10 Best Free Books For Nook Update 05/2022

Nook is a high-quality, low-cost device that lets people read eBooks at home or on the go. With your Nook, there are low-cost eBooks that you can get for free. There are millions of free Nook eBooks from a wide range of sources that cover every genre and subject under the sun.

You can get free books for your Nook from these seven places. Keep in mind that some sites let you borrow titles, while others let you keep them. Be careful when you read the rules for each platform!

Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books

Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books

It’s the first place you should go when you want to find a lot of free Nook books for both kids and adults. Barnes & Noble has a lot of them.

There are a lot of free Nook eBooks in categories like Biography and Computers. You can also check out their list of the best free eBooks, free magazines, and staff picks. Filter by age to find books for teens and younger kids, too.

Barnes & Noble Readouts

Before they buy an eBook or share their findings with friends on social media, they can scroll through a lot of free content on a wide range of topics to see if they want to buy it or not. There are only small parts of a book that you can read for free, but it’s great for quick reads while you’re on the go.

OverDrive: Free Nook Books Through Your Public Library

There are a lot of public libraries in the United States that use OverDrive, which makes it a good place to get free Nook books. For the same reason, people can check out books for a set amount of time, just like at a library.

Depending on your Nook, OverDrive works in a few different ways. If you want to download and read library books on newer tablets, you can use the Libby app from the platform. On older devices, like the Nook HD and HD+, use the OverDrive app that came with them. In order to transfer library eBooks from a computer to the Nook GlowLight 3, use Adobe Digital Editions. In order to transfer library eBooks from the Nook GlowLight Plus, use ADE to download the eBooks to your computer first.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

All of the free Nook books at Project Gutenberg are in the public domain, which means you can download and keep them.

You’ll find a lot of classics on the site, but it also has a lot of other books. Browse by author, title, or language, or look at the top 100 most popular books that people have read.


The site ManyBooks has a lot of free eBooks in the EPUB format that can be quickly downloaded to your Nook.

Use the title, author, or language of these free items to look through them. There is also a section for books that are popular and well-recommended. It has categories like Cooking and Art and Music and Drama and Periodicals and Computers and War and Gothic and Health and Young Readers and Satire and Psychology and more.

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Open Library

There is a project called “Open Library” that is run by the Internet Archive, which is a nonprofit library that has a lot of free eBooks and other things. Finally, Open Library wants to make all the written works of humanity freely available to everyone in the world, so that they can read them.

Join a free account and then download free eBooks for your Nook from a huge library. EPUB, PDF, DJVU, MOBI, and even plain text are all formats that can be used.

Planet eBook

Planet eBooks has a lot of free classic literature. You can search for it by author or title, or you can search for it by title. In general, the site is simple. It’s easy to use, gives detailed summaries of the books it sells, and lets you download them in one click.

Classics written by authors like Mark Twain, Jane Austen, D.H. Lawrence, and Charles Dickens will be on the shelves.

Book Cave

Book Cave

A site called Book Cave is different from other sites because it’s made to help authors meet new readers. An author gives their book away for free, or they give you a way to get it for free by signing up for their newsletter.

Several parts of this text are just samples because the author is only giving you a taste. The link below has free eBooks. A lot of the download links go to a different site, like Barnes & Noble, but a lot of them go right to the Book Cave site.


OverDrive is another service that people will see at their libraries. For people who have library cards, this digital library is the place to go for all kinds of digital downloads. It’s easy for people to download or send books to their Kindles right away.

OverDrive is the company that made the Libby App, which most people will use to download their materials. The app makes it easy for people to search for books and audiobooks from their local library and read them for free. You can use multiple devices to read what you’ve checked out and notes and reading progress from one device will show up on another so you can see where you left off. The app also has the ability to connect to Bluetooth devices like your car, so you can listen to audiobooks on long road trips or even while you drive to work every day.

Hoopla Digital

When you sign up for Hoopla, a digital service, you can have your local library at your fingertips and get books and other entertainment right to your door. Streaming devices like chromecast, firetv, and Roku can also use the app. Android and Apple devices can also use it. It lets people use it on a computer or on a mobile device. They can download books in advance if they know they won’t have Wi-Fi where they’re going. An extra bonus is that you can also borrow movies, music, audiobooks, comic books, and even TV shows.

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