14 Best Boxes For Books Update 05/2022

A lot of people like to read. Every bookworm should be able to grab a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, find a cozy spot to read, and say “shh” from time to time. This is one of the best ways to get some peace and quiet.

To make sure everyone can start or add to their TBR list, the Cratejoy team went through the digital book shelves to find our favorite monthly book boxes. For people of all ages and tastes, we’ve found subscriptions for book lovers of all kinds.

Read, Relax & Recharge Box By Introverts Retreat

Looking for a subscription box that will help you relax and unwind each month? This one is for you! If you want to make self-care a priority, read, relax, and recharge by Introverts Retreat is a good way to do it. If you don’t know what to read, you can choose your favorite book from a list of options. You can also choose a favorite genre and get a curated selection of books and other goodies.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“A great box! I’m very happy. I like that you can choose the book you want to get or have it chosen for you. The snacks were great!” There is a person named Tracy A.

Bubbles & Books

Romance fans, be happy! As a subscriber, you will get at least one paperback book, five or more romance ebooks, and a variety of premium bath and spa products each month. It’s always a treat to get a box full of high-end products, like sheet masks, bath salts, and bombs. There are also candles and teas in the boxes as well as bubble bath.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“Great for reading and relaxing! People who love to soak will love this!” The name of Juliana J. is Juliana J.

Unplugged Book Box

With a subscription to the Unplugged Book Box, you can be sure that the book was better. The mind’s eye is better than a computer screen, and some people know that. Readers who love stories and self-care will enjoy combining the two together. It comes with a new YA book or adult fiction hardbound book, as well as candles, aromatherapy essentials, and herbal teas. This subscription is all about empowering your body and mind.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“The box lives up to its name in that it helps people get away from the noise and stress of everyday life. They also take extra care to support small businesses in the area.” The name of Anita K. is

Our Little Book Club

With Our Little Book Club, you can help the kids in your life fall in love with reading and learning. Whether they’re young or old, there’s a club for them! In each month’s box, there are 2 age-appropriate books for babies to tweens, as well as an activity book with puzzles and mazes for even more hands-on learning.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“A lot of great high-quality books. I bought two subscriptions for people of different ages at the same time. A lot of the books were a good fit for my age.” The person who wrote this is called Sheryl T.

My Thrill Club

A lot of scary movies, thrillers, and mysteries! People who like movies that make their hair stand on end and their palms sweat will love the My Thrill Club! Every month, you get two hardcover books, plus a bonus ebook, in the category of your choice in your box. As you read scary stories written by some of the best horror authors, turn on the lights, lock the doors, and try not to let your dreams come true.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“I loved my Thrill Club! I just got two new hardcover books that I love and can’t wait to read. I can’t wait to read them! So happy! A great box!” Chelsea H.:

The BlackLIT Box

With BlackLIT, you can help support black authors and businesses! This thoughtful book subscription box, which was put together by an educator, comes with a new book by an author of color every month. There are three subscription options for fiction, nonfiction, and Christian readers. Subscribers also get a discussion guide for each month’s featured book, as well as Black-owned small businesses’ products for their living rooms. All of the boxes will have more than $100 worth of retail value inside of them!

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“My favorite thing about this box is that it has a great message and a great goal: black lives matter, literacy helps communities, and your spending power can show that. There were a lot of great products in the box. They were high-quality and could be used by both men and women. Amazing! The book was a collector’s edition, which made it even more amazing!” There is a person named Sydney R.

Authentic Books

This unique book-of-the-month club carefully picks out gifts and bookish goodies for each of the five senses. Every month, you’ll get a soy candle in a new scent, a new hardcover book, a unique tea or cocktail, an exclusive playlist to go with that month’s book, and a few other self-care products. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a unique sensory experience while you’re at the beach.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“: I just got my first box. All the things in it are great! The idea of the box is great, and I love all the little things that go with the book I read.” There is a person named Emma F.

Coloring And Classics

You can free your mind and have fun with Coloring And Classics, a box of good books and fun that comes every month. Fun activity books can help you relax and get back to work. A new hardcover book, a relaxing adult coloring book, and a brain-teasing activity book are all included in each box. Each box has more than $40 worth of value.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“Value on this box is so high! In this case, we have a hardback book, two big activity books, a package of colored pencils and an adorable lollipop! I also got it quickly.” The name of the person who wrote this is Jodi M.

Scribbler Box Subscription

Scribbler’s literary subscription box is the best one for writers, made by writers, for writers! Each Scribbler box focuses on a different part of writing, like structure, plot, character development, and more. It was created and chosen by two New York Times-bestselling authors. Those who sign up will get a new book (signed by the author), a book of writing advice, advice from publishing professionals, and more every month.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“Was excited to get my first box of the month from Scribbler this month. I was interested in the new writers’ journey and how they were helped as they went along. The book looks great. This is a great way to learn about different types of writing.” In this case, Debi S. says that.

The Delilah Box

Those who are Christian will love the Delilah Box’s monthly book club subscription box. Each month, there is a book that focuses on a lesser-known “bad girl” from the Bible. Also, each month, you’ll be sent a carefully chosen assortment of self-care products, including candles, unique tea blends and more. You’ll also get a lot of books each month.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“With some boxes, you spend the money, then open them and wonder how on earth they charged what they charged, but not this one! It’s a great deal, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes (or wants to try!” The name of Juliana J. is Juliana J.

The Chaptr

Ready to try the book club experience without having to meet up in person? You can do that here. It’s now easier than ever to read together with other people because you can join The Chaptrbook .’s club. You don’t even have to leave your house. You can get just the book, or you can get the book plus goodies option, which comes with themed cocktail recipes and other bookish goodies. You’ll join a group of readers who meet every month for a virtual book chat.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“I can’t wait to join this book club! Curl up with a book in your hands!” She is Hazel J.

My Sci-Fi Club Subscription Box

My Sci-Fi Club is great for sci-fi fans who don’t have a lot of money, because it sends you two new hardcover books every month. Just choose sci-fi, fantasy, or a mix of both when you check out. Keep your nightstand’s TBR stack full of good books. If you finish each book before the next monthly installment comes out, send them an email to get a second ebook for free, too!

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“Having too many copies of a book doesn’t mean that it’s bad. A lot of the first two books I got sound great. I’m sure that the rest of them will be, too. That’s correct! This is the second time I’ve signed up.” – Daniel L. says that

Picture Books for Kids Age 2-6

If you buy books from Elephant Books, you get them in brown paper packages tied with strings. This is sure to be one of their favorite things. For kids between the ages of 0 and 6, this subscription sends 2-3 new board books or hardcover storybooks each month with a personalized note and a few extras. It also promises to replace any books you already own with new ones.

People who subscribe to the show love it because it’s easy to use.
“I can’t say enough good things about the books we’ve been given. Great picture books that I know my daughter and I will read for a long time.” Heather K.:

The Book Drop

Want a monthly book box that gives you the same feeling as an indie bookstore with each month’s choice? Each month, the Book Drop sends a unique box to subscribers. It’s run by a group of avid readers who find the best literary hidden gems to send them for free. It comes in a wide range of 17 options, so you can get the best book recommendations from people who know what they’re talking about.

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