17 Best Children’S Books About Fish Update 05/2022

Are your kids into fish? Good list of fish books for kids! It doesn’t matter what kind of book it is or what kind of story it is; each one is meant to make your child happy. Someone write me a post about books about fish puns right now.

Fiction Fish Books for Kids

The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen and Dan Hanna

As a pout-pout fish, are you always stuck as a pout-pout fish? If a child wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, will they have a bad day? Or can they act better than they feel? During this board book, kids will learn about “dreary wearies,” and what they can do to get them to go away.

Only One You by Linda Kranz

There are a lot of stories that tell kids how unique they are, but not all of them also talk about how being unique can be both a blessing and a pain. We are all unique, and it’s OK to be both proud and scared of this fact at the same time in this brilliant, boldly illustrated board book for young people!

The Fish Who Found the Sea by Alan Watts and Khoa Le

This picture book is about a fish who can’t stop following its own fishy story. Thanks to the deep blue sea, he is now on his way to happiness.

Finn the Fish: A Story about Friendship by Lyric Dwayne Quenun

If you’re a kid, you’re a great person to write fish books for kids. Finn the Fish was written by Lyric Dwayne Quenun, a 9-year-old who had a real experience with a friend being bullied. It was based on what he saw happen to his friend. This is a story about friendship, but it’s also a story about fish!

Little White Fish by Guido van Genechten

There is no way Little White Fish can find his mom and he doesn’t know how to get home. Many sea creatures are there to help him get back to the place where he feels safe.

Nonfiction Fish Books for Kids

Fish for Kids: A Junior Scientist’s Guide to Diverse Habitats, Colorful Species, and Life Underwater by Kevin Kurtz

A good choice for kids who like nonfiction fish books that tell the truth is this one. For example, there are hands-on activities and ideas for aquariums, fun fish facts for kids, and profiles of both salt water and fresh water fish in this book.

All Fish Faces: Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish by Tam Warner Minton and Carla King

To help kids who love tropical reef fish, weird fish faces, and all their other friends in the sea, this book is for them. It has a lot of fun facts, photos, and more.

Grandmother Fish: A Child’s First Book of Evolution by Jonathan Tweet and Karen Lewis

Fishermen play an important role in the process of evolution. There’s a lot to learn about them. Kids who think they know everything about fish can learn more about how fish fit into the bigger world of animals. Grandmother Fish gives them a chance.

Freaky, Funky Fish: Odd Facts about Fascinating Fish by Debra Kempf Shumaker and Claire Powell

Freaky, weird, and odd facts even better. In this cute picture book, science is used to show how unique and interesting the world really is – especially the world of fish.

Wandering Whale Sharks by Susumu Shingu

The whale shark is the biggest and baddest fish in the world, and this book is gentle enough for kids who like big and bad things. This book has been a favorite of Japanese kids since the early 1990s. It has only recently been translated into English for the first time.

Fish is Fish

A minnow and a tadpole are almost inseparable until the tadpole grows legs and decides to go outside the pond and see what else there is to see. Frogs and other amphibians live in the water, but land isn’t what they think it is. The minnow is now a fish and wants to follow in his friend’s footsteps, but quickly learns that land isn’t what he thought it was.

Memoirs of a Goldfish

It was Day One. I swam around my bowl. Day two, I swam around my bowl. This is what I did. Twice. Tell-all story from goldfish: Until one day, Goldfish isn’t so happy with the way things are going.

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark

They need to start living on their own. It looks like Jim built a house out of seaweed, but the big shark eats it up. In Tim’s case, the shark eats it. It’s smart of Kim to live in an old sunken ship.

This is Not My Hat

When a tiny fish comes into view wearing a round blue topper, trouble could be right behind him. A big fish won’t wake up, so that’s good. Isn’t it possible that even though he does that, it won’t be possible for him to know what happened?

Down By the River

In the fall, Art goes fishing with his mother and grandfather. It is a beautiful day. Days out on the water are Art’s favorite thing to do. When Grandpa shows him how to fish, he loves it. He learns about different kinds of flies and equipment and the trout that live in their favorite river. Art really likes Grandpa’s stories.

Jangles: A Big Fish Story

This is what happens when you fish alone at dusk: You get pulled in by the huge trout. It has so many fish hooks and lures on its mouth that it jingles when it moves. Jangles, the boy’s friend, takes him on a trip to the bottom of the lake. The boy is shocked. People will laugh and shake their heads if there is a twist at the end of the story.

Not Norman: A Goldfish Story

It’s not what this little boy had in mind when he came up with Norman the goldfish. This is not the kind of pet he wanted. He wanted a pet that could run, catch, and chase string, as well as a soft, furry animal that could sleep on his bed at night. Not Norman at all. Things don’t go as well as he planned when he tries to trade Norman for a “good pet.”

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