20 Best Guest Books For Weddings Update 05/2022

Guest Books For Weddings

The people who come to your wedding are a big part of why it’s so important. That’s why it’s important to pick the right guestbook for you and your guests. That way, everyone will be happy. Many things to think about.

Wedding planner and writer Jason Kahn, for example, likes guest books that give your family and friends “the freedom to be creative with what they write” rather than ones that are “formatted like a ledger.” He also says that “when choosing a guest book, the couples should think about how it will look in their home” when they choose one.

Also, do you want to keep things the same? A guest book that looks like a ledger can be classy and stylish. It’s also possible that, like Kahn, you want to sign in with something a little different, like “a piece of art that is important to the couple’s story…be it a globe for people who like to travel, or a wine barrel from their favorite varietal.”

There are three types of sign-in options below: traditional guest books that range from classy to cute and rustic to romantic, sign-in decor that will make your house even more cozy, and out-of-the-box ideas that will surprise your guests.

The best guest books are here.

Catch This Moment Polaroid Guestbook and Instax Camera

Catch This Moment Polaroid Guestbook and Instax Camera

That your guests are excited for you is great, but seeing it is even better. With this beautiful polaroid photo guest book and Fujifilm’s Instax camera, you can have both the best of both worlds at your wedding or party. The Instax has a “selfie mode” that makes it easy for your guests to take and print photos of their own. This guest book has built-in adhesive strips, so they can stick their picture in there and write a note on the lines.

Nostalgic Imprints Custom Marble Guestbook

If you want to have a romantic wedding, this book is a great choice because it has a shimmering and marbled blush cover. The product is also very flexible. It has your names and wedding date on the front, and the text of your choice appears on the spine. You can write “Happily Ever After” on the spine, “Our Guestbook” on the front, or anything else you want.

Starboardpress Camera Design Guestbook

You can use this guestbook if you rent a photo booth for your wedding. It’s just right for the big moment. Inside, there are blank pages in black or white where your guests can put silly photos of themselves. The cover of the book is very cute.

Papier Green Foliage Design Guestbook

This beautiful, simple guest book is perfect for people who love nature, especially if they’re having a wedding in the spring or summer. It has a crisp, white cover with only your names and wedding date on it, surrounded by a beautiful wreath of green leaves. A gray ribbon page marker is also inside. There are 96 thick pages and a gray ribbon page marker on the inside. So sweet and easy!

Artifact Uprising Photo Album Guest Book

Artifact Uprising Photo Album Guest Book

With this guestbook, you can give your family and friends something beautiful to look at as they sign in. Inside, there are pages that are very thick and filled with your best photos together. They are arranged in signature-friendly ways. Because this high-quality guestbook is bound with fabric and has foil-stamped text, it will last until death do us part, no matter how many times we take it out.

Miss Design Berry Inc Couples Wedding Portrait Sign-in Canvas

If you’ve always wanted a unique picture of you and your partner, this is your chance! This sign-in canvas has a digital picture of you in your wedding clothes, as well as your names and wedding date. As you look at your portrait, your guests will write their names in the empty space around it. You’ll have a special reminder of your big day that you can put on your wall.

Our Love Was Born Night Sky Guest Book Poster

They’ll love this sign-in poster because their love was written in the stars. In the middle is an image of the night sky as it looked on a specific day, like the day you met, got engaged, or married. It was taken from a specific place. After your guests sign it, you’ll have a beautiful thing to show off in your home. Star-crossed lovers aren’t welcome here!

Kaudella Globe Guestbook

When your guests come to your party, have them sign in on this beautiful globe. You can personalize both sides with the text of your choice, and at 12″ in diameter, there’s plenty of room for messages and signatures to be written on both sides. You can also use the globe as a piece of decor in your home because it has a gold stand and other gold parts.

