12 Best Children’s Books About The Moon Update 05/2022

Children's Books About The Moon

To learn more about the moon, why not? It’s one of the most important and beautiful parts of our world. A list of some of the best children’s books about the moon has been made. There are board books about the moon, as well as books about the moon’s different stages. The more you learn, the more interesting things you’ll find. Books are a great way to learn new things and think about the world around you. Take a seat and start reading one or all of these books about that bright object in the sky!

I Took the Moon for a Walk

Carolyn Curtis

Book Type: Board

Age: 5-6

I Took the Moon for a Walk Carolyn Curtis

When a young boy gets to know the moon, he takes him for a walk. With no leash, the moon is following him around like a kite as they go around the neighborhood. This is how the young boy learns more about his friend and how much the moon helps us.

Kids will love this book because it shows them how the moon moves through different stages of the day. When you read this book to your child, you can also tell them interesting things about the moon that they can learn. To read before bedtime to help you get ready for sleep, this is a great book.

Kitten’s First Full Moon

Kevin Henkes

Book Type: Board 

Age: 3-5

When Kitten has her first full moon, she doesn’t know that it’s going to be a fun night. If she looks up at the sky when the full moon comes out, she thinks that the moon is a warm bowl of milk. She wants the bowl of milk, but will she get it? To find out, read!

Why did this board book win the Caldecott medal? There is no reason to question it at all! The black and white illustrations are beautiful and go well with the text, and they look great together. Also, we love this book because, of course, it’s very cute and funny to watch the kitten get her milk. It’s also a great way to learn about the moon. You can talk about how the moon goes through different phases, how long these phases last, and so much more.

Goodnight Moon

Margaret Wise Brown

Book Type: Board

Age: 1-4

Everything in his room says goodnight to the bunny, who is hidden away in bed in the great green room. This is how it works: People say goodbye to each other in a unique way. Take a look at soft pictures and poetry that isn’t too loud or too quiet to help your child get ready to say goodnight to everything around them.

This beloved picture book has been read by generations and generations. It’s the perfect book to read to your child as they say goodnight. This is a simple picture, but there is always something new to find in the great green room. A bedtime routine can be made with this book because of its calming rhyme scheme and words that are easy on the mind.

I Love You Sun / I Love You Moon

Karen Pandell

Book Type: Board

Age: 1-3

Give thanks and enjoy the world around you. In this board book, illustrated by Tomi de Paola, you will find wonder and love for the little things that make us happy and make us smile. There are a lot of different kinds of things in nature in this book. There are trees and wind and birds and the sun and moon. This book is a good way for you and your child to slow down and enjoy our world.

You can read this book to end a great and busy day. It lets you think about how much fun you have had and how happy you have been together. They can learn new words and recognize things like the moon because the illustrations in this book are simple but beautiful.

I Love You To the Moon and Back

Amelia Hepworth

Book Type: Board

Age: 2-5

I Love You To the Moon and Back Amelia Hepworth

Were you having a good time? Then a bear and her cub talk about what they did. As they splashed in the water and climbed mountains, they had a great day. To the moon and back, the mother and her cub tell each other how much they love them.

When a parent says, “I love you to the moon and back,” it’s very sweet. These moments are even more special if you snuggle up with a book and get to know each other. To show your child how much they mean to you, read this book. Sweet, gentle rhymes also make this book a good choice for bedtime reading.

Books about the Phases of the Moon for Kids

Moon: A Peek-Through Picture Book 

Britta Teckentrup

Book Type: Picture

Age: 3-7

All over the world, from deserts and forests to tropical beaches and Arctic tundra, the moon greets everyone it comes across with a wave and a smile. Though, it’s not always the same. This book shows how the moon changes in size and shape as it grows and shrinks. It has unique cutouts and peek-a-boo holes.

Children will enjoy this book because it doesn’t get too technical. Still, this story has facts about the moon, but it also has artistic illustrations and a simple storyline. It also talks about the moon’s movement and phases. We think it’s a great way for you and your child to learn something new together while having a great time together reading a great book.

The Moon Seems to Change

Dr. Franklyn M. Branley 

Book Type: Picture 

Age: 4-8

People sometimes see a big, round moon in the sky. There are other times when it’s just a small piece of light. I think the moon always moves. Yes, but is it? See how the moon changes in this picture book.

Great for any child who wants to learn more about the moon. It gives information in a way that is not only interesting, but also easy for people to follow. The illustrations are beautiful and will draw you in and make you want to learn more about the moon!

Faces of the Moon 

Bob Crelin 

Book Type: Picture

Age: 6-9

People often ask why the moon looks different. From round and flat to not there at all, it looks like it has many faces. Find out why the moon sometimes looks different in this book.

Faces of the Moon has a good mix of lyrical text and facts. If you show children how the moon changes its face during each phase, they will be able to quickly grasp this idea. There are many different facts about the moon in this book, which makes it great for kids who want to learn more about the moon’s phases.

Books about the Moon Landing

Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 

Brian Floca 

Book Type: Picture 

Age: 4-10

Moonshot The Flight of Apollo 11 

They put on gloves and helmets in the summer of 1969, then strapped themselves into seats that were going the wrong way and sat down.

Great machines took them from rockets to the silence of the Moon. They boarded them and got ready to move from the noise of rockets. This is the story of the journey to find out, the story of the Moon landing.

This is a great book that makes the Moon Landing come to life with amazing illustrations and a great story. It shows you how Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins became the first men to walk on the moon. It also shows you how they used technology and the moon itself. This book is great for anyone who wants to learn more about the Moon Landing. It has a good mix of storyline and factual information.

Go for the Moon: A Rocket, a Boy, and the First Moon Landing 

Chris Gall

Book Type: Picture

Age: 5-8

In this book, we learn about what happened when the first people set foot on the moon. It’s told from the point of view of a young boy who was there with his family. He talks about the rocketship’s design, how it will fly, and how it will feel when it lands. Even though he isn’t on Apollo 11, the young boy goes on an astronaut’s trip of his own, just like one.

Because we like the idea of having someone who is young be the narrator, this is a good idea. If the story is told from the point of view of a child, young people might be able to understand it more. This book is also great because it gives a lot of information about the whole moon landing, as well as pictures that show what was going on.

Moon’s First Friends: One Giant Leap for Friendship 

Susanna Leonard Hill 

Book Type: Picture 

Age: 4-8

The Moon has spent her whole life looking at the Earth and hoping that someone will come to visit her from high in the sky. She watches as dinosaurs roam, pyramids are built, and boats are made, but she is still alone. There was a time when a spaceship from Earth came up. It was full of three friendly astronauts who were ready to meet the Moon, and they were ready to go.

Makes this book great for kids who like more of a storyline. This book has a lot of fun twists and turns. In this book, the moon and her story are what make it so sweet and cute. The back of the book even has extra educational pages about the moon mission, so you and your family can learn even more about it!

Books about the Moon and the Sun

Sun and Moon

Together Ethan Long 

Book Type: Picture 

Age: 3-6

It’s a fun day in Happy County. Friends like Grammy Tammi from Miami and Sssonny Sssnakerton go about their days, trying to do laundry and grow sunflowers when the sun is out, like they always do. People in Happy County are going to have a lot of new adventures when the Sun goes down.

This picture book, which is based on the world of Richard Scarry’s Busy Town, is a great one. There are a lot of fun characters to follow, but there are also a lot of chances to learn about letter sounds and phonics. In addition, we love this book because it tells a story about some of the differences between night and day. It also teaches kids about what a role the Sun and the Moon play in our daily lives.

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