13 Haruki Murakami best books Update 05/2022

Haruki Murakami best books

A Wild Sheep Chase

A Wild Sheep Chase

The original title of this book is “An adventure with sheep.” This book lives up to that title. In this book, the hero of Murakami takes on a political-business-industry syndicate that seems to have unlimited money and power. He does it on his own terms, and he fights back. Some of the most interesting parts of the book happen in the rural wilds of Hokkaido, which has been thought of as the hero’s mind or a mythical land of the dead. At its heart, like many of Murakami’s books, this is a story about a person vs. an impersonal government. It doesn’t stop there. There is also a very cool, all-powerful sheep.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

This is another book that takes place in a “other world,” this time in the form of a hotel that’s been turned into a labyrinth. The hero’s wife, Kumiko, is being held prisoner by her evil brother, Wataya Noboru. Okada Tru, a mild-mannered, unemployed housewife, is the hero in this story. He must find his way through this metaphysical labyrinth, confront Noboru, and save Kumiko. Because time is wrapped up, there are also times when it runs out and different historical epochs bump into each other. He has to deal with both of these things. In this work, we learn about sex, violence, and collective memories that have been lost and found again through this study.

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

This is what a book would have looked like if Gabriel Garcia-Marquez and H.G. Wells had worked together to write it. It has two stories: one that shows the mean streets of a slightly futuristic Tokyo, where people are fighting over information, and another that shows a bucolic fantasy world in the form of a Town, surrounded by a huge, perfect wall, with people who don’t have shadows, a Gatekeeper, and unicorns. Finally, the hero must choose between the two worlds in which he wants to live.


Since the Aum Shinrikyo terrorist attack in 1995, fringe religious groups have been a hot-button issue in Japan. This is the first book in which Murakami talks about them. Sakigake, a fictitious cult in the novel, is trying to reconnect with earth spirits called the Little People. The novel’s two main characters are a fitness instructor who moonlights as an assassin of abusive men, and a math genius who moonlights as a copywriter. The Little People are a group of spirits who live on the earth. If you’ve read any other Murakami novels, this one looks very closely at the conflict between political and religious ideology and what’s inside of each person.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

His high school friends kicked him out of their group soon after he moved from Nagoya to Tokyo to go to college. Tsukuru Tazaki spends a lot of this story wondering why. It takes him all the way to Finland, where he has to face some hard truths about himself. It’s a book about betrayal and forgiveness, but above all, it’s a story about how to grow up.

Kafka On the Shore

There are three main characters in this book, and each one comes from a different generation. All of them have been through something terrible that has made them want to open the “Gateway Stone” and enter the “other world.” In the book “The Metaphysical Forest Labyrinth,” Kafka, the youngest of the three, takes on the metaphysical forest labyrinth with the goal of becoming “the world’s strongest fifteen-year-old boy.” At least if we can’t change our fate, at least we can make it work in our favor.

Hear the Wind Sing

He wrote his first book, and what it doesn’t have in plot, it makes up for in his unique style of writing: quick, light, and simple. Boku is the name of the hero in this movie. He spends time with his best friend Rat, a kind Chinese bartender called “J,” and a nine-fingered girl who has a big problem with her. He is also looking for answers to why his youth and ideals went away. Hear the Wind. Sing and Pinball, 1973, have been put together in the U.S. as Wind/Pinball, and they have been sold there.

Pinball, 1973

This sequel to Hear the Wind Sing looks back on the relationship between the nameless protagonist and Naoko, who took her own life while he was in college. It makes fun of the nameless Twins who show up almost out of nowhere to help Boku deal with his loneliness and sense of loss. All of this comes to an end with a search for Boku’s favorite pinball machine from his time at Naoko, the “three-flippered Spaceship,” and a kind of reunion with Naoko’s memory. Note: Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball, 1973 have been put together in the US as Wind/Pinball.

Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood

This book is a look back at Watanabe Tru’s relationship with a mentally ill young woman who hears the voice of “Kizuki,” her dead lover and soul mate, calling to her from the “other world.” Another “Naoko,” or is it the same one? Tru spends part of the story trying to stop her from following this voice, and part of it trying to deal with his desire for “Midori,” the “other woman” in the book.

Dance Dance Dance

It wasn’t a hit with everyone who read it. Some thought it was a little slow-moving. For people like me who want to learn more about how “Japan, Inc.” came to be, this book looks at “advanced capitalism,” which makes everything a commodity and sells everything, even basic human relationships like family and friendship. As a follow-up to “A Wild Sheep Chase,” this book is about a search for “Kiki,” Boku’s ear model girlfriend who went missing at the end of that book.

LuAnn Tyler is only twenty years old, but she is a mother to an infant and is as beautiful and poor as she is beautiful. When she gets a $100 million lottery ticket, she’s told that all she has to do is move and change her name. For such a lot of money, it seems like a small price to pay. However, LuAnn is caught up in a complicated plot that could very well cost her her life.

No Time Left 

Frank Becker is an assassin that people want to hire. It’s not clear what his new assignment is, but it makes him think about his past in a new way. The assignment could change his life for the better if he does well on it.

Saving Faith 

Faith Lockhart is a lobbyist who comes across a corruption scandal at the top of the government. The world’s most powerful people will do everything they can to keep her from testifying against them.

A Minute to Midnight 

It’s the sequel to “Long Road to Mercy.” Atlee and her assistant, Carol Blum, go back to Atlee’s hometown to look into the night her sister, Mercy, was taken. Then she meets a serial killer who has a weird way of killing people for rituals.

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