10 Best French Books For Beginners Update 05/2022

French Books For Beginners

It’s a question I get a lot from people who have just started learning French. “What can I do to keep practicing when I’m not at school?,” they ask me.

Even though having 200 to 300 pages in French can be scary at times. Kids or young adults’ books and comics are the best place to start. In addition to reading these books in English, you can also read them with a bilingual text and/or listen to them on audio. This will allow you to quickly improve your pronunciation at the same time as you learn new words. It’s true that they may be a little more expensive than the French version. However, I think this is money well spent.

Books to begin learning French

In English, these are some of the books I’ve used to learn more about words and grammar:

Charlie et la Chocolaterie (Charly and the Chocolate Factory) de Roald Dahl

Charlie et la Chocolaterie (Charly and the Chocolate Factory) de Roald Dahl

However, the book has a special place in my heart. I was not happy with the movie made by Tim Burton. Charlie Bucket, the chocolates, and Mr. Wonka were all things that helped me improve my English a few years ago. It’s interesting to know that the story came from Roald Dahl’s experience with chocolate companies (Cadbury and Rowntree) when he was a child.

James et la Grosse Pêche (James and the Giant Peach) de Roald Dahl

A fun and interesting book. Not scary, but a little weird. How great is it to learn French with a boy who likes to play with big bugs?

Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) d’Antoine de St Exupéry

There are a lot of books you should read. The Little Prince is on every one. In my opinion, this is the best way to learn more French words because you already know the story and the people in it. With an estimated 140 million copies sold around the world, Le Petit Prince is one of the most translated books ever written. It has been translated into more than 300 languages and dialects.

Les Aventures de Tintin (The adventures of Tintin) d’Hergé

Les Aventures de Tintin (The adventures of Tintin) d’Hergé

Tintin’s animated shows will still be shown on French TV in 2020, and the famous reporter is a hit with the whole family. Tintin is one of the most popular comics in France, even though some people don’t like how he makes non-Europeans look like cartoon characters (with Asterix). As of this writing, it has sold more than 200 million copies. It has been translated into more than 70 different languages.

Le Petit Nicolas (Little Nicholas) de René Goscinny

Nicholas is the perfect person to make you love the French language even more. He is sensitive and has a strong sense of what is important, like friendship and justice. A good sense of humor will make you love Alceste and Clotaire Eudes and Agnan if they are funny to you! In France, two books have been turned into movies: Little Nicholas (2009) and Nicholas on vacation (2011). (2014)

Vendredi ou la vie sauvage (Friday or the Other Island) de Michel Tournier

The story takes place on a deserted island near Chile. It starts in 1759 on a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and it ends on a deserted island near Chile. He sets off on a business trip to Chile aboard La Virginie. Storms start to roll in as the ship nears the Chilean coast. Virginia slams into the rocks of the island Speranza. He’s the only one who has survived. Tenn, a dog, is with him. Long, painful years pass before a new character comes into the picture (an Indian who got away from a purification ritual). Robinson will call him on Friday, and he will tell him about it then (the day they met). Stormy things are going to happen. This is the start.

La Chouette Idée d’Alexandre Pluche (Alexandre Pluche’s Great Idea) de Gérard Glatt

It’s a good little book to read, with a story that happens while people are camping for the summer.

Gérard Glatt wrote his first poem when he was eight. He is a true fan of writing. After studying law and having a busy job, he now spends all of his time doing what he loves.

Lullaby (Lullaby) de J.M Le Clézio

Lullaby (Lullaby) de J.M Le Clézio

This song is often taught in French schools because it’s good for kids who are older than 11.

At some point in the morning, Lullaby decides to no longer go to class. They write back and forth. She writes her father and goes to the beach. It’s going to happen one day, though. This short book is a sweet and poetic teen dream.

Le blé en herbe (the Game of Love) de Colette

A sweet summer vacation and a young love story. She wrote the book while she was on vacation near St-Malo. Colette is very good at capturing the awakening of sensuality, the painful process of learning how to love and live.

Les contes de ma mère l’Oye (Mother Goose Tales) de Charles Perrault

With eight classic stories, this book has become a favorite of kids’ books. You’ll find:

  • The Sleeping Beauty is the name of the movie
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Bluebeard
  • Puss with Boots
  • they are called Fairies.
  • Cinderella
  • With the tuft, get angry.
  • Tom Thumb says that.

Methodology for beginner readers in French

In the end, keep in mind that reading a book in a new language can be hard because everyone has a different way of reading.

To make it easier to read in French, you could do the following things:

Taking notes as you read about important new words is a good way to remember them. Go back to them every week or before you start reading new chapters.

You should read the English version of the book first so that you know the story. Then read the French version of the book.

Choose some fun story books to read in French that have nice pictures or have a lot of funny people.

Then, after you’ve read these 10 French books, keep going and start getting my books for intermediate learners.

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