7 Best Books Like You Update 05/2022

Best Books Like You

Caroline Kepnes’ novel, You, was the inspiration for the Netflix series that premiered at the end of 2018, mesmerizing and revolting its viewers in equal measure. Many readers are avidly searching for additional books like You because of its popularity.

When Guinevere Beck, an MA student, walks into Joe Goldberg’s bookshop in New York City, he gets infatuated with her. His obsession with her began at that point; he began to study everything he could about her, as well as those around her, in an effort to keep her from threatening his position in her life.

If you’re looking for more books like You after the publication of the second season, based on Kepnes’ novel Hidden Bodies, here are eight suggestions.

Books like You

Holding, by Graham Norton

Holding, by Graham Norton

A small Irish town is the setting for Graham Norton’s debut novel, Holding, which centers on Sergeant PJ Collins’ investigation into the disappearance of Tommy Burke and his strained ties with the people of Duneen.

Every discovery P J finds in the novel cultivates ten more questions like in You, since the narrative centers on the concept of romantic fixation as two of Tommy’s flames, Brid, and Evelyn had an intense love triangle and fight.

Despite Norton’s focus on the imperfections that make us human, Kepnes analyzes the faults that make us non-human in this novel’s character studies. If you like You, you’ll enjoy Holding, which depicts similar types of unhealthy romantic relationships.

Misery, by Stephen King

My personal favorite Stephen King novel, Misery follows writer Paul Sheldon after a car accident and his apparent rescue by ex-nurse Annie Wilkes, a major lover of Paul’s writing. It is a Stephen King masterpiece. A little time later, Paul begins to wonder why he is in Annie’s house rather than a hospital and that she expects far more from him than he is prepared to provide.

There is nothing more terrifying to the reader than Annie Wilkes’s behavior. Just like in You and other novels like that one, after every horrific step, you keep reading.

Misery is terrifying in its own right, if not more so, than Kepnes’ and will pique the interest of any reader who is a fan of You.

Stephen King fans, how about you? Here are some other books that might interest you:

Almost Love, by Louise O’Neill

For everybody who has ever been in love with someone, O’Neill’s story shows Sarah, a teacher at a school for children with special needs, falling head over heals for Matthew, the father of one of her students.

When Sarah finally has the chance to encounter Matthew in person, she lets her life spin out of control as she tries to win his attention. Maybe even sympathize with Sarah as she continues to make bad decisions in order to have Matthew, even at the cost of her friends and family. If you enjoyed You, you’ll enjoy this one as well.

It is a huge success and raises unpleasant concerns about the nature of desire in O’Neill’s first adult novel.

Devotion, by Madeline Stevens

Devotion, by Madeline Stevens

Steven’s novel, Devotion, tells the story of Ella, a poor young woman living in New York City, who becomes entwined in the lives of her employers, James and Lonnie, as she becomes a part of their lives. Due to a lack of other options, she becomes an au pair and falls in love with the family’s lifestyle, especially Lonnie’s. Ella is desperate for money and ends up working as a nanny for them.

While reading the novel, it’s unclear whether Ella intends to replace Lonnie or remain with her, as she flirts with her husband and his best friend while donning her clothes and setting up house in her home.

You and other books like it show the dangers of allowing yourself to wish to own a person so fully, and Ella’s obsession eventually becomes perilous, with ramifications that go far beyond her profession.

Room, by Emma Donoghue

Five-year-old Jack, the narrator of Room, has spent his entire life with his mother in a little shack they’ve come to refer to as ‘room.’ It is gradually revealed that Old Nick has been sexually assaulting his mother for years, and that he is now in the room.

The narrative is dark and twisted, making it difficult to keep reading. Unlike in You, this story is told from the perspective of the victim of fixation. Those who enjoy the bleak narrative found in books like You will enjoy Room, which illustrates this as well as the lasting impact of abuse on victims.

The Guardian, by Nicholas Sparks

In the wake of her husband’s death, Julie declares that love is out of her life. However, as time goes on, she develops feelings for two guys, a handsome stranger named Richard and her closest friend Mike.

What Julie doesn’t realize is that one of these men has developed an unhealthy obsession with her, and she has unwittingly become the object of this obsession.

If you enjoyed Kepnes’ novel, You, The Guardian is a natural follow-up, assuming a darker sinister tone than Sparks is normally known for.

Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte

Many people think Wuthering Heights is about love, and it is in certain ways, but there is also a degree of darkness that cannot be overlooked.

After Catherine’s father adopts the orphaned Heathcliff as a boy, the two fall in love at an early age. Catherine and Heathcliff cannot marry because of their different origins, so she accepts the marriage proposal of another man. The consequences of Catherine’s treatment by Heathcliff are terrible for both of them and for centuries to come.

Heathcliff’s pursuit of Cathy, like Joe’s in You, is forceful and animalistic, despite the fact that Cathy reciprocates his emotions in the same way as Beck does for Joe. Wuthering Heights holds a special place in Joe’s heart, therefore it’s an ideal choice for this list of novels that are like You.

Is Emily Bronte already a favorite author of yours? Here are some more novels that are similar to Wuthering Heights!

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