10 Best Christian Books For Kids Update 05/2022

Before they could read, we read them bedtime stories and stories from the Bible. There are Christian books for kids, but what about them? No, they can’t. They can’t make us feel the same way that our other stories do. A list of our favorite things is below.

This list isn’t even close to being all of them. Wonderful books come out all the time. These books, on the other hand, will keep you reading because they have beautiful messages of hope.

I Will Not Be Afraid

We have fears no matter how old we are. Michelle Medlock Adams doesn’t tell us to be afraid in “I Will Not Be Afraid.” Instead, she tells us to embrace the peace that God gives us every single day.

“I Will Not Be Afraid does not say that God takes away everything that is hard, scary, or bad. Instead, it shows our all-powerful, loving God who is always there for us because of Jesus’ sacrifice and forgiveness, so we can trust in him.”

The Bible Explorer’s Guide: 1,000 Amazing Facts and Photos

If there’s anything that kids love more than books, it’s illustrations, pictures, and things they can picture, so they can picture them. This is why Nancy Sanders wrote The Bible Explorer’s Guide. It has 1,000 Facts and Photos about holidays and stories from the Bible.

“This was bought for my Sunday School class, who love to learn about everything. They’ve even told me some of the facts again. It was a great buy.” -5-star review on Amazon.

Howie’s Broken Hee-Haw

No, I don’t. I love it when authors can make a Bible story come to life in a new way. We should also talk about the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, right? Howie’s story is about a donkey who is trying to fix his broken “hee-haw.”

This story is great for kids who think they aren’t good enough or aren’t as good as other people. Howie’s Broken Hee-Haw shows that God can use anyone and everyone for his good and beautiful plan.

BibleForce Devotional: The First Heroes Devotional

As a child, a lot of kids are into comics and other graphic books. It’s all about the pictures. They make the story come to life. It might be fun for young people of all kinds to read the Bible in a comic book format. That’s what Tama Fortner’s “BibleForce Devotional” tries to do, too. This devotional will bring the stories of 100 people in the Bible to life, making them come to life.

“A friend of mine told me about this and I’m glad we bought it. Every night after dinner, we read a story. It’s good for everyone. Most nights, my 6-year-old asks for an extra story.” –

The Bubble Who Would Not Pop!

When a bubble is given a very important message, it doesn’t want to pop. The Bubble Who Won’t Pop! tells the story of the bubble and the message. “Billy,” the bubble, is told to pop before things get bad, but he doesn’t want to until he can give a child a message of peace.

“What a wonderful book! The illustrations are amazing. They are so bright and colorful. And the story is a good one, too. My kids were right away rooting for Billy Bubble, and they kept that up until the last page. Add this to your home library!” -5-star review on Amazon.

The Very Best Story Ever Told: The Gospel with American Sign Language

People who can’t hear are often the least likely to be reached by Christians. So, what a beautiful way to spread the word is with a book for kids that teaches them ASL about the Gospel.

“American Sign Language is used in each line of this story to help the child learn important words. In this way, kids learn how to read and write the signs and words so they can retell the Gospel story again and again. As they do this, they use their eyes, ears, and bodies for learning.”

The Quiet/Crazy Easter Day

It can be easy to think of Easter morning as a time to be alone. But with all the animals yelping and waiting for the resurrection of our Savior, it turns out to be a very noisy thing to go to. There are beautiful illustrations in this book, and Jill Roman Lord is a master of rhythm and rhyme.

“Join us as we follow the Easter story and learn how we, too, can shout and sing and spread the word that Jesus is alive.”

Birds of the Air: Seeing the Hidden Value that God Sees

Holy Spirit comes down on Jesus in the form of a bird when he is being born. To figure out who this person is, a group of birds in the trees compare each other to see who has been given the honor. Even though they don’t expect it, a dove shows that God can use even the weakest and most unlikely people for his plan.

“If you live in a world where performance and comparisons are important, this is an important message for kids (and adults) to hear. It’s a beautiful story about how God often chooses people who other people don’t notice.”

If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart

This book is great for parents who want to show their kids how Jesus Christ can change their lives for the better. When we show our kids that Jesus is always with us, it also teaches them how to be kind and generous. On top of that, the book shows how we find Jesus in our lives and makes your kids think about what Jesus would do in their situation.

It is very child-friendly because it is a board book that can withstand the wear and tear of a two- to five-year-old. Indeed, this book is a great way to start building your child’s faith in God.

Good Good Father

This book is about how much the King loves everyone. You can see a little bear named Tucker here. He wanted to give the King a perfect gift in return for the King’s help. When Tucker was on his way, there were a lot of things that made him think the King wouldn’t help him. That’s not all. In the end, the King welcomed Tucker with open arms full of love and acceptance and a desire to help.

When you read this story, it’s a great way to show how God has a relationship with each of us, no matter what. This story also showed that the King, our Lord God, is always by our side. He will protect us from harm. Grab this book to show your kids how much our God loves us.

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