8 Best Books Like Throne Of Glass Update 05/2022

The final book in Sarah J. Mass’s Throne of Glass series,Kingdom of Ash, was both thrilling and sad when it was published last October. The assassin Celaena’s journey was finally over, and that was a relief, but it’s never easy to say goodbye to beloved characters, especially after you’ve invested yourself in their stories. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a young adult or an adult fantasy novel, the next exciting read is waiting for you! Each one of these 15 books is sure to keep you guessing and rooting for a new group of people.

Must-Read Books Like Throne of Glass

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Series:Red Queen Quartet
Completed? Yes

The world of 17-year-old Mare is divided into two factions: the red blooded and the silver blooded. The Silver aristocracy rules over the Red people. Unless red-blooded Mare discovers her own power, the Silver’s position as a dominant social group may be jeopardized. As a result, the Silver Palace has disguised her as a long-lost Silver princess in order to prevent her from leading an uprising. A Silver prince will marry her in exchange for her silence, and she will enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Mare’s Red heart, on the other hand, will not allow her to remain silent. Will Mare’s fighting spirit be enough to keep her alive as she aids an underground resistance to overthrow the Silver royalty?

We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Jay Mejia

Series: We Set the Dark on Fire
Completed? No

The Medio School for Girls accepted Daniela Vargas even though she was raised in a typical family. Young women in this society are prepared to fill one of only two roles that are available to them. Either they will take care of their future husband’s children or they will manage their future husband’s business. However, if Dani’s parents had not forged her pedigree documents, she would have had the opportunity to lead a life of privilege she could have only imagined. Dani, on the other hand, meets a resistance group after she graduates and marries her husband. They ask her to spy for them. Dani’s parents risked everything to give her this luxury, so she must choose between losing it and helping the resistance free Medio.

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Series: The Winner’s Trilogy
Completed? Yes

Valorian, the hostile empire that enslaves anyone who gets in its way, is home to seventeen-year-old Kestrel, the daughter of a prominent general.

As she reaches adulthood, she has two choices: enlist in the military or get married.

It’s not like Kestrel wants to get married or go to war.

Arin, a young slave from the conquered country of Herran, profoundly alters her perspective on war. Kestrel’s newfound beliefs become more dangerous the more time she spends with Arin. Kestrel finds it difficult to balance her duty with her conscience in a world where speaking out against injustice can result in death.

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Series: The Nevernight Chronicle
Completed? No

Following the treasonous execution of Mia’s father, the young woman flees into the streets to avoid being executed along with the rest of the rebels. The Red Church, a deadly gang of assassins, is where Mia ends up thanks to her ability to communicate with shadows. As she prepares to avenge her father’s death, she learns how to use weapons, poison her victims, and fight hand to hand. Then, one by one, members of the Church begin to die. It’s time for Mia to track down the murderer and bring him to justice before she loses her last place of residence and her only chance for retribution.

Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

Series: The Farseer Trilogy
Completed? Yes

All members of the Farseer dynasty in Buckkeep Castle are given names based on their greatest virtues.

Fitz, the illegitimate son of Chivalry Farseer, is banished to the wilderness as soon as he is born. At least Fitz is endowed with the Wit, which grants him the ability to communicate with, bond with, and understand animals. He is encouraged to put aside his Wit when the royal family later brings Fitz back into their palace. Fitz, on the other hand, is secretly training to be an assassin.

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Series: Three Dark Crowns Quartet
Completed? No

Fennbirn’s royal family gives birth to triplet girls once every generation. In order to be ready for the throne, each girl possesses special abilities. However, only one can take the throne. Those two sisters will go head-to-head on the eve of their 16th birthday. Fennbirn’s next queen will be decided by the outcome of this contest. In addition to Katharine’s expertise in poisons, the other three women each possess unique abilities to manipulate the forces of nature. There isn’t a single one of the three who isn’t equally deadly. However, only one of them is dark enough to succeed as heir apparent.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Series: Six of Crows
Completed? Yes

Kaz Brekker, a talented young thief, is well-known for his ability to plan elaborate heists. He’d do nearly anything to ensure his own financial well-being or fame. After receiving an offer to participate in a high-paying heist, Kaz decides to take the opportunity. It’s impossible for him to pull it off on his own. This is possible, however, because of the help of five others, each as dangerous and broken as himself. So long as none of them get caught or betray the rest of the group, that is.

The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross

Series: The Queen’s Rising
Completed? Yes

In the Kingdom of Valenia, patrons can choose to support those who are talented in one of the five passions—art, music, dramatics, wit, and knowledge—and pursue their muse in that field. Brianna is desperate for a patron as she approaches her 17th summer solstice. A disgraced lord offers her patronage in exchange for a role in an attempt to overthrow the king of the rival country Maevana on her 17th birthday, despite no one else wanting to sponsor her. Knowing what the lord has planned for her, Brianna must choose between her art and the throne.

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