10 Best Books Like Warrior Cats Update 05/2022

Books Like Warrior Cats

Forest of Secrets by Erin Hunter

Forest of Secrets by Erin Hunter

In the Clan of warrior cats that roam the forest, allegiances are shifting among themselves. With tensions so delicately balanced, former friends can turn into enemies overnight, and some cats are willing to kill to get what they desire.

Redtail, a brave ThunderClan warrior, mysteriously died, and Fireheart is on a mission to discover what happened. But as he tries to find out what happened, he uncovers secrets that others believe should remain hidden.

Rising Storm by Erin Hunter

It’s up to the fire to save our people…

Despite the fact that Tigerclaw, Fireheart’s traitorous foe, has been defeated and exiled from ThunderClan, Fireheart still has the uneasy feeling that he is lurking somewhere in the forest, waiting for the right moment to strike!

Other than that, the young deputy of ThunderClan is dealing with ominous omens and a disrespectful apprentice who is hiding a shocking secret as well as the devastated Clan leader who has become a shell of her former self during these scorching summer months.

The forest heats up, and everyone prepares for the impending storm.

Fire and Ice (Warriors, Book 2) by Erin Hunter

Fireheart heard a roaring like wind in the tall trees around him. Sniffering through his nostrils, the Thunderpath and a noxious new smell were both in his nostrils at the same time. Fire!

Winter’s chill ushers in new perils for Fireheart, as he continues his quest to become a true warrior in WARRIORS Book Two.

All of the cats are in danger because WindClan has vanished and the remaining three clans are engaged in a war of attrition. Fireheart suspects that some of ThunderClan’s warriors may not be as loyal as they appear due to illness and tragic accidents weakening the camp.

Moonrise (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 2) by Erin Hunter

Moonrise (Warriors The New Prophecy, Book 2) by Erin Hunter

Six cats set out to save their Clans many moons ago. Having returned home, they come across a tribe of wild cats traveling through the mountains who each have a secret to keep… and their own mysterious prophecy to fulfill. Stormfur is baffled by their strange interest in him, but he is acutely aware of the danger they face.

Firestar and Leafpaw are in the forest watching ThunderClan’s world fall apart as they wait for the next opportunity to strike. How long will it take for the scavenger cats to return and save the Clans?

Warriors #1: Into the Wild (Warriors) by Erin Hunter

Even though Rusty starts out as an ordinary house cat, he soon finds himself embroiled in the bloody wars waged by the cat warrior clans that roam the wild.

It is now Firepaw’s duty to face his destiny, to confront issues of friendship, honor, courage and betrayal in order to learn what it means to be a warrior in the Thunderclan clan.

Dawn (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 3) by Erin Hunter

There is a calamitous event taking place in the Clans’ world. Leafpaw, the medicine cat apprentice of ThunderClan, is one of the many cats disappearing in the midst of forest destruction. They’ve returned with a chilling message: The Clans must relocate, or they’ll be wiped out by a mysterious force.

Persuading the cats to leave, on the other hand, is a difficult task. However, even if all four Clans agreed to travel together, there is no way to know what dangers they will face once they leave their borders. What’s more, not even the scavenger cats know where they’re supposed to be going. A sign from StarClan is all they need, but the most important thing they need is a plan to rescue their missing warriors or risk abandoning them forever.

Midnight (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 1) by Erin Hunter

The elements of darkness, air, water, and sky will unite.

Doom is coming for the forest cats, who have lived in peace and harmony for many moons. They have received strange messages from their warrior ancestors, messages that speak of new and terrifying prophecies, danger, and an enigmatical destiny.

Everything points to Brambleclaw as the forest’s most powerful feline. Isn’t it strange that Tigerstar’s son would be chosen to be a hero? The prophecy also mentions other cats, but who are they? As the battle to save the clans begins, Brambleclaw is certain that the bravest warriors will be called upon.

…and tremble the trees to their very core.

Long shadows by Erin Hunter

Long shadows by Erin Hunter

The clans are in disarray. As a result of the solar eclipse, ShadowClan has abandoned StarClan and vowed to follow Sol’s dark predictions. However, not all cats have abandoned their reverence for their legendary warrior ancestors…

StarClan is Jaypaw’s belief system, and his search for answers takes him back in time to a time even the warriors of that clan can’t remember. To abandon his brothers and sisters would be the ultimate betrayal for Lionblaze, who is haunted by violent dreams and bloody visions. After all the Clans have lost their faith in Hollyleaf, she fears that the warrior code will disintegrate. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect it, even if it means losing everything else she cares about.

In addition, the ThunderClan cats realize that the darkest shadows don’t always lie outside of the territory.

The Sight (Warriors: Power of Three, Book 1) by Erin Hunter

Warrior Clans are back in action in Warriors: Power of Three #1: The Sight, the first book in a new series that promises more action and intrigue.

The three great-grandchildren of Firestar, Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw, all possess extraordinary abilities and abilities that are out of the ordinary. Secrets and ambiguity abound, and a cryptic prophecy suggests trouble is on the way. It’s up to these three apprentices to save the Clans’ warrior code, and they’ll need all of their strength.

The Darkest Hour (Warriors, Book 6) by Erin Hunter

A gloomy time is upon the Clans of ThunderClan, as Tigerstar’s quest for power places them all in the most terrible danger any cat has ever encountered. Fireheart must discover the meaning of an ominous proclamation from StarClan in order to save his clan and his friends.

“Four will be reduced to two. Battles between lions and tigers will rage, and the forest will be ruled by the stench of blood.”

We are in the midst of a new era of prophecies and heroics.

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