11 Best Children’S Books About Summer Update 05/2022

“The Sea of Stars”

The best book for summer reading

All the summer reading boxes are checked in this book! It’s not only going to make your child feel like they’re in this amazing underwater adventure, but it’s also going to teach them how to read. With three chapters, this book is just what most kids need when they move from picture books to chapters. One of the best things about this book is how it both entertains little readers and helps them improve their skills. It tells the story of Sea Star, a little starfish who gets caught in a storm and loses one of his arms. First, he doesn’t know what to do. When someone else helps him get back to the ocean, he realizes how great it is to help people who are in trouble!

“Mich & Moose: Sticky Business”

A Hilarious Summer Adventure

Kids need to have fun this summer! This book takes kids on a hysterical journey that will keep them reading and having fun! Join Mich & Moose as they go on an exciting trip to help Spinner the Spider find somewhere her web will actually stick. This book is SO fun for children to read and they won’t want to put it down all summer! Giggles are a sure thing!

“Where the Ocean Meets the Sand”

What better way to start summer than by going to the beach? This beautiful book is like taking a walk on your favorite beach. What kind of game is this? It will make your kids want to go to the beach! And the simple sentences make it a great resource for practicing reading! They will love this little treasure book when they go on a beach trip!

“The Brave Little Crab”

Improving Our Reading Skills Just Got More Fun

You can read about the adventures of a little crab that lost one of its claws. Even though life with just 1 claw wasn’t easy, he learned to take advantage of being different and was able to help his fellow crab when no one else could! Because sometimes the thing that makes you different can be the very thing that makes you great! This 2020 Book Excellence Award Finalist is perfect as children are progressing in their reading abilities and want longer pages! Then they’ll be more excited about reading. Paperbacks are in stock. Hardcovers will arrive on September 27th, but they won’t arrive until then.

“My Backyard Bird Book”

This summer, go outside!

Summer is the PERFECT time to learn about the nature around us! There’s a lot of interesting wildlife in our own backyards, and this fun book helps kids learn about them. These things come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Their homes are all over the place. They can be found living under bushes and trees. Your child will love to look for the different birds in this book. To find out how amazing and beautiful these animals are, they’ll just have to look and listen to them. So get ready for fun, and let’s go see what we can find!

“Cock-A-Doodle Doo Don’t You Dare!”

An Entertaining Summer on a Farm Town

This summer, it’s SO important that our children continue to practice kindness, understanding and acceptance when playing with friends! If you want to have some fun with your kids this summer, read this story about a rooster with an odd voice. A lot of people tease him about it. One day, his unique voice saves the whole farm! Children can learn a lot from this important story and love the lively and colorful illustrations in this fun tale. They will also enjoy the lively and colorful illustrations.

“Moon Walk: Forever By Your Side”

Make Memories of the Summertime. When it’s summer, it’s time for fun and games. It can also be a great time to connect with your child. It was written by an Olympic Gold-Medal winner. This book can be a time for kids to focus on one thing at a time, which leads to more open communication. It can be a great way to make some great summer memories! Take your child on a magical moonlit journey as you read this sweet, rhyming story about the ever-growing bond of love and support between a parent and his or her little one!

 “Sit. Stay. Love.”

Play with your dog and learn important lessons!

Your child will learn a lot from cute dogs. Kids can learn important lessons about life from a doggy’s point of view in “Sit. Stay. Love,” a book for them. With simple rhymes and cute pictures, this amazing story helps kids learn how to read and also teaches them important lessons about how to be good people. You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy this book. It’s sure to start a conversation about the most important things to teach your child.

“The Great Bear Brigade: Lost in the Woods”

This summer, have fun and be safe.

Take a summer trip with the Bear Brigade. We know that your child will spend a lot of time outside this summer. This book teaches kids how to be safe in the Great Outdoors, listen to your parents, and teach the value of family. There are Cub Scouts and National Park Rangers who think this book is a good way to teach young kids important safety rules when they play outside.

“Dog Food is For Cats”

A Hilarious Summer Story
This is a cute story about Piper the dog who doesn’t like to eat dog food.

This is what happens next: He goes around his farm in Kentucky and sees if there is a better way to get a better job. This book has a lot of different farm animals in it, and kids love to see them. This book is for kids who don’t like to eat their vegetables. It’s a fun story for summer.

Summer Color

Diana Murray

Explore the bright colors of summer with two kids who aren’t afraid to try new things. Embarking on a quest from their backyard, the two characters go around nature and discover things they had never noticed before. Not even a little summer rain shower can stop the two from taking in each new scene and looking in awe at all the colors that nature has to offer in the summertime.

If you want to learn about color, this book is great! In this book, you can learn about different colors and shades of colors because the illustrations are beautiful and have a lot of different colors. All of these illustrations, too, depict things that you could find in your backyard or in your local park, so this book acts as a great inspiration to go explore your own world and make connections between literature and real life.

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