7 Best Hockey Books For Kids Update 05/2022

Hockey Books For Kids

Most boys in Canada like hockey, and that’s true even if you don’t live there! It doesn’t matter if they play hockey for fun or not. Hockey is so interesting to watch and so fun to play on the driveway, even if they don’t.

Winter is a great time to read some hockey books with your kids.

This is what our family likes. If you have kids, you should read these six hockey books for kids. I’ve been reading them for years with my own kids. A lot of them are in Canada, and they show Canadian teams or show a moment in Canadian hockey history that is really cool to show people.

Family Favourite Hockey Books for Kids

ONE HOCKEY NIGHT (Canadian Site)

ONE HOCKEY NIGHT (Canadian Site)

By David Ward Illustrations by Brian Deines

In this short story, Owen and Holly have just moved from Saskatchewan, but they miss playing hockey on their frozen lake back home. Their parents surprised them on their first Christmas Eve in Nova Scotia by making an ice rink in their back yard for them. I love how the illustrations look like they were painted on canvas and all the well-known Canadian NHL jerseys in them. They lined their rink with what? The lobster crates!


By Mike Leonetti Illustrations by Greg Banning

Anyone want to guess when Tim Horton helped the Leafs win the Stanley Cup, and which year it was? 1962! When it comes to Canadian names, could there be anyone more well-known than the name Tim Horton? Not at all! The coach tells Trevor that if he doesn’t stop getting penalties, he’ll be benched from the team. Trevor is excited when he meets the great Tim Horton one day. Horton gives Trevor advice from one defenseman to the next, telling him how to play better. Kids will learn that they can be great hockey players without getting rough on the ice. This book also tells a fun part of Canadian hockey history.

DINO-HOCKEY (Canadian Site)

By Lisa Wheeler Illustrations by Barry Gott

In a hockey game that has never been seen before, the Meat-Eaters take on the Veggiesaurs. Fans go wild in the stands when T. Rex and Triceratops fight. The game is off to a great start. The Meat-Eaters score their first goal thanks to an assist from Raptor. But the Pterodactyl twins, who play on the wing, are naughty and get their team sent off. When the Veggies see an opportunity, they act quickly. Diplo gets a point for the game, too! A tie game is on! As a fan, you can find out what happens by going with them. During the show, you’ll be right in the middle of it so keep an eye on Raptor. There are a lot of teeth on show in this picture. There are some fun rhymes in this book. One of the things we liked so much about this one was that we bought Dino-Baseball as well.

THE BIG GAME (Canadian Site)

THE BIG GAME Gilles Tibo

By Gilles Tibo Illustrations by Bruno St-Aubin

In the championship game, Nicholas’ team is going up against the best team in the league. With advice flying around like pucks, can Nicholas keep his cool and come up with the best way to win? When I read this book, it makes me think about how much pressure we put on our young hockey players. Everyone is giving them advice and shouting out cheers or game plays, and they can’t play well because they don’t know what to do. The plan Nicholas came up with works! His team knows about the plan, and they win the game!

OVER AT THE RINK (Canadian Site)

By Stella Partheniou Grass Illustrations by Scot Ritchie

It’s a sunny day at the rink, and the whole town is cheering for the home team. You can join in the fun! As a counting song, Over at the Rinkis is a great way to think of all the things we love about hockey in a fun way. My kids know the rhyme “Over in the Meadow.” You can find that rhyme in a couple of different books from different times. It was fun to see the same thing happen here with a new and fun hockey rhyme!


By Mike Leonetti Illustrations by Gary McLaughlin

Hockey games and hockey drills are what we do. A lot of people play power skating and hockey in the summer, but also Tyler is a big fan of hockey, but he feels like it has taken over his life. He just wants to spend time with his friends. For this reason, he decides to take a break, even though he still watches the games and is a big fan of Sidney Crosby. After that, Tyler has the chance to be in the stands for one of the most important games and goals of his life, and he realizes how much he misses the game. When I read this story, I thought about why we didn’t sign my boys up for hockey. We want them to learn how to skate, but we don’t want them to spend their lives playing hockey and taking over the family calendar. For a long time, we heard boys from the next door complaining about the same thing. I think many people can relate to this. In this story, Mike based it on one of Canada’s most proud Olympic moments. I don’t think any Canadian will forget that goal for a long time. A powerful moment for our country! Happy to be able to share this story with my boys.

Tales of a Sixth Grade Muppet 

by Kirk Scroggs

He chose Tales of a Sixth-Grade Muppet by Kirk Scroggs from the list of books he had just looked at. She says they should read it together, but it’s going well. When she’s done with this, she’s going to read some hockey books. We’ll let you know what he likes.

How about you? Are you having a hard time with a reluctant reader? Please let me help! You can just tell me what books your child liked and what kinds of things they like, and I’d be happy to help you find some new books!

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