20 Best Children’S Books About Adoption Update 05/2022

Adoption used to be a big hole in the children’s bookshelf. In recent years, it has become more common for young people to read about, but many shelves still don’t have enough books about it. 25 of the best kids books about adoption are here to start you off.

Picture Books About Adoption

Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman

The Bunny family has a new son: a wolf. Aside from Dot, no one else seems to notice. She isn’t excited about having a new brother. Adding to her family isn’t so bad, and having a brother or sister can even be fun! This adoption book is great for families who want to show off their new siblings and their growing family.

A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza

Choco the bird is a favorite in children’s books about adoption, and he always wants a mother. There aren’t any other people who look like him. He never thinks that Mrs. Bear, someone who does all the things that a mother would do, could be his mother. After meeting her other children, like a piglet and an alligator, Choco learns that families don’t have to look the same to be a good one.

My New Mom & Me by Renata Galindo

This picture book is told from the point of view of a small puppy who is adopted by a cat. It’s a calm look at adoption and joining families when all the new things are overwhelming and scary.

Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale by Karen Katz

This book about adoption is one of the best-looking ones for kids. It tells the story of a family’s journey to bring their new child home. If you and your family are going through the adoption process together and want to share your story with your new child, this bright picture book is a great choice.

Happy Adoption Day! by John McCutcheon

John McCutcheon’s lyrics and Julie Paschkis’s bright art make this adoption picture book about diversity in both family structure and make-up. On a special day, children will meet many different families and have fun hearing and learning about rhymes and singing along to this happy story.

The Best Family in the World by Susana López Rubio

This picture book about adoption is for older kids, not babies. As Carlotta sleeps, she thinks about her new family. They could be adventurers, pirates, or bakers. I don’t know which one they will be. Her new family is the best in the world.

And That’s Why She’s My Mama by Tiarra Nazario

Among the newer books about adoption for kids, this one is a sweet one that shows how different families look and how different they are in size. When kids see their moms, they know that they are great, no matter what. Because moms always take care of you, no matter what.

I’ve Loved You Since Forever by Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb’s picture book is based on the Today show host’s real-life experience adopting her daughter. The book has beautiful illustrations and poetic text. This modern book shows how much love all parents have for their kids.

Bringing Asha Home by Uma Krishnaswami

As soon as Rakhi comes around, Arun’s family will do something special for it. It’s not that Arun doesn’t want to spend the holiday with someone else. His biggest wish is for a little sister. That might happen soon. Arun’s parents will go to India, the country where Arun’s father was born, to adopt Asha and welcome Asha’s baby sister into their family. This book is great for young kids who are excited about having new siblings because the whole family goes through the adoption process together.

Board Books about Adoption

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

When two male penguins became attached to a baby penguin, this story was always on the banned books list. It’s so sweet. Honestly, everyone loves animals and adopting baby animals is a great story. This cute little book is fun for people of all ages to read.

We Belong Together and The Family Book by Todd Parr

Par’s well-known, bright books are appealing to young children. Everyone at We Belong Together knows about adoption and that they are a part of the family.

The Family Book also celebrates both adoption and families of all kinds, no matter how different they are. These books about adoption are so cute that your kids will want to read them over and over again.

Chapter Books About Adoption

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby by Nick Bruel

It’s a big surprise when Kitty’s owners come home one day and find a baby in the houseThere are a lot of things that Kitty doesn’t know about babies, and Kitty isn’t sure about them either. If you want to teach young people about how to add a new member to their family or show them that many people and cats are adopted, this book is a great choice.

Mean Margaret by Tor Seidler

Margaret, a toddler, is in this book about adoption, and she’s mean! It makes Margaret angry when woodchucks take Margaret in and welcome her to their family. She doesn’t like that. Margaret, on the other hand, seems to be getting more mean. Her family, on the other hand, is patient and will always love her, no matter how bad things get. Kids can learn that their emotions aren’t bad, and moving all the time is hard. This National Book Award finalist (1997) can help them do that. In any case, Margaret’s family will always be there to help and love her, no matter what.

Patina by Jason Reynolds

Track 2 is the second book in Reynolds’s Track series, and Patina tells her own story. She runs for her school’s track team, but she doesn’t just run to win. She runs for fun, too. A girl runs away from everything. She runs away from the mean kids at her new school, the fact that she and her sister can’t live with their mom anymore, and everything else. Reynolds has written another great book for kids about adoption.

Middle Grade Children’s Books about Adoption

Dara Palmer’s Major Drama by Emma Shevah

Dara Palmer is a star, and it’s about time everyone else knew it. As soon as she doesn’t get the lead part in her school play, she is shocked. She doesn’t know what to make of it. What happens next is that Dara starts wondering if it could be because she doesn’t “look the part.” She was adopted from Cambodia and the show is called The Sound of Music. Dara’s family life also has a lot of drama in this feel-good book. She starts to wonder how she fits in with the rest of her world.

Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Holly is 12, and she likes to count and figure out what’s wrong with people. But when her adoptive parents die in a tragic accident, her life changes in ways she can’t even think about. It’s a book for kids about adoption that talks about Holly’s life after the accident, how she met her school counselor, and how she found a family and a home.

Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

In this case, the winner of the Newbery Medal was In this powerful story, Kadohata tells the story of a boy who feels like an epic fail. His parents are trying to adopt again because their first try didn’t work out, so they want to do it all over again. This book talks about how to deal with different emotions, how to get new siblings, and how to overcome your fears to love yourself.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

In this 2017 Newbery Medal winner, it may not be obvious that it is a book about adoption. But it is a magical story about a child who learns about where she came from. Luna grows up with a magical witch in the forest, and she doesn’t know what her true power is. On her thirteenth birthday, it comes to light as she learns who she is and where she comes from.

Becoming Naomi León by Pam Muñoz Ryan

In Naomi’s case, she lives with her great-grandmother. One day, Naomi’s mother comes back. Naomi and her great-grandmother are going to Mexico to look for Naomi’s father, and they’re going to do that. Children who live with a grandparent or other relative are celebrated in this story. It is a beautiful way to connect with and find your family.

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher by Dana Alison Levy

For this year, the Fletcher family is ready to go on a lot of new trips. It’s going to be a great day for the four Fletcher boys to go back to school. Each boy is so excited to do different things and have fun. But with so many boys and so many different things going on, will Dad and Papa be able to keep up? Four adoptive brothers and their dads try to stay on top of fart jokes, invisible cheetahs, and more in this book for kids who have siblings. It’s for kids who have siblings.

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