19 Best Children’S Books About Aunts Update 05/2022

Auntie Loves You!

A cute book about the important role an aunt plays in a child’s life. This book is full of illustrations that show how much love an aunt and her rabbit have for each other as they play and snuggle together. In the back of the book, there is a special place for an aunt’s picture and a note. This book is a great thing to keep or give to your niece or nephew as a keepsake.

Dynamic Children’s Books About Aunts and Uncles

It is very important for a child to have aunts and uncles in his or her life. Sometimes, they play many different roles at once, depending on what their niece or nephew needs them to be. These relatives can be like best friends, or they can be like a second set of parents for the kids they care for. If they’re role models and playmates and counselors and friends and advisors all at the same time, they can be all of these things at the same time! A group of kids’ books about how aunts and uncles can make a big difference in the lives of some very special kids have been put together.

The best children’s book of the month club for readers with a sweet tooth.

Loving Children’s Books About Aunts

Having aunts who love you as a child is a great thing. This is what an aunt is: someone who will take your niece or nephew away for a day of fun and fun without the stress that can come with being a mother. They don’t have to think about homework, extracurricular obligations, chores, bedtimes, nutrition, and all of the other things that can get in the way of having fun. They can just have fun.

Not that an aunt doesn’t care about this. But she doesn’t have to take all of the blame. There are no rules for what she can do with her nieces and nephews. She can spoil them, break some of them, live in the moment, and drop them off with their parents when the fun is over. These books for kids about aunts are all about how aunts make their nieces and nephews happy.

What Aunts Do Best

It’s a fun way to show how much aunts love their nieces and nephews and all the special things they do for them. There are a lot of aunt animals who take their little cousins on roller coasters and teach them how to play the piano. Speedy rides in a cool convertible. They let them stay up way past their bedtime so they can go to sleep. It’s a great book for kids because it has a lot of detailed illustrations. They might even think of their own aunts.

Miss Rumphius

Alice Rumphius is an aunt who doesn’t have any kids of her own. She has a strong desire to leave this world better than when she came into it. Miss Rumphius, also known as the Lupine Lady, spreads seeds across the coast of Maine and many other places she has been. She has a good life, and everyone who meets her is moved by the way she acts. People who were close to her will always think of her when they see the beautiful lavender flowers that she made when she died.

That’s What Aunts Do

This cute book was written by an aunt who loves her nieces and nephews. It shows all kinds of things that aunts and their kids can do together. Some people like to go outside and have fun, while others prefer to stay inside and bake cookies. It’s true that all aunts love their babies unconditionally.

Tía Isa Wants a Car

In this book, the aunt and her daughter work together to buy a car. They want to bring their whole family, from near and far, to the beach for a reunion. A large family who wants to spend time together is what this book is all about. It talks about how to be resourceful and how to work hard.

Auntie and Me

This bright, lift-the-flap book is a great gift for aunts to give to little kids. Kids will love peeking under each flap to see what fun things a child and an aunt do together. Baby shower book or first birthday book from a fun aunt who will be happy to read it.

Truman’s Aunt Farm

Truman, a fan of bugs, ordered an ant farm and was very happy with what he got. This is a fun book about a homonym mix-up. Truman’s reaction when “aunts” start coming to his door will make people laugh. Instead of giving them back, he quickly sets up a farm to train his new family. They make lemonade out of lemons in this picture book about aunts.

Thank You, Aunt Tallulah!

Bettina and her aunt Tallulah write to each other a lot, and the letters give a glimpse into their lives and the special relationship they have. During the summer, Bettina is having a great time at sleepaway camp. Her aunt, Tallulah, is going to places like Antarctica and the Amazon. This story about a special aunt and her much-loved niece is great for a child in middle school or high school.

Auntie Claus

Sophie might have the best great-aunt ever. There’s something interesting about her weird great aunt. For one thing, she lives in a beautiful penthouse in New York City, so that’s where she starts. Also, she has the best Christmas tree and goes on a secret business trip around the world every December. This beautiful picture book about a mysterious and magical aunt is a great choice for the holidays.

Cool Children’s Books About Uncles

Uncles are the coolest big brothers in the world, and they’re also the best. There are a lot of fun things they do with their nieces and nephews, like go horseback riding all the time, play with them, and give them gifts. It’s a list of the best picture books about uncles and what they do for the kids they love.

What Uncles Do Best

Uncles can do a lot of things very well, and they do them very well too. They teach you how to play the piano and help you win the best prizes at amusement parks. This is what they do for you. These are the things that all uncles do best. This book is all about them. Lucky nephews and nieces will agree that their uncles do a lot of good things for them in this cute picture book, and they’ll love it.

The Cool Uncle

There is a fun book for young kids about their favorite uncle. These pictures show how much fun, excitement, and happiness great uncles bring to a family.

Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray

Bad Kitty isn’t a good example of how to act when your uncle comes over to visit. It’s a lot of fun to read this illustrated chapter book because Kitty’s parents have left him with Uncle Murray for a few days while they go away. Cat sitting should be easy for Murray, who says he knows everything about cats. It’s Bad Kitty, though, who sends him over the edge with his crazy moves. They will enjoy this book even if they don’t like to read. It’s about an uncle who is very frustrated.

Uncle Andy’s

These are facts about a little boy named James who didn’t have a normal uncle. His uncle was Andy Warhol. James visited his uncle a lot when he was young, and he learned to love how he could turn old things into amazing art. This story gives us a rare look into the family life of a famous, eccentric uncle who made a big impact on the world of pop art.

They Don’t Make Books About Uncles

A little bit. There are a lot of picture books for kids about aunts, but there aren’t many about uncles. A uncle wrote this book for his nieces and nephews, and it’s a fun, rhyming read. He takes them on an imaginary journey through some of their favorite stories. In this book, uncles are celebrated in all their glory. It’s very cute and colorful.

Uncles and Antlers

As an uncle for the kids on your Christmas list, this would be a great book to give them for Christmas, because it’s so fun. Santa Claus gets help from a group of reindeer relatives who are very happy. In this picture book, uncles who happen to be reindeer are having a lot of fun. Both kids and adults will enjoy the jokes in this book. Christmas books are always a hit with kids. This one is a hit with your nieces and nephews, too.

Uncle Bobby’s Wedding

All of these things are fun for Chloe and Uncle Bobby. They fly kites, swim, go on picnics, and more. Whenever Chloe finds out that Uncle Bobby is getting married to Jamie, she thinks he won’t have time for the things that make her happy. During their magical wedding day, this little niece learns that she is not going to lose an uncle—she is getting a new one!

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