14 Best Good Books For 12 Year Olds Update 05/2022

Please help me choose books that are both smart and fun for my 12-year-old. Is it hard to choose age-appropriate literature?

There is a lot to think about when your child turns 12. It’s hard to keep our kids entertained as they go from child to teen, so how do we do that?

We read a lot, and we love children’s literature, too! For 12-year-olds, we’ve put together a list of our favorite books (both boys and girls). There are a lot of different kinds of books for kids who like fantasy, real stories, historical fiction and so on. We’ve got you covered.

The Best Books for 12-Year-Olds of 2022

The Night Diary

This well-written story will give your child the best kind of frights. You should be proud of this book because it was a Newbery Honor book for 2019. Nisha, a half-Muslim, half-Hindu girl, and her family live through the partition of India in this book.

It is hard for Nisha to keep in touch with her mother after she dies, but she tries to write to her in her diary. To see how Nisha, her father and her brother get to the Hindu side of India after it was split, read the diary kept by Nisha. It’s a story about courage, family, and the history of the world.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

All of us are afraid of Xan the witch. They keep her at bay by giving up one child a year to her. In fact, the babies are fed with starlight by Xan before they go to good homes. As long as she doesn’t do anything wrong. A mistake: She feeds the baby moonlight instead of starlight, and so she decides to raise this little girl by herself. It is when Luna turns 13 that her own magic comes out, but it can be dangerous.

Several awards have been given to this coming-of-age story. It is a New York Times bestseller. Your 12-year-old will love the twists and Luna’s rise in power. They will also like how the story moves forward.

Percy Jackson Series

Percy Jackson has become a hero in the same way that Harry Potter has become a hero, too. In this story, we learn that he is the son of Poseidon. He is a 12-year-old boy. Demigods live in a world where he must find his own courage, power, and strength.

He has flaws, but he’s also pretty cool. In this book, Riordan has given boys a hero that they can relate to. In this five-book box set, you get the whole series, which is a favorite and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Up for Air

She loves this book because her friend’s daughter is on her school’s swim team. But this book isn’t just for people who swim. It talks about a lot of things that young people, especially young girls, have to deal with as they move from childhood to adolescence. Annabelle likes swimming, but she has a hard time learning. When she has to spend more time on tests, she doesn’t like it. She feels most alive when she’s in the pool. To make things even worse, her best friends seem to be moving away this summer.

A good sign comes when she’s asked to join the high school swim team. In fact, when an older boy starts to show interest in Annabelle, things change and she has to figure out where her worth is.

Harry Potter Series

A Must-Have for All

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: I’ve given it to kids who were younger before. When your child is 12 years old, he or she is ready to read the rest of the book. It might be too grim for younger kids, but 12-year-olds can understand the more complex themes in the books. If they like long books, they won’t find them too hard to read.

They have made a lot of kids happy. When Harry grows up to become the world’s hero, he’s in a league of his own.

The Science of Breakable Things

The best story about a depressed parent that I’ve read so far. Mental health problems are more common than ever, both for kids and their parents, and they happen more often than ever. During the movie, Natalie tries to make her mother happy by making things that break. This book talks about mental illness, friendship, and Natalie’s Korean heritage.

She is a botanist, and she found a rare cobalt-blue orchid in Mexico that can survive in very bad weather. Now, though, she rarely comes out of her room, not even to join the family for a meal. With two of her friends, Natalie and the science teacher find out about an egg-dropping contest with a lot of money. She thinks that she can make her mother happy again by replacing the blue orchid that is now dead with a flower that looks like it.

Mostly the Honest Truth

It’s a good choice if you want something that isn’t fantasy. A lot of people find this book heartwarming, beautiful and inspiring, even though the main idea is a little sad. It’s about Jane, who moves into a new foster home after her father is sent back to rehab. She wants to see him again. As time goes on, Jane learns that family is more than blood, and that home is where the heart is.

Your 12-year-old will learn a lot about home and how some kids don’t have families that stay together. There are also lessons about kindness and love that are sweet.

Track Series

There’s a lot of fun to be had even by kids who don’t like sports. The show looks at the lives of four kids who are on a track team. From the point of view of someone else, each book is called “Ghost,” “Sunny,” “Lu.” There are many things these kids have to deal with. They have parents who are in prison, parents who are sick, and parents who have died. Many people love the first two books in the series the most, but the last and final one has also been getting a lot of attention.

It’s easy for people to read these books because they’re short and fast-paced. Each one is only a few pages above 200. Your 12-year-old sports fan will love these.

All of Me

This is something kids need to learn from a young age. If your child has a hard time loving the body they have, this book would be a great help. Even though they’re working to be healthier, of course.

Ari, the boy in this book-in-verse, is bullied because he is fat. It doesn’t matter that his parents are ending their marriage. His mother wants him to go on a diet as well. In the midst of it all, Ari makes new friends and learns to look at his body in a different way. You and your kids should both be able to enjoy this story.

Roll with It

Roll with it It is a great book with a character who has a physical disability in it. There are going to be a lot of different kinds of kids around today. They will meet them at school and even at the grocery store. Your kids, on the other hand, won’t like them. Ellie has cerebral palsy, which is the same condition as the main character. Jamie Sumner, who wrote the book, has a child with the same condition. Yet, even though Ellie has a disability or has to use a wheelchair, she isn’t defined by that or by the fact that she has to use one. Besides baking, she also likes to watch cooking shows and even write them. She is very energetic and has a lot of fun.

This new book for 2019 is a breath of fresh air. It also talks about what good friendships should look like. Other themes include a strong relationship between Ellie and her grandmother and a grandfather who is getting Alzheimer’s, but it is getting worse.

Strange Birds: A Field Guide to Ruffling Feathers

Her friends want to do a good deed. Yes, I was a big fan of The Babysitters’ Club back then. There are four people in the group that you and your daughter will love. They are Aster and Laine and Kat and Ofelia. When four different girls become friends, they decide to fight back against their local scout group called the Floras. They want to protect the birds from them. This book is full of fun, adventure, and friendship. It’s likely that your child will be able to relate to at least one of the four different characters because they are all unique and have different moral views.

Strange Birds was recently praised in the New York Times. It has also been given a few starred reviews.


This story, which is based on the work of Jack London, shows the close relationship between man and animal in a very warm way. In the beginning, Pax was a kitten and Peter saved him. They have been best friends ever since. Whenever Peter’s father goes to the army, he tells him to send Pax back into the wild. He also sends him to live with his grandfather.


There, Peter chooses loyalty and does everything he can to be reunited with his friend, while Pax waits for him. This story is full of love and warmth, and it shows a great example of how to be a good friend.


They say that reading comic books is still reading. A few are on this list, of course. Raina Telgemeier is an expert at writing comic books.

This book is about an anxious girl and the physical and mental effects that anxiety has on her. Guts is based on Telgemeier’s own experience with anxiety and has already been praised. The comic book has been very relatable to a lot of kids, and they have said that. Make sure you don’t miss this book if your child has anxiety, has a friend who does, or just likes comic books.

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

A Wonderful Book

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” by Roald Dahl, is an epic and colorful story. This one is even more so.

The world’s best game designer has made the town’s new library, and Kyle wants to be there when it opens. Is it hard for him to get out? With the help of other kids, he must solve clues to escape. Can your 12-year-old figure out the riddles before Kyle does?

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