22 Best Children’S Books About Twins Update 05/2022

The twins love reading. Mine, too! Then, what about twin-themed books for kids? Take a look at all the best books for twins!

Best twin books

Two is for Twins

They can do a lot of things together and many things come in pairs. Here is a book that talks about how much fun it is to be a twin. Twins and people who aren’t twins will love this. Ages 2 and up. Get them here.

Twin to Twin

Even your youngest kids will enjoy this “deliciously funny, rhyming book” about a pair of boy/girl twins for years to come. Starting out as tiny babies, the siblings soon learn how to walk and talk and have a wide range of experiences, all at the same time. It’s twice as much fun because they play with toys, go outside, eat, and have a bath together. Ages birth to five years. This book can be bought here.

2 is For Twins

A great twin book for little kids is this one. In this book, there are a lot of bright pictures that your twin will be drawn to right away. There are many types of twins, not just identical ones. This is a good thing for them all. Shop here.

Bathtime for Twins and Playtime for Twins

How about a great pair of books that our twins will love to read together? ::::::::::::::::::: There are a lot of things that parents do to make their twins unique and special in these books, and many of us can think of them. Ages 1 to 4. Take a bath here, and play a game here.

The Mistmatched Twins

From a former student of Twiniversity’s Expecting Twins Class, this is the first in a series of posts. It’s in this book that we meet biracial siblings who look different but are in fact twins! We love this series of books about twins. Find this book here.

We, But Me

There is a special bond between twins that will last a lifetime, whether they are fraternal or identical or just two peas in a pod, and it doesn’t matter how they look. People in your town should make it a point to celebrate the fact that they are twins, while also appreciating all the things that make them unique. Kenny Lee is a new author, and he wrote We, but Me to honor his twin girls. During library story times and trips to the bookstore, he learned to love picture books as well. We talked to Kenny Lee, a twin dad and author, on our podcast. You can hear it here.


Pat-a-cake to storytime and bath time to bedtime songs are just some of the things that keep parents and grandparents very busy. Twins need two bottles and two swing pushes, have two runny noses, and take twice as long to get ready for bed as single babies. But they also bring twice as many smiles, kiss twice as many times, play twice as many peek-a-boos, and have twice as much fun each day! Charlotte Doyle’s cheerful rhymes and Julia Gorton’s vivid illustrations show us a day in the life of two adorable twins. This book is great for babies, new parents, or twins of any age. Ages Birth to 3 years. Shop here.

Take 2: A Celebration of Twins

“Old twins, new twins, famous twins, not-at-all-alike twins, side-by-side twins, let’s play twins, not-yet twins, mirror twins… all kinds of twins!” People who love twins will love this book, too. Ages 4 to 8. Buy it now.

God Gave Us Two

This book isn’t just about twins, but it also talks about how parents and their many kids bond. It also talks about how siblings love each other and how they fight with each other. You will enjoy this book. It’s a good follow-up to God Gave Us You. Find your copy here.

Topsy and Tim series

In this series of twin books, you’ll see how cute twins Topsy and Tim have fun on adventures, like “Topsy and Tim… Go on a Trip!”

Go on a plane. To go to the dentist: People should go camping, or do other things. Parents and children can trust Topsy and Tim to help them through their “first experiences.” The books have been well-known in the UK for many years, and the artwork has been modernized. Years 3-6. Buy it now.


Having twins doesn’t make us all the same. What makes a twin fraternal? The Fraturtles answer all of these questions. Even though they may not look alike, they still spend their whole lives together. Celebrate the boys and girls who are both fraternal in this fun book. Find this book here.

I Love You the Purplest

Twin books aren’t the only category we have. Most parents have twins, and they know how it feels to have two young boys fight over who mommy loves the most. Two young brothers and their mother finish their dinner in the red cabin, then they go out to fish. At night, each brother asks his mother which one is the best at each job and which one she likes best. Ages 3 to 7. Buy it from here.

The Best Twins Ever

Hot from the press! This new book is sweet and will be great for twins who have different tastes but still like a lot of the same things. Great for celebrating how twins are different and the same. Buy this from here.

The Twinniest Twins

There are two babies in this story written by a mother of two. She also goes around the Mothers of Multiples Circuit (my friend picked up this gem for me at a conference). Fraternal twins aren’t just two peas in a pod or double trouble. They are people who need to be loved for who they are as people, not just because they’re twins. Ages 2 to 7. Buy it from here.

The Super Twins

To find a new twin book series that your 9-12-year-olds will enjoy, look no further than this one! In the future, there will be a lot of books about twins who get superpowers. This book is the first one. Books are full of action, adventure, and humor to keep your kids interested until the very last word, so you can read them to them. Buy it from here.

No Two Alike

Book: This is a great way to show multiple kids how unique each one of them is. When it’s winter, follow two birds on a snowflake-filled journey through a beautiful landscape. You can see how everything is unique, from branches and leaves to forests and trees to your friends and family. Ages 3 to 7. Buy it from here.

Twins: A Graphic Novel

In middle school, these are some of the best twin books. See what happens when Francine starts to look for her own identity in middle school and how Maureen learns to deal with her twin wanting to do different things, make different friends, and even go to different classes in school. Buy it from here.

Little Miss Twins

A short story from the Mr. Men and Little Miss series that was a lot of fun for me to read. It’s fun to see how these little girls travel and have fun in Twoland. In Twiniversity, it’s one of the best books for twin books. Buy this from here.

Twice As Nice: What It’s Like to Be a Twin

There are a lot of things that people ask you when you bring your twins out into the world. Is that all? This book tries to answer all of your questions about what it means to be a pair of identical or fraternal twins, where they come from, and what it means to be one. Ronnie and Bonnie are twins, and you can go on a journey with them to learn more about who they are and how unique they are. Buy it from here.

My Friend Paris – Twins Series

She wrote this set of twin books when she found out that she was going to be having twins. The older sister of the twins wrote these books when she found out that she was going to be having twins. Fun reads from the point of view of an older sibling. Buy this from here.

Tapper Twins 4 pack

Claudia and Reese can’t stop competing with each other, whether they’re in prank wars, scavenger hunts, a class election, or a contest to see who can get the most followers on the internet. Go to war, go viral, tear up New York, and run for president are all in this 4-pack of twin books. These books are for ages 9 to 12. Buy it now.

The Night Before First Grade

The night before first grade. Having her best friend right next to her in the same classroom makes Penny happy. There are two sections of first grade, and her best friend will be in the other one. She bravely says goodbye to her friend, then finds new things to do in her classroom. A quote from the author: “I wanted to capture the panic of being separated from your best friend when you’re put into different classes, but then the joy of meeting new people.” Twins can understand that. Buy it now.

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