11 Best Christian Fiction Books For Teens Update 05/2022

It can be so hard to find teen books that are both educational and fun. There are so many teen books today that don’t follow morals and have more than earned an R-rating. If the Christian fiction doesn’t have a lot of entertainment value, it can be hard for us to get our teens to read it.

Keep calm! In the list below, we’ve chosen the 10 best Christian fiction books for teens that will not only help them grow in their faith but keep them reading. In fact, there are far more Christian teen books out there than you might think. In fact, a lot of publishers work hard to make good books for this age group. A lot of good places to look are IlluminateYA, Tyndale Wander, TNZ Fiction, WhiteFire Publishing, Mountain Brook Fire and L2L2. There are many more, too!

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Purple Moon

Tessea wrote the Purple Moon, and it was purple. As a troubled teen moves in with a new family for the summer, Emily Hall looks into her life and finds out what it’s like. Fighting back against her insecurities and desire to be heard and accepted, she’ll fight back against the things that make her feel bad. Purple Moon, by Tessa Emily Hall, is a book that talks about the moon. As part of a two-book series, this tells the story of Selena. With her writing, Tessa never talks down to the reader, and she doesn’t do that once. She was a teen when she wrote the book, so she knows what teenagers go through. This is a book that everyone should read!


Have you ever wondered how a Bible story would look if it were made up to look like today? The book of Daniel could be set in a high school. Does what it says it will do. Hope Bolinger breaks the Book of Daniel into three parts and thinks about what a strong-minded teen would look like today.

Blaze by Hope:


A great book for the mothers of teenage boys who want to learn more about their sons. Hope’s voice is rough and doesn’t hold back, but she always stands up for what she believes in. She’ll talk about modern issues like cancel culture and mental health. A good book for teenagers who are going to public school and plan to go to a secular university after high school, like this one.

Dearest Josephine

Caroline George’s Dearest Josephine is a great book for teens who want to read about a beautiful historical romance story without having to worry about dirty content. Between letters, prose, and texts, the story shifts between the 1800s and the present day. Dear Josephine, I love you. It was Caroline George who wrote the book

People who read Caroline George’s books are both Christians and non-Christians. She is a strong Christian, and her books can help both groups. To start, this book is a good place to start for people who want to show their friends who don’t believe in God how good books written by Christians are.


They like fantasy and science fiction, but it can be hard to find good books for young adults that aren’t full of bad ideas. As a good thing, the Wraithwood trilogy by Alyssa Roat is clean. It looks at the world of Arthurian Legend through a Christian lens and makes characters that are fun to read about.

Wraithwood She wrote this. Alyssa also writes more explicitly Christian books, like the Roseville Romances, which are Hallmark-style romances for adults that are clean enough for teens to read. Alyssa is also a writer.

Fade to White

There have been a lot of talks about mental health among teenagers in the last few years. It’s not that many books about faith and mental health talk about mental health from a faith-based point of view. Welcome to Fade to White by Tara Ross. In Contemporary Christian Fiction, this book is written by a very unique person who talks about faith and fear, mental illness and a Savior who can help, among other things. It was written by Tara Ross. Fade to White

A lot of times, Tara talks about how important it is to connect faith-filled conversations with the culture that surrounds young people in today’s world. I think she’s a great author.


Princesses? Gifts? Proposals? A fantasy world that no one else has seen before? Candice Yamnitz’s book, Unbetrothed, does this and more, and it’s very good. A lot of things could happen to the main character when she doesn’t have a special skill. To find her gift, she has to go on a quest. She might lose her kingdom, and even her own life. It helps teen girls understand how important they are in Christ and how they should stop comparing themselves to other people.

Unbetrothed by Candice Yamnitz

Candice is such a nice person, and her faith shows through the pages. Candice, who is a mother herself, knows that many girls have problems with their looks. She wants to help them see themselves as they really are, as daughters of the One True King.

Porch Swing Girl

Can a Christian book for teenagers deal with the subject of grief in the right way? Of a real teen voice?

She wrote the first book in her Porch Swing Girl series as a teenager. You can almost hear her voice coming out of the pages. Readers will go with Olive as she deals with the death of her mother and starts a new life on the beach in Hawaii. She will learn to forgive her absent father and make new friends as she goes. She is Porch Swing Girl, a song written by Taylor Bennett. Porch Swing girl has everything you need for a beautiful book to read on the beach. The setting, the beautiful descriptions, the friendships and romances that are beginning.

Seeing Voices

If you want to read Christian fiction, it’s often hard to find books that have characters who have disabilities in them. But in Olivia Smit’s book, Seeing Voices, we not only have a hearing-impaired main character, but the other doesn’t hold back when it comes to other things, like grief and regret. Smit has such a beautiful writing voice, and there are two books in this series that you should read.

It was written by Olivia Smit.

“Since I heard about this book, I’ve been really excited to read it. That’s what I can say for sure. It was great, just like I thought it would be. It could even be better:).” -5-star review on Amazon.

The Chase

People who like dystopian stories but don’t like the violence of the secular market can now read them without having to deal with them. What about this book? It’s good for both men and women. Look no further than The Chase by Bradley Caffee for a good book about a hunt. The first one came out this year, and there are many more to come in the show.

“The Chase,” by Bradley Caffee, is about a man who runs away.

“Fast-paced and fun, The Chase lives up to its name. There aren’t any swear words, and I really enjoyed reading it. I think teenage boys would love it, and who doesn’t like to be in a setting with a lot of obstacle races? Grab this book!” -5-star review on Amazon.

Something I Am Not

The book “Something I Am Not” is one of the most beautiful contemporary YA books I’ve ever read. Even though the story of Joseph is modernized, Cher Gatto makes the characters so real that the reader can’t let them go. This makes the book even better.

a book by Cher Gatte: Something I’m Not

The subject of human trafficking is hard to talk about, but Cher’s voice is rough as she does. But she does it in such a respectful way. This is what she does. In this book, both teens and adults have flicked through the pages in order to get there. You should add this to your list right away.

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