9 Best Children’s Books About Anxiety Update 05/2022

Children's Books About Anxiety

With so much going on in the world, it’s not surprising that many kids and teens are afraid and stressed out. Many adults are, too. It’s important for everyone, even kids, to learn how to deal with their worries so that they can feel in control, think clearly, and make healthy choices that are right for them now and in the future.

Our recommended books will help your Mighty Girl understand her feelings and give her tools to help her stay calm, stay focused, and feel ready to take on the challenges ahead. We also have a few titles for parents and teachers, so they can help girls learn these skills and make sure that worries and ways to deal with them are a normal part of daily life. Kids and parents will always have things to worry about, but with these resources, they’ll be ready to deal with them.

The Don’t Worry Book

Written by: Todd Parr

The Don't Worry Book

We all worry from time to time. It could be because of the dark, someone who looks mean, or even the news on TV. Author and illustrator Todd Parr is back with a new book for preschoolers, and he wants to tell them that they can get over their fears. After letting them know that everyone has fears, Parr gives them ideas for things they can do to deal with them. These include picturing themselves as a superhero and talking to the people they love. This book has colorful illustrations that will make kids laugh. It tells kids that worries will come and go, but you can find ways to comfort yourself or ask for the help that you need, too.

Too Many Bubbles: A Story About Mindfulness

Written by: Christine Peck

It’s been a hard day for Izzy the mouse, and she knows why: a bubble is making everything look dark. One little bubble, but the grouchy thought is with her all the time and won’t leave. In the beginning, there was just one. Then there was another, and another. In a short time, there are so many bubbles that they push Izzy off the page! As a good thing, Izzy knows what to do. She goes to her “secret spot,” a calm beach, and starts taking slow, deep breaths there. These mindful breaths can be a great way to deal with your own worries, too! At the back of the book, there are even more exercises for you to do. This is an appealing and encouraging book about how to control your emotions when they start to overwhelm you.

Ruby Finds A Worry

Written by: Tom Percival

In the beginning, Ruby doesn’t even notice the Worry. It’s so small that she doesn’t even notice it. But over time, it grows bigger and bigger, and all the other colors on the page start to fade away. As time goes on and Ruby’s Worry gets bigger, it stops her from doing the things she likes. Finally, she sees a boy at the playground who has a blue-scribble Worry. When she talks to him about it, she finds out that talking about your Worries can help keep them small and manageable, so she doesn’t have as many. Kids will love this story because it talks about anxiety and shows that there are ways to get help when you need it.

The Whatifs

Written by: Emily Kilgore

The Whatifs

Cora is always worried about what might happen, which are called “Whatifs.” It’s fun for these sneaky little creatures to make her worry about everything, from small things like what if my crayon breaks to big ones like what if my dog runs away. When Cora is on stage before her piano recital, she is especially worried about what might happen. Stella, Cora’s friend, told her that not all Whatifs are bad. By turning her Whatifs around, Cora was able to get on stage and even recover when she hit a bad note. This cute picture book shows real-life cognitive behavioral therapy techniques in a fun way. It’s a great way to show kids that they can succeed even when the What-ifs come up.

Ten Beautiful Things

Written by: Molly Griffin

To make things worse, Lily has to move away from her parents and move to Gran’s farm in the middle of nowhere without them. She’s afraid and sad, and she feels “complaints starting in her belly again, coming up her throat, and almost out her mouth.” Because her wise Gran came up with this idea: find 10 beautiful things on your way. A beautiful sunrise takes Lily’s breath away. Soon, she’ll find a lot more, including number ten: change is hard, but Gran is there to help her get through it. It’s not clear why Lily moved or why her parents aren’t there. This helps kids who have different problems see themselves in Lily’s shoes and reminds them that the people who love us will always be there.

Wemberly Worried

Written by: Kevin Henkes

A lot of kids worry about everything, from spilling juice to whether a snake could get into the house through the radiator. Wemberly is one of them. She also worries about whether she’ll find a friend at school. Fortunately, a kind teacher introduces Wemberly to another new student who is also nervous. Soon, the two of them are not only comforting each other, but also realizing that there is too much fun to be had at school and with new friends to spend all of your time worrying about everything that could go wrong. As they watch Wemberly overcome her fears, they will think about how they could do the same.

Black Dog

Written by: Levi Pinfold

Black Dog

When a huge black dog shows up outside the Hope family’s house, everyone is scared except for Small, the youngest, who chases the dog around the whole neighborhood. At their house, Small’s bravery has made the dog small enough that it can get in and out of the cat door. The Hopes agree that he doesn’t seem so scary after all, and they invite him into the family. It’s a cute story about a family taking in a dog who isn’t “as big nor as scary as they thought.” It shows kids how facing their fears can be a good thing.


Written by: Thyra Heder

Little T doesn’t want to go to the zoo with her family because she doesn’t know what scared her there. While she still can’t remember what scares T, the laughter makes her think the zoo might be fun after all. When the family goes to the zoo, it’s T’s big sister who gets scared. Fortunately, this time, the family will know how to deal with that. People who read this book with their kids will enjoy T’s family and how they come up with unique ways to help her.

Puppy in My Head: A Book About Mindfulness

Written by: Elise Gravel

Her head is filled with a puppy! A puppy like Ollie can get excited or panicky, just like any other dog. When that happens inside her brain, the narrator also gets stressed out. It’s good that she knows a few things that can help. Her breath can be a “magical leash,” exercise can help her get rid of Ollie’s extra energy, and when she needs help, she can talk to an adult, too! As a child, Elise Gravel tells kids that everyone gets excited from time to time, but that if you use some calming and mindful techniques, you can stay in control.

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