16 Best Children’s Books About Airplanes Update 05/2022

Children's Books About Airplanes

Airplane Flight

Airplane Flight

Kids will have a lot of fun with this lift-the-flap book. People who read this text will learn about all the interesting parts of an airplane, starting with the cockpit. The text is short and rhyming. Seeing how airplanes work through the flaps will be a lot of fun for kids. In the shape of an airplane, this board book should be read by young children who are about to take their first flight.

Fly High with the Best Children’s Airplane Books 

Long before many kids even get on a plane for the first time, they start to have a lot of fun with them. For kids’ books about airplanes, we’ve looked high and wide for the best ones. They’ll teach them everything they want to know. You should get some of these colorful, exciting, and comforting stories for a young child who is about to go on their first airplane ride. An airplane book for kids that has sold well is on this link.

Fantastic Airplane Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

As a way to get your toddler excited about their first airplane ride, read them some books about planes. All kinds of cool things will be learned by toddlers who are excited for their next trip. To help the youngest readers find the best airplane books, we’ve made a list of the best ones for them. They’re full of bright illustrations and stories that they’ll want to read again and again.

Maisy Goes on a Plane

This is one of our favorite books for preschoolers who are about to go on their first airplane ride. Check in at the airport. Make your way down the aisle to find your seat. Even use the bathroom on the plane! In this cute book, you’ll be able to answer the many, many questions your toddler will have about airplanes.

My First Airplane Ride

He is excited about his first airplane ride, which will take him to his grandmother. Illustrations that are both cute and rhyming help young readers understand what is going on all the way through When the story starts, the person is at the airport. They go through security, watch planes take off and land through the window, board the plane, and more.

Good Night Planes

You can help your little one fall asleep with the help of this cute board book. This book is for toddlers, and it will teach them about all of the people who work in the airplane industry. They will learn about pilots, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, and more!

Amazing Airplanes

Amazing Airplanes

We love this easy-to-read book about airplanes for toddlers and young kids. It’s very interesting and easy to understand. It’s fun to watch a group of animals and people as they get ready for their flight. They are all working hard as the plane is getting ready to take off. The cockpit, landing gear, and all the other parts of an airplane will be explained in simple terms that little people can understand, so they will enjoy this book.


Toddlers will learn about all the different ways airplanes can be used. Illustrations and simple text help young readers learn about a wide range of planes and how they work, like carrying people, dusting crops, and writing messages in the sky. A good board book for babies who love airplanes!

Bizzy Bear Airplane Pilot

There is a sturdy board book about Bizzy Bear who is in charge of an airplane for a day. Bizzy is having a lot of fun with this simple story. He makes his way through the airport, flies the plane, and lands the plane safely at the end.

The Little Airplane

They will love Lois Lensky’s book about Pilot Small and his fun flight on a red airplane. The book comes in both a short board book version and a longer picture book that goes into more detail about how to fly a plane.

Where Do Jet Planes Sleep at Night?

Where Do Jet Planes Sleep at Night

People fly around the world all day, but even airplanes need to take a break at some point. It’s a good idea for preschoolers to read about the bedtime habits of their favorite planes. Air Force One, jumbo jets, helicopters, and even Air Force One all stop and lay down with their parents under the stars when the sun goes down. They fall asleep as they listen to stories about flying off into dreamland, of course!

Away in My Airplane

Margaret Wise Brown, the author of Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny, has written an airplane book for babies and toddlers that is both cute and funny. An airplane makes loops in the sky as it flies across the pages. In this picture book, pictures of a cute little pilot in an old-fashioned airplane add to the fun of the book itself.

Best Children’s Airplane Picture Books 

Kids who are ready to learn more about airplanes will love this whole collection of books and videos. Some of these airplane books for kids let kids see inside the engine of an airplane, look at the plane’s aerodynamic body, and learn about how airplane wings help the plane fly. Some of these children’s books about airplanes take the reader on a fun flight above the clouds to faraway places. We promise we can find something your child will like. So buckle up and enjoy these fun airplane picture books on your next flight!

The Big Book of Airplanes

Children who love airplanes will read this book from cover to cover. Every type of plane is covered in great detail with photos. In this book, readers will learn about military planes, commercial jumbo jet planes, and space shuttles, among other things. There are a lot of interesting facts in this book about how airplanes are used for everything from travel to farming to defense.

Richard Scarry’s A Day at the Airport

If your child is a big fan of planes, they’ll love looking through all the pictures and descriptions at this very busy airport. Not only will they learn about airplanes, but kids will also get to see the control tower, the runway, and the airport terminal as they go. This book about how to use a lift at an airport has a page full of stickers in it.

Angela’s Airplane

Angela's Airplane

As a storyteller, Robert Munsch is a master. In this action-packed book about an unplanned plane ride, he hits all of the right buttons. Angela seems to have lost her father at the airport, but we don’t know for sure. She looks for him all over the place and even boards a plane to try and find him. There are some buttons she pushes that send the plane into the air. As soon as they find a happy ending on the last page, readers will be happy to be done with it.

Violet the Pilot

Violet is a hero who was a genius from the time she was a toddler. She was good at making things that could fly. She cleverly names all of her planes, and even though she gets bullied at school, Violet doesn’t give up on her creative ideas. It’s a great book for kids who love airplanes!


One of the best airplane books for both kids and adults is this one, and we think it’s great for both. Photos and interesting facts about more than 1,000 aircraft carriers are shown in a book with a lot of them. This should be your child’s go-to aviation guide. It will keep them entertained for hours and teach them about all kinds of planes.

Wood, Wire, Wings

The name Emma Lilian Todd may not be very well known. In the early 1900s, she was an important engineer. She didn’t give up on her dream of making an airplane. This picture book is about her life and how she didn’t give up even though she had many setbacks. She was a very smart woman who had many patents and made a lot of important things.

The Noisy Airplane Ride

If you want to teach your child about what to expect on their first airplane ride, this book has an interesting twist. This place is very noisy, and some of the sounds may be scary or even dangerous to some people. This picture book tells kids what to expect when they go on a plane. It tells them about all the different sounds and physical things they can expect.

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