7 Best Books Like The Lunar Chronicles Update 05/2022

Books Like The Lunar Chronicles

Finding books like Cinder is quite easy in the era of Google. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Cinderella has persisted as a fairy tale for so long. As I write this, a new Cinderella movie is slated for release in Hollywood.

One of the Lunar Chronicles’ most popular books takes place in an alternate universe that is not connected to the entertainment industry. While residing in New Beijing, Cinder’s life is threatened by a deadly plague and the Lunar Empire, which is threatening the entire planet.

Cinder is imprisoned by her vengeful stepmother, who holds her responsible for all of her stepsister’s health issues. When Cinder is hired to fix gorgeous Prince Kai’s android, things naturally shift. The next step is obvious, but there is enough variation to keep you interested.

Cinder is a colorful mashup of Japanese manga, classic fairy tales, and ’80s adventure tropes. Cinder Perhaps some of the following books will appeal to you if you’ve read Cinder.

Books like Cinder

Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld

Cinder and other books like it like combining fairy tale aspects with dystopian dread in order to entice the reader.

Tally, a young woman due to turn 16 and be transformed into a ‘beautiful,’ is the focus of the novel Uglies (about which I have previously written).

Everybody wants to be a “beautiful,” since it opens doors to the best career and life possible. As a result, Tally’s companion, Shay, flees the scene and is never seen again. Uglies, like The Lunar Chronicles, has received both praise and criticism.

As well as challenging conventional notions of what it means to be human, both shows pose provocative questions about the nature of beauty itself. Worth a read: Uglies

Caraval, by Stephanie Garber

Some books like Cinder cherish the chance to weave enchantment, romance and adventure into a reader’s life. Caraval tells the story of Scarlett Dragna’s desire to watch Caraval, a once-in-a-decade circus-like show.

Fortunately, Scarlett’s sister Tella is on the case and takes her to witness the show with the help of a strange sailor. Legend, the mastermind behind the show, kidnaps Tella as soon as they arrive.

The winner of this year’s performance will be whoever discovers Tella first, and Scarlett soon finds herself entangled in a spectacle of magic, love, and grief. This is a tangled tale laced with magic and rife with heartbreak.

Fans of the Lunar Chronicles will find enough here to keep them satisfied.

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Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell

Cinder isn’t the only book that tells a comparable scenario in the modern world. Fangirl introduces us to Cath, a schoolgirl who is a huge Simon Snow admirer (basically Harry Potter).

Cath’s sister, Wren, is also a fan of Simon Snow, but as the two prepare to head off to college, Wren has made it clear that she does not want to be roommates with Cath.

Is she able to let go of Simon Snow or is she doomed to be a fangirl for the rest of her life? As coming-of-age tales, both Cinder and Fangirl have a lot in common. This is a current story, but fans of Cinder will likely appreciate Fangirl as well.

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The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstein

The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstein

In certain stories, like The Lunar Chronicles, the romance is so wonderfully described and observed that you nearly forget about it. Despite its release in 2011, The Night Circus is still a popular film today.

Young magicians Celia and Marco have been coerced by their instructors into a competition behind the scenes of Le Cirque des Rêves, a magical circus in Paris. Because of this, Celia and Marco fall in love, putting the entire circus as well as its performers in danger.

If you’re a fan of books like Cinder, The Night Circus should be on your list of books to read.

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The Isle of the Lost, by Melissa de la Cruz

It’s not just the terrible themes of fairy tales that Cinder focuses on. The Isle of the Lost will delight fans of ‘happily ever after’ humor and magic.

A mysterious force barrier imprisoned the world’s villains on an island twenty years ago. It is now up to the illegitimate children of Maleficent, Evil Queen, Cruella de Vill, and Jafar to steal the Dragon’s Eye and finally leave the island behind them!

Of course, nothing is rarely that simple, and the kids quickly learn that being bad doesn’t always run in the family.

With a sense of whimsy and an appreciation for the original material, The Isle of the Lost is a joy to read. In the absence of this, I don’t know what will.

Armada, by Ernest Cline

Armada, by Ernest Cline

In tales like “The Lunar Chronicles,” the romance is tucked away in the action and intrigue. His favorite video game is Armada, and Zack Lightman fantasizes that the real world could be more like it.

As a result, he assumes he’s seeing things when he sees a flying saucer that resembles the alien ships from Armada. His and millions of other gamers’ abilities are needed now more than ever, as Zack soon discovers.

The regard that Cline demonstrates towards his intended readership is what makes this story work. Armada, despite its resemblance to Ender’s Game and a slew of other books, manages to stand on its own merits.

Armada is a thrilling and fun ode to pop culture, the 1980s, and video games. It embraces the excitement and camaraderie that exists in the video gaming community.

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Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard

Cinder and other books like it love to mix politics, class, and rebellion into the plot. An amalgamation of the Red Rising series, The Lunar Chronicles and A Song of Ice & Fire is the inspiration for Red Queen.

Mare, a 17-year-old’red’ girl, is our protagonist in a society segregated by color. To a Silver, you’re like a god. The term “Commoners” refers to the majority of the population.

When Mare is forced to labor at the Silver Palace, she discovers that she possesses a lethal ability on par with the Silvers. When Mare is referred to as “the lost Silver princess,” she joins a resistance group and finds herself in a “will-they-or-won’t they?” love triangle.

Red Queen may not provide anything new, but it moves along quickly and features a diverse cast of characters that make it a worthwhile read for teens. This book is fun to read about because of the X-Men powers Mare and the Silvers have, as well as the backstabbing, power games and love tangles that ensue.

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