9 Best Books To Learn French Update 05/2022

Books To Learn French

Do you want to learn French? Well, one of the most common ways to learn a new language is to use a book or a textbook to help you. There are a lot of other ways to learn, like taking lessons, finding a tutor, using a mobile app, or even going on a trip. However, some people may want to learn the language on their own and prefer to use a book to learn. Use a self-study book so that you can study when and where you want. You can go at your own pace and study when you can. The following books might help you learn French on your own or improve your skills.

Best Overall: Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French All-in-One

Practice Makes Perfect Complete French All-in-One

The books in the Practice Makes Perfect series can help you learn a lot of different languages. As a beginner, you might want to start with the Practice Makes Perfect Complete French All-in-One book and then move on to more advanced and specific books in a series. As part of the series, you’ll learn the basics of the language and how to speak and write it, as well as how to build sentences and learn about verb tenses, intermediate French grammar, and advanced grammar. The Complete French All-in-One book is made up of all seven of the books that teach French. It has 37 lessons with more than 500 exercises in each one. Their system is based on a lot of practice. The book also comes with an app that you can download. It has flashcards to help you learn vocabulary and streaming audio with exercises to help you improve your pronunciation.

Best for Grammar: Easy French Step-by-Step

If you’re starting to learn French from scratch and want to learn it the old-fashioned way, Easy French Step-by-Step might be right for you. So, as you can see from the book’s title, it has an easy way to learn French that is gradual and step by step. With grammar, you start with the most simple ideas first and move on one step at a time. The book lays out important ideas in order, as well as more than 300 of the most common verbs. In this book, there are also a lot of exercises for you to do and tests for you to take. There are also a lot of interesting reading passages that you can read. A lot of students like this book because it’s simple and easy to follow. Also, it costs a lot less than most other books.

Best for Vocabulary: Barron’s Mastering French Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach

If you already know some French but want to learn more words, Barron’s Mastering French Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach might be a good book for you to learn more words. As the name implies, the book is broken up into 24 different themes, where you can learn the words for each one. Some of the topics covered are business terms, medical terms, household items, food and dining, transportation, and so on. The new edition of this book comes with an audio MP3 that has 10 hours of audio to go along with the text. This will help you learn the correct pronunciation of all of the words you are learning. So if you want to learn a lot of French words, this book can help you.

Best for Conversation: French All-in-One for Dummies

French All-in-One for Dummies

The “Dummies” book series is a good way for some people to learn new things. The French for Dummies series is a good place to start learning the language, but there are also a lot of other resources that can help you learn it. These include French Essentials for Dummies, French Phrases for Dummies, and the Audio Set for Dummies: French for Dummies It has all of those resources in one book, as well as an audio CD that you can listen to. The French for Dummies series has a simple, clear way to learn French, including how to speak, read, and write. It also has some content that is unique to French Canadians. Also, the audio CD is meant to help you improve your speaking and listening skills.

Best for Self-Study: Berlitz Self-Teacher for French

The Berlitz Corporation is known around the world for its language schools and books and materials for learning languages. The Berlitz Self-Teacher for French book might be interesting if you want to learn French on your own. Because of this, the Berlitz system says that it can teach you how to speak the language in a way that is more fun than learning it by heart. When students learn grammar rules, they should be able to figure them out on their own, so there aren’t many grammar lessons in this book. They want you to learn by having conversations. As a bonus, the book also has oral exercises and advice on how to say things right.

Runner-up, Best for Self-Study: Teach Yourself: French Beginner to Intermediate

Another book that was made for people who want to learn French on their own is the Complete French Beginner to Intermediate Course. This book, on the other hand, is for people who have already learned some basic French and want to move up to intermediate level. Buying the book comes with two audio CDs, and there is also an online course that you can use with it, so you can learn even more. With this book, you can learn how to speak, read, write, and listen better through conversations, vocabulary, grammar explanations, and practice activities. In this book, you have to figure out the rules and patterns on your own to learn them better. This is called the Discovery Method. Is this book and its method interesting to you? There are other books in the Teach Yourself series that teach French, too!

Best for Visual Learners: Complete Language Pack: French

Complete Language Pack French

DK has a lot of different language packs for learning different languages, and they all look very good. There is a system called the Complete Language Pack for learning French that could be good for you if you want to learn French and are a visual person. The cover of the book says that you can learn French in just 15 minutes a day. If that’s why, it’s because their program is broken into 60 units that can be done in 15 minutes each. The book is broken up into practical themes, and it is based on simple but real conversations that people have in their daily lives. This is how it works: If you buy the full package, you also get a small visual French phrase book and a guide to basic French grammar. You can also get two free apps that come with the pack. They have a lot of audio that you can use to improve your listening and speaking skills.

Best for Study Tips: Fluent in French

Fluent in French: The Most Complete Study Guide to Learn French is a book written by the creator of the popular French language and culture blog, talkinfrench.com. He wrote it to help people learn French. Because this book isn’t just about the French language, it also gives you a lot of advice on how to better learn the language. It gives advice on how to make study plans, how to stay motivated and how to appreciate different sources of French, like those found in the media. So, it’s more like a study guide than just a French book. Because this book can help you get organized and make a plan for your French language learning, it might be the right one for you.

Best Multimedia: Living Language French, Complete Edition

As someone who likes to learn with different types of media, maybe you’ll like the Living Language class. This program has materials to help you learn a lot of different languages. Their method was originally made for the US Department of State, but now it is used all over the world to learn foreign languages. People who want to learn French can buy the Living Language French, Complete Edition course. It goes from beginner to advanced level and comes with three coursebooks, nine audio CDs, and online resources.

You’ll learn about culture and language in 46 lessons in this book. There are also review exercises, glossaries, and a grammar summary. The audio CDs have vocabulary, dialogues, and audio exercises, and the online material has flashcards, games, and interactive quizzes that you can use. The Living Language Method encourages you to learn important words and phrases so that you can communicate right away, and then build up your grammar and vocabulary to be able to have more in-depth talks.

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