13 Best Children’s Books About Cousins Update 05/2022

Children's Books About Cousins

Dear Primo: A Letter to My Cousin

Dear Primo A Letter to My Cousin

Even though they were raised in different countries, two cousins learn that they have a lot in common. A series of letters between the two boys, Charlie and Carlitos, helps the reader learn about all the things they have in common and what they don’t have in common. The story is written in English, but Spanish words are used a lot. Immigrant children who have cousins in their home country will enjoy this book about how close cousins are.

When Winter Robeson Came

A middle-grade novel set in Los Angeles that is very moving. Winter goes to visit his cousin, Eden, in 1965 when the Watts Riots are going on in the city. People in the city are always having fights and shooting each other. The children are in the middle of this. Winter, on the other hand, wants to know more about how his father went missing from this part of the city a few years ago. In this heartbreaking story, there is an ending that will surprise the people who are reading it. A heartfelt chapter that talks about the power of family, especially cousins, who are always together.

The Lost Cousins

It’s a brilliantly illustrated and very interesting look-and-find storybook. As a grandfather and a few of his grandchildren look through a photo album, the story starts off with this scene: He thinks that they haven’t met many of their cousins. So they set off on a trip to a lot of different countries and saw a lot of different landscapes and cultures. If you read this book, you’ll enjoy looking for hidden objects on every page and soaking up all the bright colors.

We Are Cousins / Somos Primos

This picture book in both English and Spanish talks about all the good and bad things about being a cousin. There are a lot of cousins who play together and like to snuggle up on their grandma’s lap for story time. In the same way, they get angry and fight with each other. They are all linked together by their mothers, all of whom are sisters, and their bond is so strong. The pages are filled with a lot of fun chaos that shows how much love and happiness cousins have for each other.

When the Cousins Came

When the Cousins Came

Most kids have felt the disappointment when things don’t go as planned. A lot of fun things happen when Lila’s cousins visit. But when Takeo and Rosie arrive, they don’t have bikes and don’t want to camp outside. People are very bad at painting when they are Lila’s cousins. In the end, the day is saved when Takeo and Rosie make a banner praising the “best cousin ever.” Lila is also taught how to lower her expectations.

Henry and Mudge and the Careful Cousin

Her cousin Annie is coming to visit Henry and Mudge. They are excited about it. In fact, Annie doesn’t like Mudge’s dog kisses, and she doesn’t like Henry’s fish tank. Even though they don’t want to, the group tries to find something they can enjoy together. Because of the game, the day was saved. If you want to have more fun reading, check out the rest of the Henry and Mudge books.

When My Cousins Come to Town

This little girl is excited about summer. They all come to her birthday party. People in this extended family are always full of love, energy, and fun, so it’s great. Their antics are funny, and each one has a unique name, except for the birthday girl. But this year is different. She wants to stand out and get her own name, just like the other kids.

Cupcake Cousins

In this book, Willow and Delia are cousins. This is the first story in a series of early-reader chapter books about them. The girls are excited about the wedding, but not so excited about the frilly dresses they have to wear. To get out of the lacy frocks, they put their cupcake-baking skills through their paces. This short book is full of funny things that happen when a lot of people get together for a party. The book has recipes for cupcakes made by these cute cousins.

Dozens of Cousins

Dozens of Cousins

This group of cousins knows how to have fun! They show up without permission, eat all the food, and go outside for hours and hours of fun. These two people don’t hold back when they love each other. They play “truth or dare,” and their chaotic, frenzied activities make a lot of people angry. A child who has a lot of wacky cousins might enjoy this book.

Houndsley and Catina and Cousin Wagster

A short, illustrated book about what happens when Cousin Wagster comes to visit. Energy and spirit are what he has. Houndsley is happy to see him at first. Then things start to go wrong. But after a few days, Houndsley starts to feel a little uncomfortable. When you meet Wagster you will find that he is very interesting, fun, and good at many things. There are so many people who like Wagster that Houndsley wonders if they’ll still want to be his friends after he moves away from them. A cute story about friendship, jealousy, and cousins! This is a good one!

Goodnight Ellie, Goodnight Marguerite: A Baby Book for Best Cousins

As babies, the cousins are best friends, even though they live a long way apart. Illustrations in pastel watercolor show these cherubs as they move through different stages of their lives with each other. Children who have special cousins of their own will enjoy this short, sweet text that rhymes.


This is a very cute book that shows a family tree with little squirrels climbing on all the branches. To show kids how many cousins they have, this is a great way. Children can see where all their cousins live on a map of the United States that comes with the book. Children can add their own cousins’ names to an empty family tree. For cousins everywhere, this is a great book to keep.

Eight Cousins

A classic novel by Louisa May Alcott about Rose Campbell, a young girl who is mourning the recent death of her father. This thirteen year old moves from her comfortable home to “The Aunt Hill”, a house lovingly named in honor of her six aunts who reside there. Not only must Rose adjust to this large group of women fussing over her, she is faced with living under the same roof as 13 loud and crazy male cousins. Feminist issues open opportunities to reflect on how much has changed since the book was first published more than 100 years ago.

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