12 Best Children’S Books About Aliens Update 05/2022

Is it just us, or do aliens make people laugh?
To me, the stories where the aliens are hanging out and living next door are the best. Everyone doesn’t seem to notice that they are a little different. Alien invasions, even though they have better technology and want to rule the world, can also be funny.

All kinds of books about aliens are fine with us, so long as they don’t take them too seriously. After I made this list, I came to the conclusion that there aren’t enough funny alien books for kids. People who write: Please write more! They make kids read.

Funny alien books for kids: Picture books

Mr. Wuffles by David Weisner

Mr. Wuffles, the family cat, is very excited about it. Cat toys from his family aren’t very interesting. This is a lot more interesting. The aliens want to get away, but they need to fix their ship after Mr. Wuffles used it as a toy, so they can leave.

The native insects are used as a double team against Mr. Wuffles, and an escape plan is drawn up to get out of the house. Aliens and bugs speak the same language. picture book for ages 4 and up

Baloney (Henry P.) by Jon Scieszka

His excuse for being late to school is very good but very long. He needs to talk to his teacher, Miss Bugscuffle, to avoid being detained for the rest of his life. To make things more complicated, it also had to do with the wrong buttuna and aliens. He was late because of his zimulus.

As it turns out, his zimulus saves him in the end When it comes to physics, and how little he knows about it. It’s good that we’re writing tall tales today! picture book for ages 4 and up

Dear Flyary by Dianne Young

In his flyer, Frazzle Pattzer from Merfatil talks about what he has been up to. When he comes down on 75 Red Moon 4851, he gets a spaceship for the day. There are some weird noises coming from his spaceship at first, but then it sounds great for awhile before that. Spaceship Wash and Fillerup Station: Wurpitz Hoolo’s spaceship gets taken care of by this station.

When he finally gets a new one, he misses the old sounds. Wurpitz knows how to do that, too. picture book for ages 4 and up

Julian Rodriguez series by Alexander Stadler

This is one of my favorite early chapter books. It looks like Julian Rodriguez is a normal kid, but he’s actually an alien disguised as a kid who wants to learn about the world. The way people do things, from doing chores to eating carrot sticks, is weird, disgusting, and demeaning to him, so he doesn’t like them.

Readers will find his point of view funny, and parents will like that he used words from the SAT. It’s a good thing for everyone, except Julian, who doesn’t like the idea of it. A series of early chapter books for ages 6 and up.

Funny alien graphic novels for kids

The Search for the Slimy Space Slugs by Mike Lowery

This is a new idea… In this type of book, the reader draws in the book to make the story happen. They might not be good for a library, but they’re good for summer reading (and drawing). [doodle comic book, for ages 6 and up]

Ben 10 series

My son was so into the Ben 10 TV show that he also read the early chapter books. Ben’s adventures on the small screen make great books for young boys. People who are 7 years old and up should read early chapter books.

Funny alien middle grade books

Leonard (My Life as a Cat) by Carlie Sorosiak

She wrote a review:

Leonard isn’t really a cat. He’s a 300-year-old space alien who gets to live on Earth for a while. Because of all the research and thought he did, he decides to spend his month as a park ranger in Yellowstone. But things go very wrong! Instead, he shows up in South Carolina during a flood and is saved by Olive, who helps him. Olive is spending the summer with her grandmother, Norma, because Olive’s mother has a new boyfriend who isn’t very nice to Olive. Olive may have to move to California at the end of the summer, so Olive is spending the summer with her grandmother. Olive takes good care of Leonard, but there’s a big problem that needs to be solved. When Leonard is on Earth for only a month, he doesn’t know how he’s going to get there in time. Leonard, of course, has things he wants to do while he’s here on Earth. When Olive realizes who he is, Leonard and Olive work through Leonard’s bucket list. When they go to the movies and play board games, they get in. They also spend a lot of time at a nearby aquarium with Q, Norma’s friend who works there. Leonard knows that they will need a lot more help to get to Yellowstone when it’s time to leave. Being a cat and Olive’s cat have their benefits. When Q notices that Leonard’s cat self is different, he is willing to help. An epic road trip is planned, and Norma is brought in by accident. The group then starts their journey together. Is it going to be possible for them to get to Yellowstone in time for the meeting? This is a book for middle graders, ages 8 and up.

Guys Read: Other Worlds edited by Jon Scieszka

My son is a big fan of the Guys Read series, which is a collection of short stories by well-known children’s book authors. It’s meant to get boys to read. There are a lot of stories in this book that make him laugh. Shannon Hale’s Bouncing the Grinning Goat and Eric Nylund’s Warlords of Recess are his favorite.

They can’t be missed! This is a short story anthology for people who are 8 and up.

The Drake Equation by Bart King

No, they wouldn’t. Jane Goodall did not study the chimpanzees like that. What if the study of primitive humans on Earth was a science project for a young person from another world who was very smart? Were they going to be like Jane Goodall and her chimpanzees: They would protect us like that.

These are not questions that Noah Grow wants to know the answer to. He’s trying to get a glimpse of some hard-to-find birds, like the wood duck. Avoid Coby, the bully at school, as well. But what starts out as a search for a bird quickly turns into something much, much bigger. Prepare to laugh at this part of Hoot + Aliens. This is a book for middle graders, ages 9 and up.

The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex

My son and I both thought this was a very funny take on an alien invasion of the world. 11-year-old Gratuity “Tip” Tucci is on a search for her mother after aliens take over Earth and move everyone to Florida. J.Lo is one of the aliens on the run. She and J.Lo go on a trip together. A second alien species comes along, and it’s even worse than the first one. Alien invasions, even though they have a lot of risks, have never been more fun to watch. This is our favorite middle-grade book. Check the book out before you watch the movie. The movie doesn’t match the book. ages 9 and up can read this book.

There are, however, some references to Native Americans that are not good. This is a book for middle graders, ages 8 and up. In this post, Adam Rex gives us an update on an analysis by Debbie Reese of the Native American references in the text. Yesterday, I wrote a post about my job. People suggested that I talk about my book The True Meaning of Smekday in response to what I said. If you like alien invasion books, this one is for you. It’s also a joke and a critique of colonialism. I’m sorry about it, too. On Twitter, Adam Rex is called Mr. Adam Rex and he tweets on February 14. To write a satire and critique of colonialism, I made mistakes that didn’t help me get across my point. Here, I can’t do as good a job as Reese did. I want you to read her reviews of my book and its follow-up.

Unidentified Suburban Object by Mike Jung

I like a book with a surprise ending. In the beginning, it’s a story about Chloe Cho, a typical Tiger Cub. She plays the violin well, does well in school, and is a good person. But things start to change.

Why? I can’t. But this is a twist on the Model Minority Asian American stereotype, and it’s also a lot of fun to look at. This is a book for middle graders, ages 9 and up.

Weird Kid by GregVan Eekhout

She wrote a review:

Some of the lines in this book make you laugh out loud. There are also some scary but funny aliens, and there is a lot of fun. Young people who think their best friend or sibling might be a space alien will like this book because of these things and the fast-paced plot. Instructors and librarians will like the book because it talks about more philosophical topics like belonging, personal identity, and friendship. This book is for ages 7 to 12. We’re not from here, Space Rocks, or Space Race (2000) by Sylvia Waugh are all great choices for people who like these books. This is a great choice for people who like these books.

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