Paper Source Gold Art Deco Guestbook

Paper Source Gold Art Deco Guestbook

It has your name written all over it if you like Frank Lloyd Wright, geometric designs, or shiny things, so don’t forget to sign it. The cover of this book is made up of a lot of gold art deco designs. There are 128 lined pages and a gold bookmark inside. Your guests will feel like they’ve just walked into The Great Gatsby when they come to your party.

Zazzle Guest Book with Custom Photo Cover

People who come to your party will want to leave their guest book out for everyone to see. There is a picture of you and your partner on the front cover of this book. It was printed on silver halide photo paper and laminated with a glossy finish. If you want to add photos to the back cover (which is also laminated), you can do that, too. The book has 122 pages, and each page has two lines for “Names” and “Message.”

18th Avenue Designs Personalized Thumbprint Guestbook

It’s a great way to show that you’re getting ready to plant some roots and celebrate your big day with people you call family. It has a hand-drawn tree with your names and wedding date on it. It will be a lot of fun for your guests to add their thumbprints to the branches.

Ginger Ray Envelope Wedding Guestbook

The answer is no. Not at all. People will fill out a paper card and put it back in the envelopes on each page of this book. Loved ones can be as personal as they want, because no one but you will see what they write. You’ll have a lot of fun opening each envelope to read the messages they have written to you.

Balsa Circle Wishing Tree

Balsa Circle Wishing Tree

In the past, people have hung their own hopes and dreams on wishing trees. This is a nice twist on the tradition. Instead, your guests write their wishes for you on a tag and hang them on a tree like this one that is glittering and shiny. This way, you can make it bigger or smaller based on how many people are coming. You can also put small trees on each table for people to decorate during the party.

Pottery Barn Italian Leather Guestbook

Looking for something simple and classy? This guestbook is made of Italian leather. Guests is written in gold on the front of the book. It has 160 pages of premium ivory writing paper. The book comes in gray, white, and blush, all of which go well with almost any wedding color scheme. Get your hands on it right away!

Koyal Wholesale Woodland Mountains Custom Canvas Guestbook

If you’re having a wedding in the mountains, this sign-in canvas is just what you need. It has a black outline of a mountain range with your names and wedding date on it. As soon as your guests finish writing their names and messages on it, it’s ready to hang. It’s also made of archival-quality medium-weight canvas and comes with a wooden frame.

Havoly Tree Puzzle

They will love this tree-shaped puzzle because they work well together. Having each of your guests sign a piece is a great way to have fun while putting together the puzzle. Glue the pieces together inside the maple border that comes with your “guest book,” then use the hangers that come with it to show off your work.

Ginger Ray Peg and String Wedding Sign-in Frame

Ginger Ray Peg and String Wedding Sign-in Frame

For a rustic wedding, there’s no better way to check in than with a clothesline-style frame like this. People use the clothespins and craft paper tags to hang notes on the strings of twine that are attached to the inside edges of the frame. Friends and family members can also add photos, flowers, and other things that they think would be good. After the frame is filled, it will look great in any home.

Wooden Custom Gift Heart Drop Guestbook Display

This heart-shaped display is too cute for words. It has a wooden frame with an acrylic glass cover. Short messages written on small wooden hearts can be dropped into a slot at the top of a picture frame. They fall between the frame’s wooden back and its glass cover. Using the stand that comes with the dropbox, you can also put it on the wall so you can look at it every time you pass by.

Village Vinyl Custom Mailbox

The sign-in table is a good place to leave fan mail for you. If you want to put this custom mailbox outside your house, the USPS has approved it, so you can do that when you’re done with it. There will be a lot of room on plain postcards for your guests to write and put pictures on. You can also look for new or vintage postcards that match the theme of your wedding if that’s what you want.

Bliss Collections Mad Lib Cards

Use these advice and wish cards if you need a little help saying what you want or need help saying what you want. Five questions come with the invitations, and there’s a signature line so everyone can add their names. The invitations come with five questions that guests can answer either seriously or not so seriously. Good advice and good laughs are sure to come out of these, so don’t forget to read them.

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