8 Best Children’S Books About Courage Update 05/2022

Children’s Books About Courage Help Kids Learn to Be Brave!

My kids are afraid of dogs. In this case, they won’t be the kind of kids who will cling to their mom when they see a German Shepherd on an empty street. Wish it was that easy to figure out! But, that’s not what I meant. Whenever we go to my sister’s house, we all have a good time. When my boys see their cousins’ golden retriever puppy, all hell breaks loose. If Lulu even looks at them, they run down the hall, find their way out the front door, and try to break into my car. A lot of people don’t like it. There’s no need to ask. There are no bad things that happen to animals. Since they were born, we have been fighting with each other all the time.

Use children’s books about courage to showcase that fears are universal, and children are not alone.

Seeing how even the simplest stories can help children realize that they are not alone in their fears- that other kids have the same kinds of fears, too. It’s good for kids to see themselves in the stories they read, but parents and teachers can use the same stories to help them teach and help their kids learn. How? These people give us a way to get into a conversation that might be scary. They give us a “in.”

They help us tell our kids that we all have fears, but if we use the courage we have inside of us, we can also get through them. If your child is afraid of dogs, the dark, change or even heights, these are the books they need to read. They should help you as much as they have helped us.

Our Must Have Children’s Books About Courage!

After the Fall, by Dan Santat:

People get knocked down a lot. How do you get back up? The fear can be very bad. But if you have the courage to try again, the reward can be a sense of freedom. This book is nothing short of beautiful. I keep it in my bedroom and read it again and again because it is so powerful.

I Am Courage: A Book of Resilience, by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds:

One more beautiful “I am” story is coming up! In this book, children learn that bravery and courage don’t come from being afraid all the time. Courage doesn’t come when we don’t want to do something, but when we face our fears, rise above them, and do it anyway. To say “I can’t” to ourselves is to say that we can look inside ourselves and find the strength to say “Yes I can.” This is a very important message. I love how this series makes big ideas real and easy for kids to understand, so they can not only understand them, but also be able to keep them in their minds.

What Do You Do with a Chance, by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom:

Many people are afraid of taking risks. Do you want to raise your hand? Sit back and let life go by without having to worry about what could happen. Suppose we don’t take those chances. I’ve heard “no risk, no reward” my whole life. Children will learn from this book that taking risks can be scary, but the rewards could change their lives for the better.

Hannah and Sugar, by Kate Berube:

A young girl who is afraid of dogs. Is it clear why this is a big hit in our house? Some times, all we need to do is close our eyes, take a deep breath, and reach out a hand to take the first step toward getting over a scary feeling. This book shows that so, so well. There is always a place for Hannah and Sugar on my big one’s nightstand. We read it over and over again (at least once a week) and talkabout it.

Not Quite Snow White, by Ashley Franklin and illustrated by Ebony Glenn:

The audition for Snow White is coming up. What do you do if you love the theater and there is an audition? When Tameika sees something she wants to do, she jumps in head first. Finally, she can play a princess! It doesn’t take long for Tameika to hear snickers from the other kids. Tameika is too fat, too tall, and too brown to play Snow White in a movie theater. The people who don’t want Tameika to play a part that she wants aren’t going to let her. In this story, a young girl learns how to be brave in the midst of a major confidence shake-up.

Brave Molly, by Brooke Boynton-Hughes:

Molly thinks there are monsters in the world, and she says so. Everyone else can’t see them but her. They’re all around her. People keep getting in her way as she walks down the street and thinks about making new friends. She tries to run away from them. In the end, Molly faces her fears. We need to be brave to put our monsters in their places, and friendship can help us do that. This wordless beauty shows that.

When You Are Brave, by Pat Zeitlow Miller and illustrated by Eliza Wheeler

Isn’t it hard to be brave when things get tough and we feel small? A young girl and her family move from one home to another, and this beautiful book shows how she finds herself again and lets it shine brightly as she starts a new adventure. One child’s courage is shown through beautiful rhymes, beautiful illustrations, and a beautiful story. Our favorite thing about her is that she can use her inner light to help her be brave as she moves to a new place.

Brave Irene, by William Steig

I love Steig’s story from the 1980s because it shows the power of perseverance and what we do for love. Her mother, who is a dressmaker, is sick and can’t get the dress to the duchess before an important ball. In order to deliver this dress, Irene will have to fight through bitter cold, tons of snow, and strong winds. She almost gives up. Irene, on the other hand, braves the elements, and her perseverance is rewarded very well. There is no doubt that this book about courage and perseverance has become a favorite for kids.


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