to a number of attacks, including those from her family and friends. According to Alex, one of the most important things the fairy council should focus on is finding the Masked Man. Because of her ‘un-godmothering,’ she is expelled from the fairy council. An angry Alex unleashes a lightning bolt at the fairy council, causing them to vanish in a wall of fire. Her wall of fire exit leads her to the Giant’s castle, where Mother Goose is staying, where she arrives.

The beautiful witch Morina appears at Red and Froggy’s wedding later on and claims to be Froggy’s first lover (and the one who cursed him to live as a frog). The threat of harming Red if Froggy does not accompany her causes Froggy to choose to leave with her. While the Masked Man is trying to steal books from the library, Conner is being beaten up by him while trying to get the wedding rings for Red and Froggy. Conner removes his mask, believing the Masked Man to be their father, and he also rips it off. Her late grandmother, Alex wishes to speak with her on this night. To tell Alex the truth about the Masked Man, her grandmother sends an “angel moth from outer space,” a memory-carrying message from above.

An Author’s Odyssey

The series’ fifth book, An Author’s Odyssey, was released on July 12th, 2016. [5]

When the twins and their friends venture into worlds created by Conner’s imagination, they discover allies no one else could have imagined and reclaim many of the memories they had made in the fairy-tale world, the long-awaited race to end the Masked Man’s reign of terror finally begins. A thousand zombie mummies and pirates are just some of the adventures Conner has concocted for Alex and Conner in his short stories. On one of these journeys, Conner took his mother, Charlotte Bailey, with him. Meanwhile, the Witches of Dead Man’s Creek, including the Sea Witch and the Snow Queen, had other ideas. In the second book, Alex killed the evil and terrifying Enchantress, and the Snow Queen and the Sea Witch plan to give Alex a handful of dust made from a magic mirror that was created by terrible demons. The dust was also given to the Enchantress, and the reason the Enchantress was so horrible was because of the dust, the dust raised not only her temper but made heartache worse than one could ever imagine. The witches believed it to be an unbreakable curse.

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