15 Best Fonts For Children’S Books Update 05/2022

Making a book for kids, like a poster, a website, or an app for kids? Trying to find fonts that have both style and charm can be hard. We’re sure you’ll find something here to please young and old. The best part? These fonts are all free to use in commercial projects, but you can’t use them for anything else.

Whether you’re making a picture book or a website that helps kids learn, this collection has the fonts you need.


Rounded fonts don’t have ornate serifs or complicated letterforms, which makes them very easy for young people to read. Quicksand is able to balance a round design with a stylish, minimalist look.

FontSquirrel lets you download the font for free. It comes in seven weights and styles, with glyphs and dashed. A good all-arounder for setting text in kids’ books.


Caroni is named after a bird sanctuary on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. It has a natural, relaxed feel that is right for the place. Handwritten script font with lots of space and a lot of naive charm. This is a great novelty font for a wide range of media aimed at young people.

This font also has support for Western, Central, and Eastern European languages, making it a good choice for people who want to translate their publications.


Comfortaa was made by Johan Aakerlund, and it has a nostalgic feel to it. The font is based on rounded font styles that were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. It’s a good choice for designers who want to give their children’s publications a nostalgic feel.

Comfortaa comes in three weights, and it can be used for both body and headline text. This makes it a good choice for a wide range of projects.


Designer Jol Carrouch√© called the font Linotte sweet and naive, which makes it feel friendly and open and warm. It’s also very easy to read, which makes it a good choice for designs aimed at younger kids. Linotte is both stylish and fun at the same time, thanks to its mix of geometric elements and type design quirks.

From FontSpring, you can get the Semibold weight for no charge at all.

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Spilt Ink

Is it possible to make a book for kids about school, art, or crafts? You can use Spilt Ink to make your text look a little messy and a little mischievous. The best way to show off this type of font is to use bright, bold colors to make it stand out.

Spilt Ink was made by Walter Velez and can be found at FontSquirrel. It’s free to download.

Woodford Bourne

It was made by Paulo Goode and has a vintage feel to it. Woodford Bourne is a sans serif font family with a retro feel. Fonts that look clean and modern are based on grotesque type styles from the 19th century. Exceptionally easy to read, this font would be great for publications and media aimed at kids who are a little older.

FontSpring has 6 weights of Woodford Bourne, including Regular, Bold, and Italic. You can get them all for free.


Helsinki is a simple twist on comic book style. The designer Vic Fieger used his own handwriting to make it look better. The font is thick and slightly slanted, but it is very easy to read and has a fun, adventurous spirit. It might be fun to use this font in picture books that are about adventure and escaping.

FontSquirrel has this handwritten font that you can get for free.


A font called Headhunter would look great in a design based on dinosaurs or dogs. Use this free font by David Rakowski to add a sense of fun and surprise to your design.


Firecat is a great character for children’s books about animals or outdoor adventures because she has a wild spirit that has a little bit of a retro vibe. This carefree font, which looks like it came from a jungle, can be used to make book covers, posters, and cartoon strips. You can download it for free here.


Lilly is a sweet and rounded sans serif font that is easy for young people to read. Lilly was made by Apostrophic Labs and can be used for small body text or titles, making it a good choice for children’s design. Lilly can be found at FontSquirrel here.

Short Stack

Short Stack is a handwritten font that was made by Sorkin Type Co. It has simple, round letterforms that look like they were drawn by a child. When teaching young kids new words, Short Stack would be a great font because it has a lot of space between each letter.

Short Stack has a smaller x-height than some handwritten fonts, which makes it less intimidating and more relaxed. This makes it a good font choice for very young people.

Playtime With Hot Toddies

Playtime With Hot Toddies is a fun and casual handwritten font that can be downloaded for free in three different styles. It is based on cartoon type styles. It looks more like a real font because each letter has its own unique flaws. The rounded letters and thick, marker pen lines keep the font legible. If you want to write a book for kids or make a website for kids, this is a great font to use.

Ginger and Kale

Ginger and Kale is a fun mixed case font that is great for adding a sense of fun and playfulness to your designs. It also works well for any type of design project. There are over 45 ligatures in the set.

Buttermilk Biscuit

A hand-written font called Buttermilk Biscuit is very cute and fun. It was made on an iPad. Buttermilk Biscuit has a playful and whimsical personality, so it would be great for menus or cafes, birthday invitations, or branding for businesses that cater to kids.


This is a serif that looks like it was drawn by hand. To make serif fonts seem less serious, Paperboy has a fun attitude. It still follows the same typographic rules.

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